WWE Smackdown in Austin, Texas: Notes from a fan in attendance, including who Triple H stunned and the crowd's reaction, an error with the Dolph Ziggler/Chris Jericho video, and the John Cena vs, Big Show dark match main event

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Aug 15, 2012 - 05:55 PM

Dot Net reader Randy Rock attended the WWE Smackdown TV taping this Tuesday and sent along the following notes.

The crowd was really hot all night. Daniel Bryan was great in his match and the fans really got into the YES chant. He lost after a Kane entrance tease and announced he wouldn't leave until the crowd chanted NO, but of course we all said YES. HHH came out, did a Pedigree, and tried to get a YES chant going which the crowd was dead for at first, surprisingly.

They showed Ziggler attacking Jericho backstage, and they played the vid twice for some reason. During the Del Rio/Jericho match, Ziggler interfered and I dunno what happened but I guess there was miscommunication, as Ziggler ran out and looked like he was going to jump up on the apron with Jericho standing there and he kinda just ran into him. Looked really weird and the finish to the match was confusing.

Riley and Gabriel got some decent pops, fans were hot for Kofi, Orton, Booker T and Jericho, but the fans loved Cena, dude got huge pops all night. Del Rio easily got the most heat, Slater, Jinder and Damien didn't get much love either.

The night closed with Big Show vs Cena, not sure if this was a dark match as they announced it as a main event I believe. Show tried to leave at the start but Cena threw him in the ring, couldn't get any offense going, failed to pick him up time after time, but eventually got him up for an AA to win the match. There was a dueling Let's go Cena/Cena sucks chant but in my section it was lets go Cena/Big Show sucks, so not sure how that will translate on TV.

Shore's Slant: I'm pretty sure this is the dark match main event.

On another note I met Rey Mysterio at Harley Davidson earlier in the day at a meet and greet. My guess is 400 people showed up, but only 200 got to meet him due to time constraints. I luckily did get to meet him and he was really cool. We weren't supposed to take pictures due to time but he did anyway. Super nice guy.

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