9/2 WWE Smackdown in Madison: Hornswoggle appears in home state, Antonio Cesaro doesn't recognize Wisconsin as a state, Alicia Fox vs. Natalya, Ryback vs. Jinder Mahal, Wade Barrett vs. Tyson Kidd

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Sep 3, 2012 - 12:28 AM

WWE Smackdown Live Event
Madison, Wisconsin
Report by Dot Net reader Doug Simmons

1. Justin Gabriel beat Heath Slater in 7:13. Gabriel went over with a spring board into a reverse DDT. Nice work by both wrestlers. After the contest, Hornswoggle came out with the Wisconsin Badger mascot while Slater was still in the ring. Slater cut a heel promo on Hornswaggle and the badger. Tyson Kidd hit the ring and laid out Slater, allowing Hornswoggle to hit the tadpole splash. The badger covered  slater for a mock three count. Slater grabbed the mic and voiced his disdain for the state of Wisconsin.

2. The Uso's beat Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis. Uso's over in 7:55 with a double team press into a fall away slam. The heels kept the heat on for most of the match. Very basic tag match.

3. Alicia Fox pinned Natalya. Fox over with a sunset flip out of the corner in 6:43. Not much of a reaction for either competitor.

4. Ryback pinned Jinder Mahal. Mahal had a pre-match heel promo over the house video screen. Ryback received a decent baby face reaction from the crowd. Some heavy "feed me more " chants. Ryback over with his finisher in about 4:32. The crowd popped for the finish.

A video screen replay of last Monday night's Triple H promo regarding his possible retirement. Tony Chimmel asked the crowd to tout their responses to Triple H's retirement speech.

5. Randy Orton pinned Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler cut a promo saying he was going to beat the hell out of Orton and that he is the next big thing in sports entertainment. Orton went over with an RKO in 14:40. Very solid match. PPV quality for sure. The crowd popped huge for the finish

6. Wade Barrett pinned Tyson Kidd. Barrett over Kidd with a spinning bossman slam in 9:01. A lot of good back and forth action. It seemed like most of the crowd had forgotten about Barrett.

7. Antonio Cesaro beat Cody Rhodes and Sin Cara in Triple Threat for U.S Championship. Cesaro let the crowd know that he was the champion of all 49 states. However, after spending a day in Madison, he doesn't recognize Wisconsin as a state. Hilarious! Maybe some truth to that. For all the Sin Cara haters, no botches. Cesaro pinned Rhodes for victory in seven minutes.

8. Sheamus pinned Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez) in a Street Fight to retain World Heavyweight Championship. Sheamus went over in 20:24 with a Brogue kick after ADR missed Sheamus with a chair shot that hit Ricardo Rodriguez

Notes: Alliant Energy Center capacity is about 10,000. The arena appeared to be about 40/45 percent full. The three best matches of the night were Sheamus vs. ADR, Orton vs. Ziggler, and Gabriel vs. Slater.

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