9/23 WWE Smackdown in London, Ontario: Ryback returns to the ring after having his previous match stopped by a doctor, Kane and Daniel Bryan vs. The Prime Time Players for the WWE Tag Titles

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Sep 23, 2012 - 06:41 PM

WWE Raw live event
London, Ontario at LaBatt Centre
Report by Dot Net reader Marcus Sinclair

I arrived at the arena early. The merchandise stands didn't have anything good to buy and all the Rey masks where pink. It was the exact same match lineup as the show in Sarnia, Ontario, but the london crowd was rocking all afternoon.
Dolph Ziggler opened the show with a backstage segment saying he might just cash his Money in the Bank contract.
1. Tyson Kidd beat Dolph Ziggler. Dolph called me out on his entrance because I was the only one cheering. He called me a mark. Good back and forth match. Kidd got the win with a reverse roll up from the sharpshooter. After the match, Dolph said it didn't matter if he lost because he was still Mr. Money In The Bank.
2. Kofi Kingston beat Ted DiBiase. During the match Kofi busted open Ted's nose. The trainer came out but they didn't stop the match to clean it up. Kofi got the win with a Trouble In Paradise. 
3. Natalya beat Rosa Mendes. Natalya got a nice pop, the match was blah. Natty won with The SharpShooter.
4.Kane and Daniel Bryan defeated The Prime Time Players to retain the WWE Tag Titles. Daniel Bryan And Kane have the funniest act since Steve Austin had "What". Funny part before the match a little kid beside me had the tag team championship yelling back and forth with bryan that he was tag team champion. End came when bryan lock the no lock on D young
5. Wade Barrett Beat Yoshi Tatsu. Why this match came after the intermission made no sense. My girlfriend was bored by it. Wade won with his new finisher. Editor's Note: This is what is known as the popcorn match. Promoters assume that people are still getting back to their seats from intermission, so it's actually logical for them to go with a match like this rather than a loaded match at this point in the show.
6. Ryback beat Jinder Mahal. Same old thing we seen between these two.
7. Sheamus beat Alberto Del Rio In a street fight to retain the World Hvt. Championship. Match of the night. Ricardo Rodriguez is too funny. Sheamus won with the Cloverleaf. After the match, Alberto and Ric Rod did a "ConChairto" on Sheamus's arm. Dolph ran out with a ref to cash in only to turn around into a Brogue kick and send the fans home happy.

Notes: Good Show The Arena was almost half full but was into it from start to finish. Sheamus was great for the live crowd. He took pics, signed belts, and posed for photos, and also let the kids hold the belt. I can see why they have him as champ but they need to put him in more compelling storyline.
Biggest Pops
Kofi Kingston
Daniel Bryan
Most Heat
Dolph Ziggler
Jinder Mahal
Rosa Mendes

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