7/29 WWE in Adelaide, Australia results: Indy wrestler in the crowd faces off with Ryback, another negative review for the Australia tour, Curtis Axel vs. Antonio Cesaro for the Intercontinental Title

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Jul 29, 2013 - 02:00 PM

WWE Live Event
Adelaide, Australia
Report by Dot Net reader Dale P Jackson

Getting home from what can be called a C grade WWE show at best. I've seen these guys every time they have come to Adelaide and always left disappointed. Tonight was no different. The audio played that the show may be filmed (which it wasn't) all the kids went nuts (I remember those days when I thought a house show meant something).

Justin Roberts came out to a great reaction

1. Zack Ryder beat Heath Slater. Good heat for Slater with a great pop for Ryder. Not a bad match for an opener, albeit predictable with Ryder getting the win.

2. Natalya over Aksana. When the best part of the match is the ref's reaction when he got rolled over by the Divas, there is a problem. Natalya with the win.

3. Great Khali beat Jinder Mahal. The pop for Khali was insane and I still don't understand why. Average match with Khali winning via chop.

4. Dean Ambrose defeated The Miz in an Adelaide Street Fight to retain the U.S. Championship. Hmm, this was voted via Twitter, which I'm not sure if WWE knows twitter has never really taken off in Australia, so God knows who voted. Anyway, two chairs, three kendo sticks, and a spanner later and Ambrose won a solid match.


5. Curtis Axel defeated Antonio Cesaro to retain the Intercontinental Championship. A good match with one of the best airplane spins I've seen. Very competitive and Axel took it.

6. Daniel Bryan and Kane beat Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns by DQ in a WWE Tag Team Championship match. Yes! Yes! Yes! Great match to awesome crowd interaction with Daniel Bryan so over with the crowd it was hard to listen too. It ended with a win via DQ for Team Hell No, as predicted.

7. John Cena beat Ryback in a tables match to retain the WWE Championship. Both guys had a limited set list. I didn't expect much and that's what was delivered.

Notes: All in all, it seems that WWE isn't putting full effort into these tours anymore, but it was good to see most the big names there.One personal highlight was the indy Adelaide wrestling scene stars were out in force and interacting with the crowd, with one star even getting into a nose-to-nose with Ryback during his match.

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