WWE Smackdown taping in Omaha: Thoughts on the poorly attended Smackdown tapings by a fan in attendance

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May 22, 2013 - 04:21 PM

Dot Net reader Troy S. attended the WWE Smackdown tapings in Omaha, Nebraska Tuesday night and sent along the following thoughts:

I attended and reported the Smackdown taping results last night in Omaha and have been attending WWE/WCW live events since 1988 (Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Bad News Brown main event!) I have been a fan since I was 5 and had plenty of time to digest what I saw from last night. As I watched the ring crew dismantle the setup within 10 minutes of the show, there were more tarped off sections than actual available seating sections. No RAW or PPV coming here soon, but not sure I could pay to watch 3 hours again.

-Cody's mustache
-Y2J's red and blue jacket
-Curtis Axle's 2013 remix of his dad's theme
-No Brodus Clay/Dancing skits/Diva matches
-Ryback surprise appearance
-The Shield in action (Dean Ambrose really looks like Corey Feldman from The Goonies)
-No yodeling from Cesaro. Actually he wasn't there which is a miss.
-Paul Heyman on the mic and in person.

-$30 for a t-shirt. No thanks WWE. I'll spend that on 7 gallons of gas today.
-A 7 minute Wrestlemania 29 highlight video to remind us Sean Combs was there in concert. Bad start to begin the show at 7PM. Sigh.
-MizTV opening up Smackdown. Apparently Brock Lesnar failed to end this non-sense and waste of time segment earlier in the year.
-No Ziggler. This company really needs someone or something to end this stale product. I hope that he can bring it back.
-The roster and show.

Overall, I sat there in the arena when it was over, looked at the tarped sections, maybe 5,000-6,000 in attendance, and thought "Why would I come back in a year when it is in town?" Where is this company going to be in 5 years? No WWE, I will never download your app. Are we going to keep recycling colors and keep making new John Cena shirts every April for the next 10-15 years? Go to your local grocery store and look for the WWE magazine. The Undertaker is on their cover. We won't see him till 2014 and even then, what awaits? Sure they will keep bringing The Rock, Brock, HHH and The Undertaker back each WrestleMania season, but it will never be the same. I sure hope it gets better.

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