5/31 WWE in Glens Falls, N.Y. results: John Cena vs. Ryback in a tables match for the WWE Championship, Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus vs. Fandango for the Intercontinental Championship, Bray Wyatt vs. Zack Ryder

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Jun 1, 2013 - 10:17 AM

WWE Live Event
Glens Falls, New York
Report by Dot Net reader Joe Fingerhut

1. R-Truth beat Antonio Cesaro via pinfall. Decent match. Truth was over with the crowd. Post match Hunico came out to attack Truth. Then went on to challenge anyone in the back. Out came Ted DiBiase.

2. Ted DiBiase defeated Hunico via pinfall. DiBiase used the old "USA" chant during match. Pretty boring.

Brad Maddox came out to a decent reaction and said he was in charge tonight. He booked a Divas match.

3. Naomi defeated Brie Bella via pinfall. Not a bad match for the Divas. Naomi has talent.

4. Wade Barrett defeated Sheamus and Fandango in an Intercontinental Championship match. Excellent match. Fandango knows how to work his character. Barrett pinned Fandango after he was Brogue Kicked by Sheamus. Sheamus Brogue Kicked Barrett post match.

A Wyatt Family promo is played. This is going to be a great angle if done correctly.


5. Bray Wyatt defeated Zack Ryder via pinfall. Wyatt looked okay. The crowd was dead since many had no idea who he was. Ryder mania is over.

6. Zack Ryder defeated Brad Maddox. Before the match, Maddox came out to book himself against a beaten up Ryder. Ryder actually got a win via pinfall.

7. Tons of Funk defeated The Prime Time Players. Darren Young was pinned. A slow, boring match. Titus O'Neil needs to go out on his own.

8. John Cena defeated Ryback in tables match for WWE Championship. Okay match. A few good spots. Ryback is a monster in person. There were lots of kids so the crowd was more pro Cena than usual.

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