9/21 WWE in State College, Pa.: C.M. Punk dragged to the back after his match with Big Show, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. The Miz and Tensai, Dean Ambrose vs. Michael McGillicutty

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Sep 22, 2012 - 10:55 AM

WWE Raw live event
State College, Pa.
Report by Dot Net reader Tony Edmondson

The entire upper bowl was curtained off. We had to wait in a pretty long line. Popular attire outside was 1. CM Punk 2. Cena 3. Mysterio.

1. Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara beat Tensai and The Miz. The kids ate up the masked men as expected. No one cheered or booed for Tensai. There were 619 chants during Tensai's enterance. Miz and Cara to started it off.  Miz teased a shirt throw and whipped it to the ground to everyone's disappointment.  There was a headlock on Rey to start the match that killed the crowd. Crickets. Sin Cara entered at the two-minute mark to a huge pop.

After 90 seconds of Cara it was clear that he is very sloppy. Tensai entered at the 4 minute mark and Rey followed shortly after. It was squash time for Tensai. I'm not a Rey fan but that man can work. Miz and Rey had a few spots of exciting back and forth. They worked well together. The masked men's acrobatic aerial moves are great live. After five minutes of great back and forth action, Rey it the 619 on Tensai, and Cara finished it with his finisher. Cara and Rey with the win. The crowd was pleased.

Sin Cara's Miz got a mic and asked for that "stupid music to be turned off." After a long "Really? Really? Really?" line he asked Rey to come back out for a one on one match. Rey hit the stage and Miz reminded him of all the victories he has over him. 

2. Rey Mysterio defeated The Miz in a non-title match. Rey hit the ring, bell rang and he tripped Miz into the ropes and Miz clotheslined him mid 619. A huge boot to Rey's face slowed everything down. Miz went for the SCF and Rey escaped, kicked Miz into the ropes and hit a quick 619 followed by his top rope finisher. Rey won at the three minute mark. Miz ran up the ramp in shame. 

3. Layla defeated Aksana. Time for a break (I mean Diva match time). Surprisingly, the crowd popped huge for Layla. Sidenote, she's kinda attractive live. She pushed the Susan G Komen foundation and gave donation information. Aksana's music hit to zero reaction. The eight-year old two seats away just asked, "Who in the heck is this?" Layla worked the crowd back up but after 30 seconds or so the crowd was dead again.

Aksana posed to no reaction and a 'FIGHT, FIGHT' chant broke out. Holy hell this was a boring match, too slow. There were a lot of ground moves. The highlight of match was a loud butt slap by Layla on Aksana. During some down time, and 'USA' chant erupted. After seven minutes of mediocre moves, Layla won with a reverse neckbreaker. Aksana used a lot of non-PG moves - struts, poses, and mounts. I was kind of surprised at that.

An Antonio Cesero video hit. He informed the crowd he will be facing Zack Ryder later tonight. The audio was terrible and it was hard to make out what all he was talking about. We were just informed that the U.S. Title would be on the line as well as Punk vs. Big Show. Fans were able to vote for a best of three falls match or a lumberjack match.

4. Brodus Clay beat Heath Slater. Brodus Clay's music hit and the place went berserk. His dancers were slightly PG 17. Brodus isn't as big live as he looks on TV. To a huge round of boos and laughter, Heath Slater hit the stage. He grabbed a mic and asked for his music to be turned up because everyone came to see the one man band. Surprisingly, the crowd really enjoyed Clay, who danced a lot at the start along with some stalling by Slater. Clay was super loud and could be heard well by the crowd. A lot of holds by Slater and power-outs by Clay. Slater did his one man band dance and the laughs came pouring in. Not much action four minutes in.

Slater was outside the ring dancing to Clay's dancers. Clay missed big on a few punches and the crowd noticed. Once in the ring, typical Clay moves but Slater worked the knee and went on the attack. Clay headbutted his way back into it and hit a big belly to belly slam. Slater went back to the knee though.

There was a funny spot when Slater used Clay's leg as a guitar. Slater stayed on the offensive and worked over Clays legs for three minutes and locked in a Figure Four. The guy in front of me let out a very Jericho-like "Ask him!" yell. Clay got to the ropes but Slater kept pounding away. Slater went to the top rope and was caught and Clay hit a fallaway slam followed by the splash for the win. Kids hit the ring to dance the night away with Clay.  


