9/8 Evolve 17 iPPV report: El Generico vs. Samuray Del Sol, A.R. Fox vs. Ricochet, Evolve to have its own title belt, Sami Callihan vs. Masada

Sep 8, 2012 - 08:30 PM

Evolve 17 iPPV
Voorhies, New Jersey
Report by Dot Net reader Anthony Giovagnoli

1. Johnny Gargano defeated Jon Davis in an impromptu Open the Freedom Gate Championship match by 20 count. Gargano won following a Hurts Donut? on the floor. Gargano asked for a mic and said that he was not okay with that victory. Afterwards, Davis turned heel and high angle powerbombed Gargano.

It sounded like play-by-play voice Lenny Leonard's commentary partner was high as a kite. Lince Dorado came out to meh reaction, Jigsaw got a good pop and chant as he entered. "Jigsaw, once great tag team partners with 'Lightning' Mike Quackenbush." "Never heard of him. Who'd he ever beat?"

2. Lince Dorado defeated Jigsaw. Starts with a lockup, dorado into a behind hammerlock, Jigsaw rolls through into a Mexican surfboard. "You know what they call a Mexican Surfboard in Mexico?" "A Surfboard?" "Correct!"
Another lockup, trading arm drags and kip-ups, stare down in the corner. There was a test of strength lock up, leg sweep, and Dorado kipped up into a huracanrana style hold. The move was rolled through by Jigs into a two count, pin tradeoff, and stare down.

Jigsaw hit a whirlwind arm drag, but missed a run to the corner. Dorado countered into a leg scissors to the outside, and followed with an Asai Moonsault. Jigsaw got the upper hand with chops against the rail, but Dorado again got the upper hand and whipped him into the corner followed by a huracanrana and a senton.

Jigsaw channeled Chun-Li with abdomen kicks against the ropes, then went to the top, but Dorado hit him with a front roll into a shoulder block. He hopped up into an uranage position. but was shoved off. He ran back towards Jigs, who jumped over and grabbed Dorado mid-flight in a spinebuster spun into a standing facebuster, which sent Dorado to the outside. He hit a Tope Suicido.

Back in the ring, Jigsaw tried to put Dorado away with the Rack bomb, but Dorado counters into a spike Frankensteiner followed by a michonoku driver, attempted a shooting star press and missed. Jigs grabbed Dorado and hit a sick looking deadlift German suplex. Dorado recovered and manages to hit the One Man Spanish Fly for the win.

3. Christina Von Eerie defeated Marti Belle. Belle went for a handshake. Christina spat at it. Christina missed a dropkick and they both went into a series of elbows before Marti went for a head-scissors, which Christina held and spun into a sideslam, followed by a big boot. Marti went for a Tiger bomb, but Christina reversed it and hit the Graveyard Smash.

4. Sami Callihan and Pinkie Sanchez beat The Scene (w/Larry Dallas). The Scene came out and hassled Marti. Pinkie Sanchez ran out and defended her. After being surrounded by The Scene, Sami Callihan rushed in like Hugo tagging in a match of Street Fighter. "What makes somebody a Sexual Spider Monkey?" The Scene cleared Pinkie from the ring with ease and stomped the hell out of Hugo, I mean Sami. They hit a double back elbow and Pinkie gets back on the apron. Reed and Sami squared off before Reed got control and tagged in Conley, who hit a running low angle clothesline for a two count, which was followed by a rest hold.

Conley tagged in Reed and they hit a Wishbone split for another two count. Reed put Sami on the top rope and fired off right hand. He tried for a superplex but it was blocked. Sami slipped under and kicked the legs out from under and crotched him on the second. Pinkie took the hot tag and after a series of clothesline hit a Bodyscissors DDT on Conley. He sat on Conley's chest for a two count.

Reed shoved Pinkie off and chased him to the corner. Pinkie flipped over, ran to the other corner, and hit a moonsault kick from the top rope and a diving seated senton on Conley for the two count. The Scene hit a Flapjack into a Codebreaker. Sami cleared Conley out of the ring and tried to lock in the Stretch Muffler. Reed rolled into a pin, but Sami got the upper hand once more and locked in his new finisher - a rear naked choke he calls the Callihan Death Clutch (CDC).

5. Masada defeated Sami Callihan. Sami smacked the mic against his head to test it before welcoming everyone to WWN. He called out Masada for the match the people paid to see, and Masada doesn't need to be asked twice.
There was a quick fury from Masada, who whipped Sami into the corner, hit various strikes, and eventually got a two count. Sami managed to scramble to the top rope and ate a drop kick from Masada, sending him to the outside. Masada whips Sami into the barricade (which broke, welcome to CZW).

Masada toured Sami around the ring, including a pit stop on the timekeeper's table. Masada rolled Sami back in and Sami flipped him the bird. Sami tried for an uncharacteristic head-scissors but Masada easily counters into  a powerslam. Sami managed to get his leg on the rope. Masada whipped Sami into the ropes, dove and rolled into a schoolboy, and tried to transition into the Stretch Muffler. Masada majestically countered it by kicking him in the face three times. Masada slammed Sami again and stood in the corner waiting for a countout/KO victory. Frustrated, he grabbed Sami from the outside and rolled him inside, where he locked in a Chickenwing STF style submission.

It should be noted that Masada's shoulder was taped up after an incident leaving him with torn flesh, but he threw tape on it and competed. Good for him. It should also be noted that after the Masada match, Sami was beginning to vomit at ringside, possible concussion.

