1/28 Shore's DGUSA United NYC Live Coverage: The Open the United Gate tournament begins, Jigsaw vs. Jon Moxley, Austin Aries vs. Rich Swann, and BxB Hulk vs. YAMATO for the Open the Freedom Gate title

Jan 28, 2011 - 06:00 PM

By Chris Shore

Dragon Gate USA "United NYC" on iPPV on
Live from New York, New York.

Pre-event start: There is a mic open in the arena with the GFL logo on video. A male voice is very upset about something. He keeps saying, "I can't see anything." There are other voices talking as well and someone said, "This is a effing nightmare." Looks like somebody has bad seats. Might be a good idea in the future to keep the mics off or at least not so close to the crowd.

Shore's Slant: If that's the production team, somebody is in trouble.

The show opened with Reby Sky being introduced. She carried the new United Gate titles and showed them to the crowd. Lenny Leonard and Chikarasan (I think they said) checked in on commentary…

1. Akira Tozawa (w/Jon Moxley) defeated Sami Callihan 12:06. They argued over whose ring it was and then traded slaps. They moved out of the way of each other's flying moves until Tozawa finally hit a Senton. Callihan rolled to the floor and ducked Tozawa's dive. He pulled up the mat and hit an exploder suplex on the floor.

Back in the ring, Callihan hit a leg drop for a near fall. Callihan jumped to the top, but Tozawa kicked him to the floor. He hit a dive and immediately climbed in the ring and hit another. He setup for a superplex, but Callihan fought back and hit a missile drop kick.

They traded blows in the middle of the ring and then Tozawa hit an insaguri. They traded saito suplexes, and then more blows, and then big kicks to the head. Callihan hit a diving forearm for a near fall. Callihan no sold some kicks and then Tozawa hit a bridging German suplex for the surprise win.

Shore's Slant: Oddly booked match. If this is the DGUSA style, the no selling is going to annoy me. I'll let it go, but it will annoy me for sure.

Post-match, Moxley cut a promo and cut down NYC and said Homicide was at home in Brooklyn bitching about Vince Russo. Reby Sky climbed in the ring and slapped Moxley and took the mic. She gave some big speech I couldn't hear and then told him to shut up.

Moxley kept talking junk and she kept slapping him. He grabbed her by the hair and told Tozawa to hit her. Tozawa wouldn't and Jigsaw ran out for the save…

2. Jon Moxley defeated Jigsaw at 6:31. Jigsaw knocked Moxley to the floor and hit a huge dive over the top rope. Moxley shoved Jigsaw into the post and rolled him in the ring. Moxley worked the arm and hit a release vertical suplex.

Moxley set Jigsaw on the top and went up, but Jigsaw fought back and hit a double stomp to the back of the head. He hit a brainbuster for two, but Moxley came back with a clothesline. Jigsaw reversed the next lift into a rollup, but Moxley hooked in a cross face chicken wing.

Jigsaw made the ropes and attacked. YAMATO snuck out and hooked Jigsaw's leg and dragged him to the floor. He slammed Jigsaw into the rail and rolled him back in. Moxley had the ref distracted the whole time. Moxley hooked another crossface chicken wing for the submission win.

Shore's Slant: Rapid fire match starts and never ending action. Going to be a long night. Decent match, not amazing, but good.

YAMATO climbed in the ring and they beat on Jigsaw for a moment. Moxley said more, but I couldn't hear him well. BxB Hulk came out and got in Moxley's face. He told him to shut up and YAMATO attacked him from behind. Their match started…

3. YAMATO defeated BxB Hulk to become the Open the Freedom Gate Championship at 21:40. YAMATO stomped Hulk in the ring and Moxley talked junk from the floor. Out of nowhere Julius Smokes ran out of the crowd and attacked Jon Moxley. They battled all the way to the back as Hulk regained control in the ring from YAMATO.

Hulk hit several stomps and then covered YAMATO with one foot. YAMATO grabbed the foot and dropped Hulk. He worked the leg with several holds, including a figure four. They ran the ropes and YAMATO hit a spear.

Hulk kicked out at two, but YAMATO grabbed the leg and hooked in an ankle lock. Hulk tried for a kick to escape, but YAMATO reversed into a single leg crab until Hulk made the rope. YAMATO tried to whip Hulk, but the knee buckled.

Suddenly the felling came back in Hulk's leg and he hit a cartwheel kick. He hit several kicks and then a standing corkscrew moonsault. He hit a sick spinning heel kick for two. YAMATO reversed a whip into a Sunset flip and then into a single leg Liontamer with a foot in the back of the head.

Hulk made the ropes and stood in the corner. YAMATO charged in and Hulk moved. They fought in the corner and up the ropes and Hulk hit a super powerslam for two. Hulk hit a an akuza kick and then an axe kick for two. He went to the top and YAMATO stopped him.

They battled up the ropes again and YAMATO hit a superplex from the top turnbuckle for two. They traded several wild blows and kicks. Hulk hit his finisher (a pump handle powerslam) for a great near fall. He went to the top and botched the Phoenix Splash and sold it as it being from his leg.

He lifted YAMATO for the pumphandle slam again, and YAMATO reversed into a sleeper and sleeper suplex. YAMATO lifted Hulk for his finisher and kind of just sat down. He hooked the leg and we have a new champion…

Shore's Slant: OK, you gotta kick out of that and go back to the spot or something. That was the weakest move I have ever seen that changed a title. The match was very good, but everybody will remember that weak finish.

