Kester's TNA Impact Rundown: A disappointing filler show highlighted by Aces and Eights getting better treatment, Styles showcasing a new finisher, and The X Division getting a special camera

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Apr 19, 2013 - 05:36 PM

By Ryan Kester

Aces and Eight

First of all, Aces and Eights is in a much better place than it once was. The group was mistreated so much that they produced the wrestling death kneel of apathy for this viewer. Now, it's easier to invest in their angles, but week after week I get the impression that's more because they are Bully Ray's backup act than anything TNA is doing with the remainder of the characters. Brisco and Bischoff's match against Angle this week highlighted that all too well.

Bully Ray is still doing solid work in his heel role. He's drawing consistent heat and he seems to be having a blast with his character. If the rest of Aces and Eights could bring half of what Ray does to the group, this angle would be amazing.

AJ Styles and James Storm

The match these two had was enjoyable. Anything is better than the repetitive promos we've had for the past few weeks. It's still bothersome to see TNA having to rely on Kazarian and Daniels to make a modern Styles angle work, but what TNA went with worked last night.

Styles' new submission finisher is a good idea. The setup was a bit clunky in last night's match, but if TNA is wanting crowds to question Styles' motivation, then they can't have him working his usual very babyface offense.

X Division

The work rate displayed by the X Division wrestlers is impressive and commendable, but personally speaking, I find myself bored by the concept of the new X Division. It's thrilling as all get-out to see these guys back on TV and getting some form of attention, but these matches lack any form of story that wrestling revolves around.

The new X Cam is an interesting idea in a vacuum, but it would be to TNA's greater benefit if they developed the characters in these matches more rather than coming up with added fluff.

Overall Show

This was another disappointing effort from TNA. Almost every angle in TNA feels like its coasting rather than progressing at a good pace. TNA went from rushing stories and cramming too much into weekly episodes without old PPV schedule to taking several weeks off and doing the same when the PPV is upon them. They corrected the old issue only to make a new one for themselves.

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