1/10 Dot Net Weekly Audio Show Set List: WWE Network, DirecTV upset, Ric Flair controversy, Matt Morgan's announcement, Dolph Ziggler concussion, WWE Diva departure, TNA changes, and much more

Jan 10, 2014 - 04:45 PM

The following is the "set list" for the 104-minute Dot Net Weekly audio show that was just posted exclusively for Dot Net Members. The second part of this week's show is hosted by Jason Powell and Chris Shore. You can access this weekly show and all the perks of membership on the ad-free version of the website by signing up via the Dot Net Members' Signup Page. Use the coupon code "rumble" to score one month of Dot Net Membership for just $1.

-WWE Network notes: DirecTV threatens to drop WWE PPVs, Vince McMahon explains why he did not go for a traditional cable/satellite network.

-WWE Royal Rumble early preview.

-Old School Raw reaction.

-Dolph Ziggler suffers another concussion.

-Kaitlyn leaves WWE.

-Ric Flair causes controversy in the Carolinas by visiting the San Francisco 49ers. What does Panthers fan Chris Shore have to say about all of this?

-NXT going live the first week of the WWE Network launch.

-Matt Morgan announces his decision to accept a full-time job outside the pro wrestling industry in a interview, son born a day later.

-TNA inks new UK television deal. A sign that the company isn't going away, but Spike TV deal expires this year.

-TNA's status at Universal Studios.

-TNA still in the live pay-per-view business.

-TNA planning for 2014, a big change that's played out on television.

-Two notable names gaining influence in TNA under John Gaburick.

-Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith startup promotion rumors.

-A.J. Styles and TNA status update.

-Roderick Strong injured during ROH match against A.J. Styles.

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