4/18 WWE Smackdown in Glasgow: The New Age Outlaws and Sheamus vs. The Shield, Drew McIntyre homecoming, Randy Orton vs. Big Show, Fandango vs. Ted DiBiase

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Apr 18, 2013 - 09:15 PM

WWE Smackdown live event
Glasgow, Scotland
Report by Dot Net reader Ian Morris

Lilian Garcia was the ring announcer and sang Flower of Scotland to kick off.

1. Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal, Santino Marella, and Alex Riley beat Primo, Epico, and The Prime TIme Players. McIntyre's hometown is only 50 minutes from Glasgow. He came out wearing a Scotland football strip and played a babyface along with Jinder. The end came with a Double Cobra from Santino and McIntyre on Primo and Epico for the double pin. As the babyface team was celebrating, The Shield attacked and them and cleared the ring before performing the Triple Powerbomb on Drew for good heat. They cut a promo about their match for later in the show.

2. Fandango beat Ted DiBiase. Fandangooing was going on all around and humming of the theme song as well, but it mainly stopped after the match. It ended quickly with Fandango winning with the finishing move John Morrison used to use.

3. Natalaya beat Alicia Fox. Hornswoggle was guest ring announcer. Natalaya won with the Sharpshooter.

4. Mark Henry over The Great Khali. Henry won with the Worlds Strongest Slam. A poor match mainly because Khali can hardly move.

5. Randy Orton defeated Big Show. Back and forth until Randy hit the RKO for the win


Wade Barret cut a promo sagging off Scotland and saying he was a real man unlike us Scots (we were already booting him anyway as he is English and there is a stormy relationship between the English and Scottish). After the promo Justin Gabriel entered the fray.

6. Wade Barret beat Justin Gabriel to retain the Intercontinental Title. Barrett eventually won after the Bullhamer elbow.

7. Alberto Del Rio beat Jack Swagger in a No DQ match. They had a twittering poll that asked if fans wanted Zeb Colter to stay ringside or go to the back. Swagger and Colter came out and both cut promos. Colter said London at the start of his promo instead of Glasgow and then said it doesn't matter they are because it's all the same. That got a lot of heat from the very patriotic fans. Ricardo and ADR were out next and then Zeb was sent to the back after losing the vote.

A kendo stick was used like twice but not much else for no DQ rules. One thing that was stupid was at one point ADR had Swagger in the Cross Arm Breaker in the ropes and then Del Rio released him as the ref didn't call a rope break due to no DQ. Two minutes later, swagger had Del Rio in The Patriot Lock and the ref calls a rope break as Ricardo helped Del Rio reach the ropes. Obviously, we weren't supposed to realize the double standards of refereeing. The finish came with the Cross Arm Breaker and Swagger tapping.

8. Sheamus and The New Age Outlaws beat The Shield by DQ. The Outlaws were out first for their usual spiel, but Billy Gunn pretended that he didn't know his lines. He was about to say do you smell what The Rock is cooking before being stopped. There was also a funny interaction with a fan sat near ringside dressed as Hulk Hogan.
The Shield entered through the crowd, which was a nice touch.

The match didn't run too long and ended after a hot tag to Sheamus, who cleared house and hit White Noise and set up for the Brogue Kick when The Shield triple teamed him and got disqualified. They set up for the Triple Powerbomb and Road Dogg hit Roman Reigns with a chair. Sheamus Brogue Kicked Seth Rollins to send the fans home happy.

Biggest Pops (in no real order)
Drew McIntyre - hometown boy
Big Show
Randy Orton

Most Heat
Jack swagger
Zeb colter
The Shield
Wade Barrett

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