3/23 WWE Smackdown in Norfolk results: Kane vs. Mark Henry, Wade Barrett vs. Bo Dallas, and Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship

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Mar 24, 2013 - 11:37 AM

WWE Smackdown live event
Norfolk Scope in Norfolk, Virginia,
Report by Dot Net reader Emory.

1. R-Truth and Great Khali defeated Primo and Epico (w/Rosa). R-Truth came out first and was doing his old rapping routine. Khali came out next to a nice pop. Primo and Epico got some boos. Man is Rosa hot!!. Good back and forth action. Khali hit his big chop for the win.

2. Natalya defeated Aksana. This match lasted way longer than a normal divas match. Natalya sold really well for Aksana.

3. Yoshi Tatsu defeated Michael McGillicutty by disqualification. Neither man got much reaction. The match ended when both men collided, Then Fandango's music hit and he beat up Yoshi. After that he pronounced his name and danced with a lady on the stage.

4. Jack Swagger defeated Justin Gabriel. Swagger and Colter came out first and got major heat. Colter cut one of his regular promos, and the crowd went crazy. He also said that Swagger should go into the audience and slap everyone in the face. Swagger was acting like he was going to do it but the ref was holding him back. Swagger won with the Patriot Lock but he wouldn't let go so Alberto Del Rio came out to make the save and the crowd loved it.

4. Kane defeated Mark Henry by disqualification. I was excited to see this match because I like both guys, but this match was boring. Henry stalled outside the ring a lot and once they were in the ring there were a lot of rest holds. The match ended when Henry hit Kane with a chair.


5. Wade Barrett defeated Bo Dallas to retain the Intercontinental Championship. Barrett came out first and cut a promo about how he shouldn't be wrestling in hell holes like Norfolk. This was a really good match with a bunch of false finishes. The end came when Barrett hit the bull hammer on Bo while he was coming off the top rope. This would seem like a better feud than with Miz. Maybe WWE doesn't think Bo is ready yet.

6. The Usos defeated Rhodes Scholars. Rhode Scholars came out first and talked about how they were on their reunion tour. Sandow got major heat. The Usos won with a quick roll up and got the upset of the night. Another good match and the crowd was behind the Usos.

7. Alberto Del Rio defeated Big Show to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. Ricardo was on crutches to sell his ankle injury. The fans could vote between a two out of three falls match or a no DQ match. No DQ won, When Big Show came out he got cheered, so he cut a heel promo so he could get some boos and it worked. This was a good match. They used tables, chairs, and kendo sticks. The end came when Del Rio and Show were on the top rope and Big Show crashed through the table. Del Rio covered for the win.

The Scope was pretty full, but it was not a sellout. Overall this was a pretty good show but if Smackdown comes back for another house show I won't attend it. The reason is there were no big names here. Raw has Cena, Jericho, Sheamus, Punk, Ryback, Ziggler, and the Shield. No disrespect to Del Rio but he is not a top guy; I didn't see one Del Rio t-shirt. I hope WWE does something with the Smackdown roster for these house shows soon.

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