6. The Super Smash Brothers and Rich Swann beat Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy, and Drew Gulak. The whole Kentucky Gentlemen crew came out, quite bizarre. After removing their shirts, beatboxing was heard over the mic, and (this is 100% accurate), Rich Swann came out rapping, including lyrics like "When I say Chucky Sucks, you say Dick!" Brice spewed out more stoner dribble.

Player Uno and Taylor started out. Uno gained the arm wringer into a shoulder breaker, followed by a German Clutch by Uno. After an exchange, Legal Eagle and Richard Swann tagged in. Gulak left and asks for advice from the other gentlemen, while Swann strutted around the ring. Gulak tagged Taylor back in. Swann tags in Dos. All three then enter the ring and pulled off an unprecedented EX-Hyper Combo Triple Taunt. Player Dos hits a backdrop uranage, but the Legal Eagle distracted, so Dos tags Uno back in. Uno delivered a snapmare, tagged in Dos for a slingshot crossbody for a two count, tagged in Swann, who played to the crowd.

Later, Swann was whipped into the corner, but chargeed out and was knocked down. Orange tagged in and rolled up for a two count. Orange kinda drunkenly rebounded off the second rope and then elbowed. Taylor tagged in and did a delayed headstand slow motion rolling senton (less impressive than it sounds) for a "Holy shit!" chant. He followed with an Irish whip on Swann, who leapt but was caught in a sitout powerbomb.

Later, Gulak hit a Chokeslam/Backbreaker. Dos ran in and attacked. Taylor hit Sole Food but misses the Awful Waffle. After a series of corner splashes by the Gentlemen, Smash Bros managed to hit GET OVER HERE! followed by a big series of random offense. It ended with Orange hitting a Michinoku Driver on Swann and then the Orange Squeeze. Player Dos was locked into a crossface by Gulak, and Chuck locked in a single leg Boston crab. All the holds were broke. Chuck and Orange tried to get Uno on the outside. The entire Gentleman's Club went over and ate a Somersault Senton from Dos for their trouble, followed by Rich Swann hitting the spinning enziguiri for the three. Taylor was pissed and left Gulak at ringside. It was a hard match to call. I had no idea who or what the legal man was during the last part.

7. Ricochet defeated A.R. Fox. Ricochet comes to the ring accompanied by (mostly) boos.
AR Fox came out to a decent pop. The crowd didn't seem too enthused about either, but a loud AR Fox chant started during introductions. Ricochet hit a very impressive no hands, springboard to the top rope Moonsault at one point. He rolled back in for a two count, and proceeded to channel Booker T and Dragon Kid with a spinaroonie. Ricochet put Fox into the accordion rack. He took Fox to the corner and hit his head against the turnbuckle. After a series of pin attempts by Ricochet, he locked in a leg trap inverted crossface.

Later, Fox hit Lo Mein Rain and rolled him in for a two count. Ricochet managed to roll out and hits a triple jump Tornado DDT into a Standing Shooting star press for two. Ricochet went for the accordion rack again but Fox countered into a Crucifix style driver, missed the cover. Ricochet went for a backdrop but Fox landed on his feet. However, Ricochet grabbed him and landed an exploder into the corner. After blocking ANOTHER Irish whip attempt, Fox hits a Pumphandle Gutbuster followed by a Twister Suplex.

Fox went up top and Ricochet was quick to jump up and was sent to the floor. Ricochet dodged the Swanton. Fox rolled through and went for a lariat, missed, hit the second, went for a third and missed. Fox ate a spinning enizguiri. Fox recovered and hits his running imploding 450 senton into the corner. He set up Ricochet for Lo Mein Pain. He managed the leap but ate elbow strikes from Ricochet, who slipped out and hit the backslide driver from the top rope, a shooting star press, and a reverse huracanrana for the win. Ricochet taslked trash, leaving a dejected Fox in the ring. I wouldn't say this was the best each man could do, possibly due to AR Fox also participating in a CZW ladder match later.

8. El Generico defeated Samuray Del Sol. They started with a handshake, which was followed by the lockup. Sol cartwheeled into a hammerlock and there was a very quick series of lucha style breaks that ended with a kip-up from Sol. There was no crowd reaction. This crowd sucked.

Later, Sol dove somersault style but stayed on his hands. He backflipped twice for a head-scissors. Sol went to the apron for a slingshot 450 for a two count. Sol locked in a grapevine/half accordion rack, but Generico got out and to his feet first. Back in the ring a short time later, Generico hit his exploder into the corner, but Sol counters the Yakuza kick with a front dropkick. Generico tried to backdrop him but Sol lands on his feet and ran to the rope. Generico lifted him sky High and Sol hits an incredible looking head-scissors.

Sol hit the Standing Shiranui for a two count and called for the Rising Sun, but he was caught and spun into a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count. Generico went for the Yakuza kick and missed again. Sol went to the ropes and tried for another springboard, but he was suckered into another Blue Thunder for a two count. After another quick exchange, Sol hit a jumping Yoshi Tonic followed by The Rising Sun for a close two.

Sol went to the top, but was caught by Generico. Sol got the better of the exchange and set up for a top rope reverse huracanrana, but Generico dropped down and hit Sol's face Electric Chair style, followed by the Yakuza kick, and then the top rope Brainbuster for the three count.

After the match, Yakuza lifted Sol's arm in respect, and then helps him to his feet. They shook hands in just an amazing show of respect. A really fast paced match. Definite 8 or 9/10 (or even 10 or 11 if you just love head-scissors).

Mid-match, it was announced that Evolve wrestling will be getting its own title.

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