Kester's TNA Impact Wrestling Rundown: Aces and Eights gets overexposed, Abyss makes a triumphant return, and James Storm gets assaulted backstage

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May 10, 2013 - 12:27 PM

By Ryan Kester

Aces and Eights

Aces and Eights are at the risk of getting overexposed. The past several shows have focused on them to the point that their presence doesn't feel like something that is threatening to the TNA roster as a whole. Sure, the announcers sometimes mention that threat and the authority figures are up in arms, but when an act is used so liberally it becomes difficulty to suspend disbelief and buy into the notion that no one wants them around.

Beyond that, what we got tonight served well enough. Bully Ray got a chance to show what is role as a leader entails and D-Lo Brown got his reasons for no longer wrestling or getting involved in fights. The oddest aspect of this whole affair is that despite the amount of exposure Aces and Eights got, the night wasn't about them. It was about the returning Abyss.

Abyss Returns

First of all, this reveal really wasn't enough to live up to the hype it was given throughout the show. Kudos for TNA for getting that hype going, but it was wasted on an act that has such a limited shelf life. One has to hope that the Joseph Park character isn't completely gone with Abyss' return as that act is easily the more enjoyable of the two gimmicks.

With luck, TNA will have something interesting in mind with Abyss to keep the character fresh again. Even with all the time away, however, it's difficult to get excited about the Abyss character. Still, Park did enough solid work over this past year that it's possible that he's got some new wrinkle for the Abyss character, but time will have to tell on that front.

James Storm, Bad Influence, and Bobby Roode and Austin Aries

The path TNA took tonight, at least in relation to the number one contender's match, was predictable. It was also an enjoyable affair with some good action and everyone playing their parts well. Storm's involvement in the tag team division does not make sense yet, but it's at least interesting.

The spot with Storm taken out backstage was intriguing. It's not often TNA shies away from a brief backstage brawl, but we came to this one late with no inclination on who attacked Storm. There's not a lot of ways that TNA can take it, but something about this story is compelling enough to make me want to see the next chapter.

Overall Show

This show was better than it has been in recent weeks, but it still managed to drag a bit throughout. TNA did a better job of advancing the storylines it is running with, but few of them are particularly compelling.

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