5. Antonio Cesaro beat Zack Ryder to retain the U.S. Title. Ryder came out to a huge pop. Cesaro's music hit to mixed reaction, men loved him, kids hated him. He is a well put together dude, TV doesn't do him justice. No crowd at all during the beginning of the match. Funny spot, Cesaro accused Ryder of pulling his hair (bald, remember).

Cesaro took Ryder to mat and works the neck. A 'USA' chant breaks out. Ryder sold some vicious looking shoulder blocks and reverses for a two count. A 'lets go Ryder' chant gets him pumped up and he took Cesaro down and worked his neck. After some good back and forth action and a cheap shot kick in the corner by the champ, Cesaro spent some time working the body of Ryder.

Ryder flapjacked Ceraro and Cesaro rolled out of the ring. Once back in ring, Cesaro landed good kicks and Ryder was kicked to the outside where Cesaro rested. There was back and forth action for a few minutes highlighted by The Champ's slams and throws. Ryder built a little offense and a collision bought them both a rest. Ryder gained control and hit the Broski boot for a two count.

At the seven minute mark, Cesero landed a great looking toss and uppercut for a two count and then Ryder landed a huge kick for a two count. Cesaro got to his feel first and hit his finisher to retain the title. Very quick, abrupt finish. It received a ton of boos. Cesaro left the ring but got back in to kick Ryder and apply his finisher again, but Ryder reversedand hit the Rough Ryder to the delight of the crowd. His music hit and he pandered to the crowd.

Damien Sandow's music hit to the largest boos of the night. He was belittling the crowd and they hated it (I for one loved it). He stated he is the only superstar on the roster yet to be pinned. Justin Gabriel came out to crickets. His music was so loud you could't tell how quiet the crowd was.

6. Justin Gabriel pinned Damien Sandow. Great back and forth action that is TV worthy. Sandow applied a picture perfect abdominal stretch but Gabriel threw some kicks and high aerial moves scored the win. The crowd wasn't too into this.

7. Michael McGillicutty beat Dean Ambrose. The crowd was asleep. There were no real highlights or lowlights. A solid time filler. McGillicutty won clean with a sloppy looking neckbreaker finisher.

8. Big Show defeated C.M. Punk by DQ in a lumberjack match. Show's music hit to a good poop but it took a good minute for him to come out, weird. It was awkard seeing him as a face again. Punk entered to a 50/50 reaction. He is the best heel with his crowd work down the ramp. He worked over a few youngsters and he mocked John Cena. AJ's music hit and she informed the crowd its a lumberjack match. Punk said she is the worst GM ever due to being a woman. The crows ate it up. He told the crowd he was going home but the lumberjacks nixed that. Every male superstar from earlier in the card was at ringside.

There was a huge 'Big show' chant before the bell, followed by a louder 'CM Punk' chant. He held the belt above his head for a solid 90 seconds. The crowd loved it. In a funny spot, Punk entered the ring after giving away his shirt by flipping over the top rope and he fell. I think it was unplanned. There were a lot of comedic spots early with Punk trying to run away and Show using his unbelievable strength. His chest slap is scary loud. Five mins in and not a lot to report. Lots of slaps, lots of Punk trying to flee and the jacks keeping him in ring. Punk delivered a sweet DDT though.

Punk locked in a sleeper that Show turned into a nice side slam. Show chokeslammed Punk but Sandow placed Punk's foot on the rope before the three. After some back and forth, Punk hit a huge elbow from the top rope for a two count. Punk ran outside, cleared the jacks by using the belt and then struck show with the belt to get DQ'd. He worked over Show and Rey and Cara jumped in the ring to each take a belt to the face from Punk. Punk celebrated to only receive the WMD. Show's music hit and the crowd was happy (I was not).

Punk laid motionless for two minutes until he was checked on by a ref and a medic. They did some routine tests and couldn't wake up the champ. They talked and decided to pull Punk by the arms out the ring, up the ramp, and back into the back. The crowd loved it.

Biggest pops: Rey/Cara, Show, Clay
Most Heat: All the heels pretty much tied.
Overall, a very comedic house show.

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