5/26 WWE Smackdown in Medicine Hat: Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus for the Intercontinental Title, Natalya vs. Aksana, The Miz vs. Fandango, The Prime Time Players vs. Tons of Funk, Big E Langston vs. Alberto Del Rio

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May 27, 2013 - 02:05 AM

WWE Smackdown live event
Medicine Hat, Alberta at Medicine Hat Arena
Report by Dot Net reader Cam Jans

1. Fandango beat The Miz. Fandango won with a Side Russian Leg Sweep. A solid opener even though their pacing was a little off. I'm not a fan of The Miz but he double backed on the way out making sure he high-fived all the kids along the entrance. Pretty classy for a d-bag.

2. Justin Gabriel beat Curt Hawkins. Justin Gabriel won with a lionsault like backflip off the top rope. Meh. They didn't seem to be in the same match. Lots of rest holds from Hawkins and all the standard Gabriel high-spots.I wanted to see Gabriels 450, but oh well.  He landed awkwardly knee first on Hawkins chest with that lionsault. Byron Saxton killed some time in the ring so they could tighten the ropes before the next match.

3. Natalya beat Aksana. Natalya won with the sharpshooter. Alberta sure loves anything Hart related, but nobody in the Hart family could carry Aksana to a good match. 

4. Tons of Funk over The Primetime Players. Brodus got the pin on Darren Young after a suplex and big splash. The match was nothing special. Lots of comedy spots with Brodus and Sweet T rubbing their asses in Youngs face. They brought kids in after to dance which is always funny. Titus O'neil is hilarious, at one point he heckled the hecklers at ring side and got a standing ovation from them.

5. Sin Cara beat Heath Slater. Sin Cara got the pin after a swanton bomb. I'm not sure if it was the lack of Sin Cara lighting or if it was all Slater, but this was the only Sin Cara match I've ever enjoyed and easily the match of the night.

6. Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez) defeated Big E Langston (w/AJ Lee). Del got the pin after a step up enzuigiri. Basically, it was the same match that was on Raw. Not bad, but we've seen it. Rodriguez and AJ were pretty much hiding in plain sight at ringside. Fans did get to vote whether AJ got to stay at ringside or not. They showed the percentage of yes/no votes on the screens all night, but never did show the final results.

7. Sheamus beat Wade Barrett by DQ in an Intercontinental Title match. Sheamus won via dq after Barrett hit  him with the belt. The best match I've seen between the two. Fast paced and hard hitting. This would have been a great feud if Sheamus could have stayed serious. They should have Lance Storm teach him about seriousness while they're in Calgary. Barrett's the best when he's just smash mouth and doesn't have a jacket cape on or a mic in his hand to mention the barrage.

Notes: There weren't as many big names as were advertised but still a pretty good show overall. The Arena holds 4,006 people and was less than half full, but the crowd was loud and made up for it.  Here's hoping C.M. Punk shows up in Calgary tomorrow night to ruin Bret Hart Appreciation Night and that it's a rowdier crowd than the New Jersey crowd after WrestleMania.

Biggest Pops
1. Natalya
2. Sheamus
3. Alberto Del Rio

Most Heat
1. Fandango 
2. Aksana 
3. Wade Barrett

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