9/26 Dot Net Weekly Audio Show Set List: WWE Battleground build, Dixie Carter turn, Mark Henry, Big Show, Jim Ross and TNA, Mickie James, ROH crowns a new champ but can't avoid technical issues

Sep 26, 2013 - 05:46 PM

The following is the "set list" for the two-hour Dot Net Weekly audio show that was just posted exclusively for Dot Net Members. This week's show is hosted by Jason Powell and Chris Shore. You can access this weekly show and all the perks of membership on the ad-free version of the website by signing up via the Dot Net Members' Signup Page.

-Reaction to WWE doing a poor job of promoting Battleground.

-Current WWE top storyline analysis.

-Tammy Sytch followup from last week.

-Discussion on pro wrestling's dated approach to the internet.

-Mark Henry reveals his contractual status.

-Former writer's lawsuit against WWE and Big Show moving forward.

-Former WWE wrestler Nick "Eugene" Dinsmore hired as an NXT trainer.

-Boxing pay-per-view scores huge numbers.

-Jim Ross says he has no interest in TNA at this time.

-Former WWE star's son released from NXT deal.

-Dixie Carter heel turn thoughts.

-Mickie James contract offer.

-ROH crowns a new champion.

-More technical issues for ROH and Go Fight Live.

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