8/28 WWE Smackdown taping in Green Bay, Wisconsin: A second report of the tapings for Smackdown, Superstars, and Saturday Morning Slam

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Aug 29, 2012 - 04:40 PM

Dot Net reader Akeem Perryman attended the WWE Smackdown tapings in Green Bay, Wisc and sent along the following report.

Dark Match

Jinder Mahal defeated Yoshi Tatsu. The match ended with Mahal winning with the camel clutch.

Superstars Taping

Ryback defeated Johnny Curtis. Rybacks music hit and the crowd went nuts and it never stopped. Ryback dominated most of the match and won with his finisher.

Saturday Morning Slam Taping

Sin Cara defeated Michael McGillicutty. There were some botches, but it came together by the end of the match Sin Cara wins with the la Mistica.

Second Dark Match

Big E Langston defeated a local talent. Lets just say Big E Langston is a beast and is very impressive. He won with move I can only describe as an elevated cutter.

Smackdown Taping

The Smackdown taping started with Sheamus talking about Triple H. He was interrupted by Damon Sandow. Booker T then came out and made a match between the two for later.

1. Rey Mysterio defeated Cody Rhodes. They had a really good match with back and forth action. Rey scored a role up victory. Cody attacked Rey after the match and tried to take his mask off. Sin Cara made the save, leaving Cody on the mat with a Sin Cara mask on.

2. Kaitlyn defeated Natalia. Eve came out to do commentary for the match. Natalia took on Kaitlyn in an average match. Natalia dominated most of the match. Kaitlyn got a roll up and won. After the match, a promo with Booker T played on screen. He talked about the job AJ is doing on Raw is unprofessional. He got interrupted by Vicki and she said that if the Board of Directors does not do something she will.

3. Sheamus defeated Damon Sandow by count out. This match was mostly Sandow running from Sheamus. The match ended in a count out as Sandow high tailed it out of the arena.

4. The Prime Time Players defeated Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel. First off, why are Kidd and Gabriel not on every show each week? They are awesome as a team. PTP won with a D Young gut buster.

Alberto Del Rio came out next for a Josh Mathews interview. Del Rio brought up the Kane SummerSlam incident and Boom! out comes Kane. Kane apologized for harming Mathews and said his anger management is working. Teddy Long's music hit and match 5 is made Del Rio vs. Kane.

5. Alberto Del Rio defeated Kane. Del Rio won with a back stabber. Kane lost his mind and attacked Josh Mathews.

6. Randy Orton defeated Dolph Ziggler. If it was not for Vicki, Dolph would have been one of the biggest stars there. It was like a sea of pink Ziggler shirt in areas of the arena. Dolph and Orton had a great match with back and forth action and the crowd was in till the end. Orton hit a RKO out of nowhere for the win, but not before Vicki let everyone know Dolph still holds the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Dark Match Main Event

Sheamus defeated Alberto Del Rio and Randy Orton in a triple threat match to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. Right after the match Del Rio and Sheamus come out. It was kind of short. Orton and Sheamus double teamed Del Rio for a while. Everyone got some moves in. Sheamus kicked Del Rio's head off and everyone went home happy.

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