7/7 WWE Smackdown in El Paso: Vickie Guerrero wrestles Kaitlyn with A.J. as special referee, Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World Hvt. Championship, C.M. Punk vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship

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Jul 8, 2012 - 02:25 PM

WWE Smackdown live event
El Paso, Texas
Report by Dot Net reader Isaac Hernandez and Eliana Davilla

The venue is super small. Was a little disappointed not to see a sell out.

1. Sin Cara defeated Hunico.. Hunico is from El Paso but I don't think most of the crowd knew, epically since he's billed from Mexico. Thus, he still got a mostly heel reaction, minus the people who knew. Sin Cara won with a cool roll up on a reversal.

2. Vickie Guerrero defeated Kaitlyn with AJ as the guest referee. The sound wasn't very good so we never figured out why AJ was the special ref. I figured AJ would screw Vickie but Kaitlyn should hang em up if they're having her lose to Vickie clean. It was shocking to see Vickie take a body slam!

3. Ryback defeated Drew McIntyre. McIntyre's music skipped and made an awful noise as he made his entrance. My friend and I were joking it's because they forgot to dust his track off from not using it in so long. The match was clunky and had a few spots where they just looked at each other. I didn't think Ryback got much of a reaction until he got the crowd chanting "feed me more!" after the match.

4. Christian defeated Cody Rhodes to retain the Intercontinental Title. The only surprise was seeing Teddy Long restart the match (after Rhodes won with his feet on the ropes). I figured it would be Vickie restarting the match. A very good match, though.

5. Sheamus defeated Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez) to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. Ric Rod is hilarious, he also took a pretty good bump off the apron. Del Rio's promo was funny. A few older people in front of us were a bit shocked by one of the Spanish slurs he used. It was similar to a promo I've heard him use in El Paso before.


6. The Great Khali defeated Jinder Mahal. Mahal got zero reaction during his entrance. I was hoping for a Zack Ryder sighting, but I wanted to cry when I heard Khali's music. It was just so slow and boring. Khali can hardly walk much less wrestle.

7. Kane defeated Chris Jericho. I think Kane moves the best out of all the big guys. Im tired of his act but the guy can still go. Jericho's light up jacket is awesome. I don't know if he was selling the match but Kane limped all the way back up the ramp. It looked like it could have been some kind of groin injury if he wasn't selling.

8. C.M. Punk defeated Daniel Bryan to retain the WWE Championship. Punk by far got the biggest reaction of the night. What's cool about Bryan is the reaction he gets. I can't tell if he's getting cheered or booed it seems about 50/50 but everyone seems to love yelling "YES!" My friend and I knew AJ had to come out. We also thought she would be a little more involved. It kind of made Bryan look like an idiot for getting distracted AGAIN.

Notes: It was a pretty good show, minus a few matches I could have skipped all together. I had awesome seats next to the ramp so it was cool seeing Punk/Bryan fighting right in front of me and whispering moves to one another.

Biggest pops
1) Punk (by far)
2) Sheamus
3) Bryan/ Jericho

Most heat
1) Daniel Bryan
2) Vickie
3) Del Rio

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