Dot Net Awards: 2009 Best Female Act

Feb 28, 2010 - 03:42 PM

Dot Net readers voted on a variety of 2009 awards throughout January and February. We will be revealing the winners throughout the weekend. The following are the poll results of the Best Female Act category.

Beautiful People: 29 percent
Maryse: 12 percent
Mickie James: 11 percent
Awesome Kong: 10 percent
Beth Phoenix : 8 percent
Vickie Guerrero: 8 percent
Others: 22 percent

Rich Twilling's thoughts: WWE did not many favors for their female roster in 2009. They didn't even get entrances during the WrestleMania 25 match they were all involved in. Based on what Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, and Madison Rayne did as a trio, I will give the gold medal to that version of The Beautiful People. Although Awesome Kong was not booked all that well in 2009, she still lands the second spot. Third place goes to Tara. She came in to TNA with a lot of hype and although it died down quickly, she still had a pretty good year.

Jason Powell's thoughts: Such a disappointing year for women's wrestling. The Knockouts Division was a calling card for TNA in 2008, but the company lost focus as the year went on. The division lost a lot of prestige during the Cody Deaner and ODB feud over the Knockouts Title, and the latest booking regime doesn't seem as concerned with putting the spotlight on the women.

WWE's Divas division is so much worse. There are a lot of talented women in WWE, but they rarely get more than three-minute throwaway matches on television unless the charismatically challenged Michelle McCool is involved. Even the award winning act took a major hit when Angelina Love was replaced by Lacey Von Erich. I can't remember a time when the female talent pool has been deeper, so here's hoping both companies strive to feature the women more prominently in 2010.

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