9/1 WWE SuperShow in Washington, D.C.: Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship, Rob Van Dam and Big Show challenge Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns for the WWE Tag Team Championship, six-Diva tag match

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Sep 1, 2013 - 11:18 PM

WWE SuperShow live event
Washington, D.C. at Verizon Center
Report by Dot Net reader Freddy Ramirez

1. Dean Ambrose defeated R-Truth in a non-title match. Ambrose got average heat (its a DC crowd) the crowd was solid behind Truth, but Ambrose controlled the match with solid submissions and kept Truth down. At 9:45, Ambrose won with a dirty roll up.

Justin Roberts lectured the crowd about Tout, before Vickie Guerrero interrupted and got solid heat. She spoke about business and how she was in charge. She introduced a six divas tag match (in my case a trip to the concession stand).

2. Natalya, Kaitlyn and Naomi beat Layla, Brie Bella, and AJ. Correction, as voted by WWE app a divas dance off. I missed a portion of the match, guest services moved my seat. AJ spoke about being the best in the world. The dance off lasted two minutes before a brawl broke out and it became a match. The heels got good heat, AJ went on a neckbreaker and body slam binge. At 8:45, the Bella's ditched AJ, and Kaitlyn won with Spear at 8:47.

Justin Roberts thanked the DMV National Guard, and a "YES!" Chant broke out.

Kofi Kingston came out to good response. Ryback followed to good heat. Mismatch of the night. Chimel said Ryback should be given respect. (DC hasn't given respect to anyone since Joe Gibbs).

3. Ryback defeated Kofi Kingston. Solid start, as expected Ryback dominated early (we were all chanting "Goldberg!" "Goldberg!"). Kofi staged his high flying comeback. It didn't last long as Ryback delivered a pair of solid belly to belly suplexes. Cue the "Goldberg" chants again at 6:50. At 6:56, Ryback applied a bear hug before dropping Kofi and setting up and missing the Meathook clothesline. Kofi hit a DDT at 7:02, then he flew around the ring, setting up the Boom Drop and Trouble in Paradise, Ryback came back and went for Shellshocked, only to have Kofi counter into a roll up at 7:27. There was a close kick out, but at 7:45 Ryback hit his powerslam in mid air and won with Shellshocked.

A video aired of Randy Orton hyping the main event.

-Chimel announced a tag title match. First up was RVD, who got an amazing response. Next was Big Show, who also got the place rocking. Enter The Shield, to good heat

4. RVD and Big Show beat Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns by DQ in a WWE Tag Team Championship match. I missed most of the match (another mix up) watching in the lobby, The Shield controlled the match with RVD by keeping him isolated. Big Show entered and kicked ass before an all out fight broke out. The ref issued a DQ on The Shield at roughly 12:08.


The second half of the show started at 6:55 pm. Chimel went the the rest of the card and spoke of the co-main events. A tag match is up. The Uso's got a good response from the crowd, The Wyatt's are up next.

5. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan (w/Bray Wyatt) beat The Uso's. Harper dominated early, isolating Jey before Rowan tagged in, and then so did Jimmy at 3:35. The 60 second stalemate happens, and Rowan was unmasked at 3:50. Harper stopped Jimmy, and there was a close kickout at 4:05. Rowan missed with a corner boot at 4:20, then Jey tagged in and cleared the ring. SUPER KICKS GALORE!! At 4:30 Jimmy dove out. Jimmy missed a high splash at 4:35. Harper caught him for a Winds of Change-like move for the win. Afterward, Bray hit his finisher on Jimmy.

-The Raw Rebound aired and recapped the C.M. Punk vs. Paul Heyman feud, and the McMahon family drama with Bryan.

6. C.M. Punk defeated Curtis Axel (w/Paul Heyman) in a non-title match. Axel entered to  good, mild heat. Heyman spoke on Axel, which the crowed booed. Heyman said Axel doesn't deserve this barbaric treatment and called us all cruel. Axel used a contract clause to withdraw the title defense. Punk entered to a massive pop from the crowd. At 1:15, Heyman got caned before getting a low blow at 1:45. Axel taunted at 2:00. Punk hit a GTS for the win at 2:03. Afterwards, Punk delivered 15 cane shots to Heyman on the ramp. Punk reentered the ring and nailed Axel with a cane and five chair shots to the ribs, plus two to the back.

-Main Event is up next. Bryan gets massive pop! Orton follows with great heat.

7. Randy Orton defeated Daniel Bryan to retain the WWE Championship. Bryan got a massive pop and Orton followed with great heat. A test of strength started us off in the corner and the crowd chants began (I was rooting for Bryan). There were a few "Yes!" chants while Orton was in control. There was a headlock at 3:30 by Orton, Bryan countered with toe holds, and applied a bad ass double calf stomp. Orton rolled out of the ring and cue the chants. At 4:14 there was a corner 10 punch, and Orton countered with a ring post low blow..

At 4:25, Orton took kicks to the chest and was thrown out of the ring. Bryan was driven into steps outside. Orton set up body stomps at 4:45 and corner punches followed. Orton did an apron elbow for a two count. At 5:20, Orton stopped Bryan with a powerslam. Bryan got thrown out of the ring at 5:30. Bryan rallied back only to be held up on the turnbuckle. There was a superplex at 5:45 for a close two count. At 6:00, there was a double clothesline and yes chants and another near fall. Bryan suicide dived to the outside, which he followed with a missile dropkick. At 6:16, Orton countered Bryan's kicks into a t-bone suplex, Orton got into pose mode only to be rolled up for a close two count at 6:25. Yes loco was applied at 6:30. The Shield interfered and Bryan got rid of them. At 6:32, Orton hit the RKO for win at 6:34.

Afterward, Ziggler, R-Truth, and RVD came out to help Bryan stop the Shield. RVD hit the 5-Star Frog Splash to send us home happy. A good live show in DC. The crowd, which was mostly kids, loved it. The biggest pops of the night went to Bryan, Punk, Big Show, and RVD.

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