Kester's TNA Impact Rundown: Chris Sabin teams up with Kurt Angle to face Team 3D and Bobby Roode aligns with Bad Influence to take over the Bound For Glory Series

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Aug 10, 2013 - 10:22 AM

By Ryan Kester

Bully Ray

Bully Ray did some good work this week between his various appearances. Despite the overall decline in quality Impact has experienced the past few weeks, Bully Ray remains one of the show's highlights.

With the stipulation added to next week's Hardcore Justice TNA Title match, it's certainly looking like Bully Ray will be regaining the strap soon. I hope TNA takes that path because while Ray is still doing great heel work, his act is considerably diminished without the championship.

Chris Sabin

The Sabin title run simply hasn't clicked for me. During the opening segment, Sabin felt like the least important man in the ring despite carrying the company's top title. I was all for building him up to take on Bully Ray and have a good showing to elevate his status, but actually moving the title onto the man has been a mistake.

You can only execute a first heavyweight title reign once. Much like James Storm from a few years back, TNA moved the title onto Sabin at the wrong time when he wasn't the focus of the company, and it's led to a lackluster run that makes him come off as a transitional champion rather than a breakout star.

Bobby Roode and Bad Influence

TNA is experiencing faction fever. This almost-Fortune reunion doesn't impress me out the gate; Bad Influence is so much better off being its own thing and Bobby Roode was getting somewhere with the bitter, angry heel on a losing streak story. This is a step backwards for both acts.

The biggest issue with this new formation is their stated desire to take over the BFGS by exploiting the system. This is what heels should be doing, but TNA drawing attention to the poor foundation of its point allocation for the Series lessens the entire thing.

Overall Show

Thursday's Impact left a lot to be desired. The follow-up to Tito Ortiz' debut was effectively nonexistent, and TNA relied on filler to the point that it killed the pacing. They did a decent job of setting up Hardcore Justice for next week, but it was at the expense of this Impact's entertainment value.

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