4. Brodie Lee (w/The Blood Warriors) defeated Jimmy Jacobs at 6:16. Jacobs attacked as soon as Lee climbed in the ring. He and Lee traded shots and Lee hit a great drop kick that spilled Jacobs to the floor. Lee slammed Jacobs into the ring post and the worked Jacobs with brutal moves in the ring.

Lee hit a superkick and they spilled to the floor again. He powerbombed Jacobs onto the elevated stage and rolled him in the ring. Jacobs came storming back and hit an Ace Crusher and a Senton from the top for a near fall. In the end, Lee came back and hit a sitout powerbomb for the win…

Shore's Slant: Lee is a friggin beast! Wow. Good match. Jacobs has a great look.

5. Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano (w/Rich Swann) defeated Ricochet and Naruki Doi at 16:11 to earn 2 points in the Open The United Gate Title tournament. Gargano and Doi started. They started with some mat wrestling and then Gargano dropped Doi on his face. Both men tagged out and Taylor and Ricochet faced off.

Ricochet no sold some kicks and hit a drop kick. He and Doi worked in and out on Gargano. Ricochet tried for a standing moonsault and Gargano kicked him out of the air in a cool spot. Taylor tagged in and hit a Senton type move for two. They tagged again for a double team move and Ricochet took them both out.

He made the tag to Doi and Doi cleaned house. All four men ended up in the ring and there were some crazy double team moves and near falls, and then even crazier singles moves from each man. Ricochet hit a cartwheel into a plancha over the top rope on the floor onto Taylor and Gargano.

Everybody went to the floor and Gargano and Taylor hit a Doomsday device on Ricochet on the floor. A "This is awesome" chant broke out. The rapid fire, no way I could cover it all exchanges continued and Doi and Ricochet hit a combo senton/moonsault for two. Out of nowhere, Taylor came in the ring and hit Awful Lawful (a pumphandle piledriver) for the pinfall victory.

Shore's Slant: Wow, just wow. I couldn't have hoped to type all those moves out. Amazing action, but again with the no selling. I'll get used to it, but it drives me a little crazy, I'm sorry, but it does.

Post-match, Rich Swann called out Austin Aries. Aries came out and Swann told Gargano and Taylor to not get involved…

6. Austin Aries defeated Rich Swann at 16:52. Aries hit a missile drop kick to start and locked in a choke. Gargano and Taylor dragged him towards the ropes and he went after them. Swann got a quick kick and took control. They ran the ropes and Swann slapped Aries.

Aries powered back and botched a move off the top. He hit a rolling elbow in the corner and Swann rolled to the floor. Aries hit the ropes and started to do something, but Swann hit a super kick. Aries rolled to the floor and reversed a hurricanranna attempt into a powerbomb onto Gargano and Taylor.

Back in the ring, Aries hit a power drive elbow for two and then hooked in a weird submission where he sat on Swann's back and pulled the leg up. He rolled it back into a pin attempt and Swann escaped and hit a rolling thunder splash. He locked in a week looking submission and then just dropped it. Odd.

Swann placed Aries on top and they battled. Swann kicked him in the head and pulled him to the matt. My video jerked and Aries seemed to legit hurt his shoulder has he favored it the rest of the match. He was able to hit some suplexes and arm drags. In the end, Aries hit a brain buster from the second rope and rolled into the last chancery for the win…

Shore's Slant: Crazy match and I wished I knew what happened with Aries's shoulder, but it was just one of the many little video jerks I have had. I don't blame DGUSA, just the nature of streaming video sometimes.

CIMA and Dragon Kid came to the ring and Chuck Taylor said their match proved they belonged in Japan…

7. PAC and Masato Yoshino defeated CIMA and Dragon Kid in an Open the United Gate Title tournament match to earn 2 points at 20:21. Dragon Kid and PAC started. Dragon Kid tried for several high flying moves that PAC reversed. PAC hit a tilt a whirl backbreaker and a standing shooting star press. Both men made tags.

They ran the ropes and Yoshino hit a slam. PAC ran in and hit a corkscrew senton off of Yoshino's back. CIMA escaped and tagged Kid. Kid hit a knee drop for two, but Yoshino tagged PAC and they worked Kid's arm. Kid tagged CIMA in and CIMA hit a powerslam and then a leg drop from a kneeling position.

CIMA locked in a leg rest hold and then kicked Yoshino when he ran in and put him in a double underhook submission at the same time. Wow. CIMA pulled a chair near the ring and did a slingshot onto the chair as Kid distracted the ref. He held PAC on the ropes and let Ricochet slapped him.

Both men scored hot tags after PAC hit a step up insaguri. All hell broke loose like in the last tag match and Yoshino and Kid ended up in the ring. Yoshino tried for a suplex, but Kid flipped out for a stunner for two. CIMA and PAC ended up in the ring after they pulled the other guys to the floor and PAC hit an ace crusher.

All four men ended up in the ring and more of the rapid fire moves happened. Kid hit a hurricanranna on Yoshino who was on CIMA's shoulders who was sitting on the top turnbuckle. They locked a crucifix and jackknife combo pin for two. Yoshino hit a powerbomb and PAC followed with a springboard 450 splash. He hit a bridging German suplex for the win…

Shore's Slant: Holy hell, I'm exhausted. That was a lot of fun. Very good match to close. It was probably the best match on the card, but I'm still trying to absorb it all. I'll have a lot more to say tomorrow on the hitlist. Thanks for reading and I'll see you then.

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