7/29 WWE in Adelaide, Australia results: Daniel Bryan and Kane challenge Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins for the WWE Tag Team Championship, Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz for the U.S. Title

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Jul 29, 2013 - 12:12 PM

WWE Live Event
Adelaide, South Australia
Report by Dot Net reader Chris Thompson

1. Zack Ryder over Heath Slater. Huge heat for Slater, decent pop for Ryder. Ryder won via his finisher

2. Natalya over Aksana. Heat on Aksana and a pop for Natalya, who won via Sharpshooter, which the crowd popped huge for. Aksana tried getting on the mic but was greeted with huge YOU TAPPED OUT chants. She kinda threw a fit and stormed out. Funny stuff.

3. The Great Khali beat Jinder Mahal. Khali won via his finisher. After the match, he danced with three kids and the ring announcer.

4. Curtis Axel beat Antonio Cesaro to retain the Intercontinental Title. A super good match.. Both received a pop. There were too many for my liking chanting 'we the people.'

5. Dean Ambrose beat The Miz in a Street Fight for the U.S. Championship. Another good match. It was a fans' choice, which turned out to be an Adelaide Street Fight rather than best of three falls. Ambrose won via his finisher.

6. Daniel Bryan and Kane defeated Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns by DQ in a WWE Tag Title match. The DQ was caused by Ambrose. The Shield received a mixed reaction, whereas there was a great pop for Kane and an unbelievable pop for Bryan. Good match, dodgy finish.

7. John Cena defeated Ryback in a tables match to retain the WWE Championship. The same match as their pay-per-view match. Not much to talk about. Ryback got lots of heat. He mentioned autographs and how all the kids at the airport asked him for one and he said the best part of that was watching the kids faces when he said NO! This drew major heat. Out came Cena to the pop of the night. I swear the roof was going to come off.

Pops: Cena Daniel bryan - very very close to cena Kane Miz Natalia Ryder

Heat: Ryback Slater/mahal Aksana The shield

Notes: 8/10. The bad part of the night was that all the merchandise was way overpriced. It was $25 for a program. Ha, no thank you.

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