7/6 WWE in Ocean City results: Randy Orton vs. Big E Langston, The Uso Brothers vs. The Prime Time Players, A.J. Lee vs. Kailtyn for the WWE Divas Championship, R-Truth vs. Drew McIntyre, Justin Gabriel vs. Heath Slater

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Jul 7, 2013 - 10:58 AM

WWE Live Event
Ocean City, Md. at the Convention Center
Report by Dot Net reader J-Rod from Westminster, Md.

1. Tons of Funk and one of the Funkadactals beat Rhodes Scholars and a heel Diva in a mixed tag. Forgive me, I'm not sure which Funkadactal or heel diva was involved. Good reaction for Tons of Funk and good heat for Sandow and Rhodes. The Funkadactal scored the pinfall with a bulldog off the ropes. Two kids came in and danced with Tons of Funk. Big pop from the beach crowd.

2. Justin Gabriel defeated Heath Slater. Surprising pop for Gabriel and typical 3MB heat. Gabriel won with a flipping knee move off the ropes.

3. AJ Lee (w/Big E Langston) defeated Kaitlyn to retain the WWE Divas Championship. Again: good reactions for both performers. Some rowdy drunk guys who didn't seem to know wrestling asked a mark fan, 'who's the big guy?' and then said, 'Lets start a chant!' Thus the 'Big E sucks' chant began. AJ eventually won w/ roll up after predictable Big E help. Then Big E got on the stick and got more heat and then out of nowhere: 'I hear voices in my head'... the crowd popped huge!

4. Randy Orton defeated Big E Langston. Entertaining match. After Orton's DDT off the ropes, Orton got the crowd into an absolute frenzy. He even took the time to get up on the ropes to to milk the heat... Then, boom, RKO. Orton wins. Huge pop.


5. R Truth defeated Drew McIntyre (w/Jinder Mahal). Jinder came out with a turban, ninja style across his face. Again: good reactions for everyone. From Truth: lots of 'what's up' call and responds with the crowd and a bunch of ridiculous offense. Truth won with something but I missed it.

6. The Uso Brothers over The Prime Time Players. As all others before, good reactions. There was an announcement earlier that the fans could chose the stipulation. I didn't catch all the options, but Tornado Tag match won. In the match, there were possibly more 'OOoh' 'SOoo' call and responses from The Usos than 'What's up's from R Truth, but I lost count after 64... The finish came after double top rope splashes from the Usos.

7. Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler in a Last Man Standing match for the big gold belt. Big pop and heat, respectively. Many USA chants.The aforementioned drunk guys were leading various chants. They started chanting 'body slam' and Ziggler acknowledged them by holding up a 'one second' finger after tossing Del Rio to the floor. Smash cut to Ziggler slamming Del Rio on the steel entrance ramp.

Eventually, Del Rio pulled out a kendo stick. Lots of loud kendo stick sounds smashing against the mat... er... the backs of each man. Then there was a big spot where Del Rio hit a stick shot off the top... Shortly after, Del Rio went to the well again, off the top with the sick, only to get drop kicked for his troubles by Ziggler. A table got set up in the corner... More back and forth... Eventually, Del Rio did his concussion kick to Ziggler... and Ziggy was counted down and Del Rio won with the unbroken table still in the corner.

It was no surprise Del Rio won but it was surprising he won without any help. Del Rio got on the mic and talked trash while the crowd started to leave... Duh, audience, you can't set up a table and not expect it to break... Sure enough: Ziggler got back to his feet and grabbed Del Rio and smashed him into the table in the corner. The crowd that remained popped big.

Overall, I had zero expectations, thus I was entertained. The crowd was full of marks and seemed to enjoy it as well.

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