8/13 Smackdown in San Jose taping: A Dot Net reader offers notes on the Smackdown and Main Event tapings (spoilers)

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Aug 14, 2013 - 02:38 PM

Dot Net reader Nels Nelson attended the Smackdown tapings in San Jose last night and sent along the following notes.

-Most of the hard camera side and the entire upper deck were blocked off.

-The Cody Rhodes/Alberto Del Rio match taped for Main Event was interesting. The match started slow and there were more cheers for ADR than Cody. But the action picked up in the end and Cody got the crowd to turn for him.

-They had Fandango's light display hanging over the ring and his streamer entrance hanging above the Titan Tron, but he wasn't a part of any of the tapings. Hurt perhaps?

-The Wyatt Family is awesomely creepy in person. I highly recommend seeing any show live that they are on. Not sure how it will come out on TV, but the crowd was giving Bray the 'What' treatment during his promo. Sigh. He was solid and never wavered though.

-The crowd was really hot for Big Show. He was as over as RVD in their match.

-I can't confirm for sure, but I swear I saw someone tossing out those 'Yes' rally towels right before Daniel Bryan's match. I didn't see any all night until right before his match.

-Nice surprise to see both Vince and Triple H on the "B Show."

-No dark match after, Daniel Bryan gave everyone high fives. Easy night for Randy Orton, just come out for 10 seconds and raise the briefcase in the air.

-Overall it was an ok show, but the in-ring action was good. Can't expect too much on the go-home show for a major Pay-Per-View. No announcement on when they'll be back in San Jose, but they usually swing through around the beginning of the year.

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