Kester's TNA Impact Wrestling Rundown: Bully Ray sues for the TNA Title, ODB and Gail Kim start to feud, and the Bound For Glory Series continues

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Jul 26, 2013 - 03:17 PM

By Ryan Kester

Chris Sabin and Bully Ray

Sabin's first night as the TNA Champion left a lot to be desired. He came off as a transitionary champion that had his title thanks to a faction feuding with his opponent rather than a budding star that pulled off an upset.

Bully Ray took a step back with his lawyer antics. Some of the segments had a comedic element to them, but the Bully Ray character has moved on enough from those bits that it felt like a regression for an act that was such a heat magnet before. Ray certainly loses something without the TNA Title, and if all TNA is wanting to do with Sabin is make him look lucky, then they made a mistake with the move.

Gail Kim and Mickie James

It was a wise move to exhaust Kim's title shot as soon as they did. Heel vs. heel matches simply don't work well, and neither woman needed a turn with where their characters are now. I can't pretend to be extremely excited about an OBD vs. Kim feud, but it's better than TNA exhausting a turn before it is needed.

Bound For Glory Series

Another week, another few simple stories being established in the Series. Anderson causing distractions to prevent people crawling up in the rankings and AJ Styles successfully using his new finisher for added points can easily be used to help enhance the BFGS matches.

That's really what the Series is lacking at the moment, a set of consistent stories to keep each match interesting. The points help some, but they don't tend to matter until the finals date is set. The BFGS lends itself to some easy but interesting stories to tell, and TNA could get so much more out of the Series if they utilized them more.

Overall Show

Last night's Impact was ok. The matches served to be entertaining enough, but the follow-up to Chris Sabin winning the TNA Title was lacking, and

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