WWE Raw in East Rutherford, NJ: One more look at the live show that featured final Raw hype for Hell in a Cell

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Oct 23, 2012 - 03:32 PM

WWE Raw in East Rutherford, NJ
Report by Dot Net reader AJ Maltese.

I got there around 6:00. My friends were holding a spot in line for me my friend Rob, my mom, and my Aunt Flo. We got in around 6:45. I was the fourth one in. I bought the Cena Cancer Shirt. It was selling like hot cakes. They had WWE '13 games all over the arena. I'm a big WWE games fan but '13, looks like WWE '12 too much.

We found our seats. There were a lot of "Yes" and "Feed me more" chants. The Superstars taping was fun to warm up the crowd. Raw itself was great. When Mysterio came out the place exploded! When Cody got the pin, my section and another sections had a big pop! Another funny moment was when Cena mention the Giants. I'm an Eagles fan, so I hate the Giants but that drew a mixed reaction with Jets Fans. I booed so loud when he said the Giants I had people laughing. When CM Punk came out, he got a major pop, and when he said Giants suck the whole place popped. Cena got a mixed reaction like usual. I also started a we want Jericho chant for my friend Danny.

During the Gabriel match, there were a lot of USA chants, which had me screaming, "He's from South Africa, what are you people stupid?" Sheamus and Ryback both got good pops, as did Bryan And Ziggler. Those two put on the best match I have ever seen live. Vickie got the loudest boos I have ever heard. You couldn't even hear her. The dark match main event wasn't much of a match, it was just Sheamus picking up the Big Show with White Noise and kicking him to send us home happy. Good show looking forward to go to a PPV next. I want to thank my Mom for getting my friend and I the tickets as a surprise.

Biggest Pops:
Cena (kids, women, and me)

Biggest Heat:
Big Show

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