Kester's TNA Impact Rundown: Sting becomes the number one contender, Matt Morgan looks weak, and Kurt Angle forced D-Lo Brown to say 'I Quit'

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May 4, 2013 - 12:05 PM

By Ryan Kester

Hulk Hogan and Sting

What is TNA attempting to accomplish with such a heavy focus on Hulk Hogan and Sting? They've gone to this well several times before, and it never changes the ratings to any significant degree. What it does is make every other act TNA has look like an afterthought. Worse yet, it makes them look weak because two wrestlers that have difficulties moving consistently thwart the latest heel faction that takes out everyone else.

Similarly, I am baffled by TNA's decision to give Sting a title shot at Slammiversary. TNA regularly passes on opportunities to elevate their talent and they did it again when they elected to go with Sting to take on Bully Ray.

Matt Morgan

Matt Morgan is hit or miss these days. In the ring, he shows a great deal of intensity and athleticism, but the gold cloak and stereotypical rage do more to make him look like a gimmick than his previously believable character.

While it's bothersome that Matt Morgan lost the Slammiversary title shot to Sting, the manner in which he lost is more worrisome. Sting not only kicked out of a sudden Carbon Footprint, but Morgan lost with little fight to a poor-looking Scorpion Deathlock. TNA can talk their talent up as much as they want, but when that isn't remotely backed up in the ring, viewers won't take them seriously.

Kurt Angle vs. D-Lo Brown

This match was interesting and seemed to come out of nowhere. The dynamic of having the Aces and Eights members sit back and watch one of their go it alone made for a unique atmosphere.

The issue with the segment is the way it came completely out of left field with its only build taking place earlier on the show. A match that would see one of the Aces and Eights members potentially out of the group should receive a greater deal of hype than a single backstage segment. Good idea; poor execution.

Overall Show

It's difficult to be excited about TNA's current product. They're stuck in the same rut that they've been in for several years and there's only so many times you can recycle the fluctuations of Hogan and Sting's relationship and hope for that to hook people on a weekly basis.

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