8/11 WWE SuperShow in Biloxi results: Paul Bearer appears and meets unsuspecting correspondent, John Cena vs. Tensai, Dolph Ziggler vs. Sin Cara, Brodus Clay vs. Damien Sandow

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Aug 12, 2012 - 11:47 AM

WWE SuperShow live event
Biloxi, Mississippi
Report by Dot Net reader Thomas McCaulla

1. Brodus Clay defeated Damien Sandow. Brodus continued to sell the leg injury from Raw. Decent match with good offense on both sides with Clay winning with his normal finishing sequence. Afterwards, Tensai took out Clay on the ramp and counted to ten. Then Tensai cut a promo for the main event. He's good on the mic when he's not trying to sell his gimmick.

2. Alex Riley defeated Curt Hawkins. Huge pop for Riley. Nothing we haven't seen on superstars or NXT. Riley has great charisma in the ring but really doesn't have a character. Regardless the crowd loved him.

3. Layla defeated Aksana to retain the WWE Divas Championship. Typical Diva comedy match at first with each woman posing for the crowd. Not terrible by any means, but I'm spoiled by the old Diva matches so this was forgettable.

Paul Bearer was introduced and was interrupted by Heath Slater. Paul came out and spoke about how the first match he ever managed was in the Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum. He also joked that he had to be thawed out to show up (these old guys love their kayfabe). Slater came out and said he was tired of being beat by legends. Bearer said he couldn't wrestle and neither Taker or Kane was there. Bearer introduced Ryback.

4. Ryback defeated Heath Slater. Not your typical Ryback squash since Slater got in a lot of offense. Slater sells almost as well as Dolph did a few years ago and the crowd responded to him very well. The crowd also popped big for Ryback. The few Goldberg chants were drowned out by the "Feed me More" chants. The crowd also chanted "Finish It" during his final sequence. I guess that means he's getting over.

5. The Miz defeated Christian in a Street Fight to retain the Intercontinental Title. The Miz got a really good pop but came out and cut a good heel promo (you know, you're all rednecks blah, blah) to get the crowd booing. There was an option between street fight or 2/3 Falls. Street fight won of course. The match was well worked but nothing super special happened. During the match, Miz pulled out a kendo stick from other the ring and my son asked, "Why was there a kendo stick under the ring?" I had to explain to him there are things in the universe we can't explain and the fact there are dangerous weapons on the ring at wrestling matches is one of them.

6. The Uso's defeated Micheal McGuilicutty and Johnny Curtis. Crickets for Curtis and McGulicuty. The Uso's had a good reaction and had a good tag match. The Uso's have very good chemistry and a good set of double team moves. They could easily get over if they had the chance.

7. Sin Cara defeated Dolph Ziggler (w/Vickie Guerrero). Vickie came out and I couldn't hear her after the second or so "Excuse Me." Great match and there weren't any Sin Cara botches. We also didn't have Cara's mood lighting, which was a plus. Ziggler was cheered but Vickie wasn't. Cara got in all his flashy offense and won with a sunset flip for an upset. The outcome seems to go with his "you can't win the little matches" comment from Jericho.

8. John Cena defeated Tensai. Cena got the pop of the night. He over threw his hat outside the ring and it was like watching an NFL defense go for a fumble. Surprised nobody got hurt. The match itself was pretty good. Both men got good offense. Chairs were used, ring steps were used a bit, and two tables were used. Cena went through the first table in the corner for a close count. The second table was used when Cena put Tensai through with an AA. These guys had the crowd eating out of their hands. Tensai worked more than I expected so a big plus for him. Cena did his normal Super Cena gig, which everybody except maybe myself and a few other people just sighed at.

Notes: Afterwards they announced Smackdown would be in town on Feb. 19th and the pre-sale password is MSSDTV.

Funny story. As I was standing in line I was kind of far back with my son, a rather large guy with a Whataburger cup was behind the barrier working. I ended up just bs'ing with him for a little while and after he left I thought to myself that he looked like Paul Bearer. I couldn't think of any reason he would be at this particular house show so I just played it off since BIloxi is full of large older men who like Whataburger. Then I felt like an idiot during the show because I realized I had been talking to Paul Bearer. Had I known it was him I would've talked about the business. Instead we talked about the weather. Shake my head.

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