Kester's TNA Impact Wrestling Rundown: Aces and Eights make their presence felt, AJ Styles earns a paternity test, and Madison Rayne's plan falls apart

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Aug 17, 2012 - 12:25 PM

By Ryan Kester

Aces and Eights

Hallelujah! TNA had Aces and Eights floor James Storm, which I am gleefully hoping means they are putting an end to the conspiracy theory surrounding Storm. TNA has done damage to Storms character with this storyline, and they have some work to do before Bound For Glory in building him back up.

It will be interesting to see how TNA handles the Aces and Eights group in a match next week. They risk sacrificing the group's mystique by having them in a full-fledged match, and I worry that they are hot-shotting the group's first match by having it this soon.

AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels

First of all, the stipulations of Styles' and Daniels' match were mind-numbingly dumb. Styles putting potential sworn fatherhood on the line made him look like a complete idiot.

I'm hoping that the paternity test, which will surely garner a painful segment with a doctor, will speed this story along to its conclusion. Lord help us if this story is dragged out until Bound For Glory.

Madison Rayne and Miss Tessmacher

Seeing last night's match unfold was just weird. First, we had Brooke Hogan addressing the earl Hebner bias logically after ignoring it for weeks, and then you had Tessmacher getting back the title she just lost less than a week ago.

Despite all of the tomfoolery, I hope this is a sign that TNA is moving on from Rayne/Hebner. The storyline went from eye-rolling to painful and I will be thrilled to see it concluded.

Overall Show

Last night's show was well done. TNA managed to keep the two terrible stories plaguing its shows to a minimum and we were treated to two lengthy and entertaining matches.

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