4/7 Dragon Gate USA Mercury Rising report: Annual WrestleMania weekend six-man tag match, Brian Kendrick vs. Chuck Taylor, Tony Neese vs. Soldier Ant

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Apr 7, 2013 - 04:44 PM

DGUSA "Mercury Rising" (iPPV replay available at
Secaucus, New Jersey at Meadowlands Expo Center
Report by Dot Net contributor Zack Zimmerman

Pretty good sized crowd today, certainly smaller than last night however.

1. Tony Neese over Soldier Ant (w/ Fire Ant) with the 450. He announced his group would be called the "Premier Athlete Brand." He introduce his bodyguard, the 350+ lb. Mr. A. Slam & splash

2. Scott Reed (w/ Larry Dallas and Trina Michaels) beat Caleb Konley with the Roll of the Dice onto a chair with a Dallas distraction.

3. Brian Kendrick beat Chuck Taylor (w/ The Gentleman's Club) with Sliced Bread. Good match and both men had their supporters.

4. Uhaa Nation won the Ladders FRAY match. Christina Von Eerie took a scary tope from Matt Jackson and appeared to hurt her ankle. She was eliminated after four Bucks' superkicks. Not something to my taste, but the crowd popped huge and went rabid with "Young Bucks!" Chants. Del Sol eliminated after Lo Mein Pain from Fox. Facade eliminated after Chocolate Rain from Fox. Fox eliminated after a 630 when Ricochet interfered. Uhaa reversed Bang For Your Buck and rolled up Matt, then eliminated Nick with a standing moonsault and shooting star press.


5. Orange Cassidy beat Jon Davis by DQ. Short but very fun, entertaining match. Davis hit a lariat on the ref out of frustration to get DQ'd. Post match, Davis destroyed the whole Gentleman's Club and left dominant.

6. Johnny Gargano, Ricochet, and Rich Swann beat Cima, Eita, and Tomahawk TT. Eita went for his moonsault to the outside, but hit his head on the top of the ring post and was split open, absolutely terrifying. He was OK enough to take everyone's finisher, ending with the 630 for the loss. I'm not so comfortable with Eita bumping after a very possible concussion.

Ricochet earned a shot at any title of his choosing, and he made it seem as though he wouldn't go after Gargano. He'll likely challange AR Fox for the Evolve championship, based on their lengthy and continuing feud.

Post match, Gargano said he wanted to go title for title against Cima's Dream Gate belt. Jon Davis interrupted and attacked Cima and Swann. He left, and Gargano low-blowed Cima and Swann to solidify his heel turn.

7. Shingo beat Akira Tozawa. Great match that got the crowd as up as they could be after 24 out of 48 hours of wrestling. These two work STIFF and this match was exactly what one would expect. I'm not big on Shingo winning, because Tozawa is a mainstay and always super over, and I'm not sure what Shingo's future plans with DGUSA are.

Great end to an indescribably incredible weekend of wrestling. If WrestleMania is ever in your area, I cannot recommend the WrestleCon experience enough. And now that WrestleCon is over... I'm going to WRESTLEMANIA!

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