6/23 WWE Smackdown in Springfield, Ill: Christian vs. Cody Rhodes, Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio, Sin Cara, Prime Time Playas, Damien Sandow all in action, and CM Punk defends the WWE title in his home state

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Jun 24, 2012 - 11:07 AM

Dot Net reader Nick Shields attended the WWE Smackdown show in Springfield, Ill. and sent along the following report:

Pretty good crowd on hand, way more people than last year and way more loud. The new set is sweet makes it feel that you're actually at a televised show

1. Sin Cara defeated Hunico.

2. Usos defeated Prime Time Playas.

3. Damien Sandow defeated Yoshi Tatsu.

4. Alicia Fox defeated Natayla with Kaitlyn as special referee.

5. Sheamus defeated Alberto Del Rio in a Street Fight for the World Heavyweight Championship. Really good match. The finish came when Ricardo was distracting Sheamus and as Del Rio went to hit Sheamus with a chair he hit Ricardo, and Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick for the win

Right before the Intermission the random Diva was throwing a collectors cup to the ringside people and when a John Cena fan got it I screamed "That's a John Cena fan that's bull****." That got a few laughs as I dislike John Cena and I'm a major CM Punk fan


Heath Slater came out and cut a promo on how Cyndi Lauper, Roddy Piper, and "That Other Chick" made him look dumb and he started to sing his single but Rybacks music hit

6. Ryback defeated Heath Slater. Slater got a surprisingly good amount of offense in but...

7. Christian defeated Cody Rhodes to retain the Intercontinental Championship. Good match as Christian hit the spear for the win

8. CM Punk defeated Kane and Daniel Bryan in a Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship. Roof exploded when Punk came out, and good pop for Bryan as the Yes's were very vocal. Kane surprisingly got a good pop.
Finish happened when AJ's music hit and she ran around the ring as Kane was staring at her and as she went to the back, Bryan kicked Kane out of the ring. CM Punk hit Bryan with the GTS for the win. Very good match

Pretty good show as all the title matches were really good and the midcard wasn't all that but still a very good show. Raw and Smackdown come here every summer and the fans always show up. This was just a tuneup for me as I'm going to Raw 1000 which I'm super pumped for and that will be awesome.

Biggest Pops:
CM Punk

Most heat:
Alberto Del Rio
Cody Rhodes
Daniel Bryan

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