4/20 WWE Smackdown in Birmingham: Fandango with a developmental Diva, Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger, The Shield vs. Sheamus and The New Age Outlaws, Natalia vs. Alicia Fox

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Apr 22, 2013 - 11:23 AM

WWE Smackdown Live Event
Birmingham, England
Report by Dot Net Member Luke Woodyatt (a/k/a Chewbaccas Leg)

This was my first WWE show in 10 years, and also my 5 year old son Charlie's first show. After getting ripped off at the merch stand (£25 for Cena cap!) we took our seats ready for the show. Lilian Garcia came out and sang the national anthem to apathy.

1. Santino, Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntrye and Ted DiBiase over Primo and Epico (w/ Rosa) and the Prime Time Players. As Darren Gutteridge commented in his review, I think WWE thought that because Drew is from Scotland he would be over but he wasn't. Jinder was more over in my section due to the number of Southern Asian people in it. Santino hit the Cobra on Primo (or Epico) for the win.

The Shield then came out and Triple Powerbombed Ted DiBiase. Dean Ambrose cut a mocking promo a la the New Age Outlaws and finished it by saying they had four words for us:  "Believe In The Shield."

2. Fandango (w/Summer Rae) beat Alex Riley. It was definitely Summer Rae with Fandango. More boos than cheers for Fandango and his promo got him more heat, cutting off anyone chanting or singing his song. Fandango used his new finisher for the win.

3. Natalia over Alicia Fox with the sharpshooter. Hornswoggle came out as the guest ring announcer for the next match, a Divas match! Que people going to the bathroom, me and Charlie included.

4. Mark Henry beat The Great Khali. This was awful.

Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter were out next with a promo. Zeb said "Hello Manchester" and cut a promo about the Scots, Welsh, and Irish sneaking over our borders. Ricardo came out and introduced Alberto. They then announced the results of the twitter poll witch Zeb lost and had to go to the back.

5. Alberto Del Rio beat Jack Swagger in a No DQ match. Swagger used a kendo stick on Alberto. Then Swagger got a chair but before he could use it Alberto drop kicked him and he dropped it. Alberto then got a table out and eventually it was put in the corner and Alberto was put through it for a near fall.Then there were Cross Arm Breaker and Patriot lock reversals until Swagger locked in the Patriot lock and Ricardo gave Alberto the cane to hit Swagger with to break the hold. Swagger went for the bell but again didn't use it the Alberto put on the cross arm breaker for the win. This was the best match of the night by far.


6. Wade Barrett beat Justin Gabriel to retain the Intercontinental Title. The only title belt we saw. Barrett got a decent pop but not as big as I would have thought. Maybe because a lot of people weren't back in their seats. Although he was the "hometown boy" and naturally the baby face he Barrett didn't look comfortable being the face. Barrett won by using the Bullhammer as Justin came off the top rope. Barrett got a better pop at the end.

7. Randy Orton beat The Big Show. Big pops for them both, Orton's was the the biggest. Big Show stalked at the beginning to get heat. Orton hit his regular spots for the win and celebrated with the fans at ringside.

8. Sheamus and The New Age Outlaws beat The Shield by DQ. The NAO's came out and did there spiel. When Road Dogg introduced himself his voice broke and he made light of it saying he's just started puberty and his body's getting hair in weird places to laughs. Billy Gunn was laughing. Gunn then did his schtick. Sheamus then came out to a big pop. The Shield came out to heat.

Quick tags in and out by the Shield, the Road Dogg hit his signature spots, Then was beat down. He made the hot tag, Sheamus set up the brogue and was hit by the chair for the DQ. The Shield set up the Triple Power Bomb on Billy, but Road Dogg used the chair to break it up. Billy hit the Fameasser on Rollins and Shemaus hit the Brogue kick on Rollins. Road Dogg wished everyone a safe journey home and Sheamus told us his mom was from Birmingham so he liked come here.

Overall an average show, most of the wrestlers seemed to be going through the motions but Charlie enjoyed his first taste of WWE live so that's all that really matters.

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