5/25 WWE NXT in Coco, Florida: NXT Champion faces the winner of a battle royal, Mason Ryan vs. Leo Krueger, Paige, Sasha Banks, and Kendall Sky compete in a six-Diva tag match

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May 26, 2013 - 11:03 AM

WWE NXT Live Event
Coco, Fla. at the National Guard Armory
Report by DotNet correspondent Joseph McGuirk

There were more people in attendance there than I expected given the location and time. There were only a few rows of seats set up and still quite a few sat empty. We knew we might be in trouble when Kassius Ohno was working "staff" sitting in the crowd. The young lady doing the ring announcing was 100-times better than Kendall Sky, the lady they use at the TV tapings. Here's hoping she gets the gig!

1. Alexander Rusev won a Battle Royal to earn a shot at Bo Dallas later in the show. Sami Zayn, Jake Carter, and Xavier Woods were some of the notable participants. (We came into the show mid-match)

2. Leo Krueger beat Mason Ryan. Lots of playing to the kids in the audience. Long, long match with lots of rest holds, etc. Krueger won with a roll-up.

3. Corey Graves defeated Luke Harper. Another long match with rest holds galore, not exactly what one would hope for here. One good spot where Harper kicked Graves in the head. Graves won by submission with the Lucky 13.


4. Paige, Sasha Banks, and Kendall Sky vs. Emma, Bayley, and a 6th Diva I did't recognize. Fun ladies match. Sasha scored the pin. Probably most over match on the show.

5. Scott Dawson and Garrett Dylan (w/Sylvester Lefort) beat Aiden English and Mickey Keegan. Fun tag match. Dawson and Dylan did what you'll be seeing on NXT TV in upcoming weeks. Manager distraction lead to the Dawson-Dylan win here. Lots of "English" chants in support of Aiden.

6. NXT Champion Bo Dallas defeated Battle Royale winner Alexander Rusev. I cannot deny that we got the "No more Bo!" and "Bo-ring!" chants over, however some little kids had some qualms about that. Nothing special here, although Rusev looked better than I expected. Bo won with what I like to call the "Thank Heavens This Match Ended."

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