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Oct 2, 2011 - 02:02 PM

By Jake Barnett

The purpose of this editorial is to analyze the previous week in Women's Wrestling and give you the good, the bad, and potentially the ugly of what we saw in both WWE Divas and TNA Knockouts storytelling.

Dot Net Women's Weekly – 10/2/2011

The Good:

  • Beth and Natalya continue to get a lot of TV Time, and I think that's great considering what we were seeing from them just a few months ago. I like the motivation for their storyline with Kelly, and I like that they are trying to legitimately differentiate themselves from the other Divas. The Pin Up angle works because it draws on historical imagery and attitude to run opposed to the very Hawaiian Tropic look of the rest of the crowd. It seems to have put a good amount of wind into the sails of Natty and Beth, who have both seemed very motivated lately and have had a positive impact on the women's scene as of late.

  • The Queen's Qualifier is a concept that could work, if TNA would calm down on the overbooking of everything and actually make it seem like the winner isn't a complete fraud. They have a lot of talented women on the TNA Roster, and they can showcase them all in a tournament like this. If you remove all the Earl Hebner nonsense from Impact this week, Madison and Tara put on a pretty entertaining affair.

  • Sarita and Rosita are the best part of Mexican America. They both have a lot of talent. Sarita seems to be the better technical wrestler of the two, but Rosita seems to bring the attitude that makes the duo work as a heel team. Despite how bad Mexican America is at times, I think those two have a lot of potential to stick around longer than the faction might otherwise.

The Bad

  • The Traci Brooks situation on Impact is dreadful. I don't mean any reference to her performance on screen, but the story they have given her and the verbal abuse she has taken on screen is really over the top, even for a Pro Wrestling angle. What was the point of having Traci Brooks sleep with Bischoff if they were going to quickly transition into an angle where her real life husband is forced to come to her rescue? Does her infidelity not matter to him, or is he unaware of it? And if they do play it off like he is unaware, doesn't he look like an idiot when it was broadcast on the show? The whole thing just reminds of all the awful and misogynistic Women's angles Russo booked in WWE years ago. Choppy Choppy Pee Pee, anyone? You can chalk this whole thing up to wrestling logic, but that doesn't really justify the cringe worthy parts of it.

  • The angle involving Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix is not without it's hair pulling moments. I think just from observation we can see the WWE does it's fair share of “even steven” booking, but is it really necessary to give Kelly so many clean wins over Beth and Natalya? I'll probably get mail about this from Kelly fans, and I know there are a lot of you out there, but how long can she keep winning before you stop “beating the odds”? Everyone loves a good David and Goliath story, and I think that's the archetype this story should follow, but it's being presented completely backwards. Kelly Kelly is not a Titan of Women's Wrestling. She's immensely popular, and she's improving constantly, but Beth should be the real dominant force here. How does it make sense to have these athletically built and very strong women constantly come up short in the ring, yet simultaneously be referred to as the dominant odds on favorite by the announce team? Make up your mind, creative! What story are you telling here?

The Ugly:

  • Kelly Kelly desperately needs to learn to run the ropes. There are a lot of positive things to say about Kelly's ring work lately. She's vastly improved and deserves kudos for her obvious effort, but she looks like a beginning swimmer out there running the ropes. Often times she runs towards the ropes, then stops and turns around, and starts running the other direction without even slightly vibrating the ropes. It reminds me of being on the swim team in high school, and watching beginners who didn't know how to flip and kick off on the wall. They would end up losing a few seconds and looked out of sorts whenever they had to turn around. It's the little things that count sometimes, and I would cheer from my living room if Kelly ever started really hitting the ropes.

  • How can I forget Earl Hebner. TNA refs seem to get more involved in Knockouts matches than what would seem humanly possible, and Thursday was no exception. Earl managed to log as much creative mind share of the Madison vs. Tara match as either competitor. The ref booking is cliched and unimaginative, and it really takes away from the legitimacy of this tournament. If most people were as bad at their job as Earl seems to be, they would have gotten fired long before they logged a 25 year career. I gotta tip my hat to you, Earl, it takes effort to be that good at being bad.

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