9/10 DGUSA Untouchable PPV review: YAMATO vs. CIMA for Open the Freedom Championship, PAC vs. Ricochet, Johnny Gargano vs. Akira Tozawa, Sabu and A.R. Fox vs. Arik Cannon and Pinkie Sanchez

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Sep 11, 2011 - 05:48 PM

Dragon Gate USA Untouchable online pay-per-view
Chicago, Ill.
Report by Dot Net reader Austin Vitelli

I ordered the DGUSA Untouchable iPPV online Saturday night and it was definitely a must-see show. Although it was my first one, it was definitely worth the $15 and everyone should check it out.
1. The Scene (Caleb Konley and Scott Reed) defeated Kentucky Buffett ("Original Recipe" Alex Castle and Matt Cajun) at 3:17. This match was pretty short and it featured a new team whose names I am pretty sure of, but not positive. The Scene won off of a double team facebuster/German Suplex combination into a pin. Overall, this match was a little short for my taste and they didn’t really build up to an ending (the finish was just kind of there), but nonetheless it was a good opener. Post-match, Brodie Lee attacked Castle and cut a solid heel promo. At one point he told everyone to shut up, and even shoved a fan back at ringside.
2. Jon Davis defeated Rich Swann at 9:18. Swann came out singing, although I don’t know what because of the not-so-good sound quality of the microphones. There were many great near falls in this one including Swann kicking out of a spinebuster after jumping off the top rope for a crossbody, and Davis kicking out of a standing 450 Splash, a jumping leg bulldog, and a Frog Splash. At one point, "This is awesome" chants were heard very loudly. Davis finally won off of a Spinning Reverse Death Valley Driver into a sitout powerbomb. This was an excellent match considering I wasn’t so sure about who Davis was.

Lee came out again after the match and attacked Swann, getting major heat. He held an open challenge and Gregory Irons came out, who was the wrestler with Cerebral Palsy (Irons was put over by CM Punk not too long ago). Lee compared Irons to Punk and himself to Nash, but ended up getting a "He got fired!" chant from the crowd which was very funny. Lee responded by taking a jab at Punk by sitting down cross-legged in the middle of the ring, but then got up and destroyed Irons. Someone named "Ooh Ahh Nation" came out (who looked like a cross between Michael Tarver and Ezekiel Jackson) and hit a standing shooting star press on Lee despite being 265 lbs.!
3. PAC defeated Ricochet at 10:03. This was a very back and forth match that saw Ricochet kicking out of two separate British Airways, until finally being pinned off of one from the top rope. It was shorter than I had hoped considering these guys are amazing. Post-match, Lee came out yet again along with Blood Warriors and attacked PAC. This led to practically the whole locker room coming out little by little and doing suicide jumps onto the huge group at ringside. It ended when Sabu came out and almost botched his jump onto the group, which started the No DQ tag team match.
4. Sabu and AR Fox defeated Arik Cannon and Pinkie Sanchez in a No DQ match at 11:36. Early in the match, Sabu somehow got a spike and opened up Cannon. The match was TNA style random brawl throughout everywhere until they randomly started following tag team rules. Not surprisingly, "This match sucks!" chants were heard at about the 8 minute mark, which magically pushed AR Fox to take over the match. At 10:45, Sabu hit a legdrop onto Sanchez through what seemed like a pretty sturdy table. Sabu then put the broken table on top of Sanchez while Fox hit a Swanton Bomb and a 450 Splash onto Sanchez for the pin. The last three and a half minutes were good, but anyone who’s watched a TNA brawl has pretty much seen the rest.
Intermission (lasted about 20 minutes)
They showed video packages for practically every show that they have on DVD, as well as great videos on the D.U.F. and Johnny Gargano.
5. Akira Tozawa defeated Johnny Gargano at 20:22. Throughout the whole match Tozawa heckled some fans. There were more "This is Awesome" chants heard at about the 19:00 mark. Tozawa won the match after a Straightjacket German Suplex. Gargano then received a standing ovation from the crowd. This was an amazing match that was probably my favorite of the night. It started slow, but it got great after about halfway through.
6. Chuck Taylor (Ronin) defeated Sami Callihan (D.U.F.), Naruki Doi (Blood Warriors), and Masato Yoshino (Junction Three) in a 4-Way Freestyle match at 10:17. The winner of this match got to book whatever match they wanted between their faction and any other faction of their choice in DGUSA. Taylor pinned Callihan after a Fireman’s Carry swung into a huge piledriver. Taylor post-match said the match he wanted was Swann and Gargano vs. PAC and Yoshino for the Open the United Gate tag team titles. Lee interfered once again and Swann made the save. Yoshino told Taylor they could have the title match whenever he wanted. Swann ended up helping up Yoshino (who was attacked by Taylor) even though they were from different factions.
7. YAMATO defeated CIMA to retain the Open the Freedom Championship at 21:58. The match was announced as having a 60-minute time limit and it was only 11:05 at night, so I was expecting a very long match. Although it went shorter than I expected, it was still an incredible match and definitely my second favorite of the night. YAMATO won off of the Galleria (which is an inverted facelock lifted and dropped into a sitout scoop slam piledriver) to retain the title. CIMA got on the mic post-match and announced that BxB Hulk was returning and that Hulk wanted a shot at the title in a No Rope, No DQ match. YAMATO accepted the challenge and would wrestle him "anytime, anywhere." YAMATO signed a few autographs and celebrated at the top of the ramp to end the show.
Notes: Overall, this was an amazing show as I said and I enjoyed every single match on the card. It has something for every wrestling fan, including the tag team action of the opener, hardcore wrestling from Sabu and AR Fox’s match, high-flying action from PAC and Ricochet, and just great wrestling matches by Tozawa and Gargano and the main event. I strongly suggest that everyone gets this on DVD (and I’m not just saying that) because it is a great style of wrestling that serves as a good break from the usual WWE and TNA stuff.

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