3/21 NXT tapings: Full results of the five shows taped this week, including The Shield, Big E Langston, Chris Jericho, The Bellas, and more

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Mar 22, 2013 - 09:18 AM

The following shows were taped at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida.

Dark match:

Rami Sebei (El Generico) defeated Briley Pierce (Ziggler's brother). Sebei got "Ole!" chants.

Show 1:

1. Adrian Neville and Bo Dallas beat The Wyatt Family. Neville impressed the live crowd with his high-flying in this one.

Hype video for the main event: Big E defending the NXT Title against Conor O'Brian.

William Regal attacked Kassius Ohno at the commentary table.

2. Paige and Sasha Banks beat Summer Rae and Audrey Marie. Summer fled from Paige, leaving Audrey to take the loss.

3. Big E Langston beat Conor O'Brian to retain the NXT Chanpionship. O'Brian hit his finisher two more times after the bell rang, before being forced to leave the ring to the crowd's dismay.

Show 2:

Appears as though Brad Maddox is on commentary with Tony Dawson for this show.

1. The Shield beat Percy Watson, Scott Dawson, and Axel Keegan. Post match, Shield hit the triple powerbomb on Keegan.

A Corey Graves promo aired and he challenged a Shield member to a match on the next show. Rollins told the other members that he would take care of Graves himself.

2. The Bella Twins beat The Funkadactyls.

3. William Regal pinned Kassius Ohno. This was described as an awesome match from these two.

John Cena was announced for an appearance at the May 2nd NXT tapings.

Show 3:

Billed as 'NXT Clash of Champions' where every match is a title match.

Regal returned to the commentary booth.

1. Antonio Cesaro defeated Adrian Neville to retain the US Championship. Described as an amazing match. Cesaro took a scary bump on his head, but appeared okay.

2. Kaitlyn beat AJ Lee to retain the Divas Chanpionship. The crowd was behind AJ with "Yes!" chants and against Kaitlyn with "No!"

3. Big E Langston defeated Brad Maddox to retain the NXT Championship. Glorified squash. Langston hit his finisher two more times after the bell.

4. Wade Barrett beat Bo Dallas to retain the IC Championship. The crowd got on Dallas with jeers and "No more Bo!" chants that will likely be edited out if possible.

Show 4:

Corey Graves vs. Seth Rollins in a Lumberjack match was advertised as the main event. Chris Jericho's appearance was hyped as well.

1. Leo Kruger beat Justin Gabriel. Kruger got the submission win.

2. Emma beat Bayley.

3. Bray Wyatt squashed Yoshi Tatsu. Wyatt cut a promo afterwards.

The lumberjacks (NXT's jobbers) all came out to the NXT theme. Graves made his entrance and Rollins entered through the crowd.

4. Seth Rollins beat Corey Graves in a Lumberjack match. Ambrose and Reigns interfered and caused Graves to lose.

Show 5:

1. The Wyatt Family beat Adrian Neville & Bo Dallas and Primo & Epico in a three-team elimination match. Neville got cut by accident, so they stalled. Neville pinned Primo for the first elimination, then Harper hits a boot on Neville for the win.

2. Paige defeated Summer Rae. Rae attacked Paige during her entrance and there were some shenanigans, but Paige got the win.

3. Chris Jericho beat Bray Wyatt. Wyatt came out and cut a promo on Jericho. The Family interfered, but Jericho got the win with The Walls.


- Evan Bourne was out front by the food trucks, wearing a suit and greeting fans.

- Fans were coached on chanting "N-X-T!" before the tapings began and were repeatedly cued to start them throughout the night.

- WWE senior referee Mike Chioda was reffing matches various throughout the taping.

- The show was filled with just as many WWE commercials as any other WWE branded show. Loaded with Rock v. Cena promos, movie trailers, toy commercials, 20th anniversary Raw videos, etc.

-Byron Saxton and a new female ring announcer handled announcing duties throughout the evening, alternating shows.

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