3/17 WWE Smackdown in Toledo, Ohio results: Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show in a street fight for the World Hvt. Championship, The Great Khali in a handicap match, Layla vs. Alicia Fox, Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton

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Mar 18, 2013 - 10:12 AM

WWE Smackdown live event
Toledo, Ohio
Report by Dot Net Member Tommy Paslaski

The crowd was about 2/3rds full and was alive the whole time. I would say about 3,000 fans were there. They loved cheering the good guys and booing the bad guys which made it more fun. The show lasted 2 ½ hours.

1. The Great Khali (w/Natalya) defeated Primo and Epico (w/Rosa Mendes) via Khali Chop. About what you would expect here from these guys. Primo and Epico bumped their asses off to make Khali look good. Rosa tried interfering but Natalya was quick to take her out. Khali ended up chopping both of them for the win.

2. Yoshi Tatsu defeated Michael McGillicutty via Rollup. McGillicutty dominated most of the match and got a ton of heat. He went to finish Yoshi, but was taken by surprise and pinned with a rollup which the crowd loved. After the match, McGillicutty chased Yoshi down the ramp and beat him down. Then he took him back to the ring and hit him with the McGillicutter (Running one-armed swinging neckbreaker).

There was a backstage segment with Team Hell. Daniel Bryan talked about how he can’t stand Cody Rhodes’ mustache and how he hates people with bad facial hair. Kane asked if he was kidding. Bryan screamed No! No! No!

3. Layla defeated Alicia Fox via Kick. Yes you read that right. Layla kicked Fox in the gut and that was good enough for the 3 count. This was a really short match. Fox attacked Layla before the bell rang. Layla was a babyface the whole time. Nothing much more to say about it.

4. Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter defeated Justin Gabriel via Patriot Act. This was a great match! These two work really well together. Swagger and Colter cut a promo before the match talking about Jack Swagger’s America. Nothing different than what we see on TV. Good back and forth until Swagger hit the Gut Wrench Powerbomb and put Gabriel in the Patriot Act for the win. 

5. Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez) defeated Big Show in a Street Fight for the World Heavyweight Championship. Fans got to vote using a hashtag whether they wanted a 2/3 falls match or a street fight. They chose the Street Fight. Del Rio beat the hell out of Big Show with a chair but Show battled back and hit ADR with a Spear. Finish came when Del Rio put Big Show through two tables then made the big man tap out to the cross arm breaker. The crowd loved it. Really fun match!

15 Minute Intermission

6. Wade Barrett defeated Bo Dallas via Bull Hammer to retain the Intercontinental Championship. Barrett cut a promo before the match talking about how Bo Dallas has been a thorn in his ass since the beginning of the year and how he was going to be another victim of the Barrett Barrage. No mention of "his" movie. Pretty good match. Bo almost slipped on the second rope when he went for Sliced Bread, but was able to modify it. He ended up going back to the top rope but Barrett met him with a Bull Hammer on the way down. Looked really cool.

There was a backstage segment with Mark Henry. He said he’s been gone a long time, but he’s back now and the Hall of Pain is open for business. Next inductee: Randy Orton!

7. Team Hell No defeated Team Rhodes Scholars to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship. Rhodes Scholars came out first and Sandow ran down the Toledo crowd and talked about his best friend Cody Rhodes. Sandow is so great on the mic. I can’t get enough of it. Hell No came out and did their usual act. The finish came when Kane hit a chokeslam on Sandow and Bryan had Cody tapping out to the No Lock at the same time. The ref counted the pinfall for the official win.

After the match Bryan took the belts to celebrate until Kane took them from him and declared himself the Tag Team Champions. Bryan charged Kane like a bull, but Kane pulled the belts out of the way. Bryan was breathing like a bull which made it even funnier with his beard. Finally Bryan got a mic and demanded Kane give him his title back. Crowd chanted No! Bryan got upset and started to leave until Kane finally gave in. Crowd chanted "hug it out". They did and then posed for the crows.

8. Randy Orton defeated Mark Henry by DQ. This crowd loves Randy Orton! Can’t say that enough. Pop of the night. Henry wore down Orton, but Orton was able to make a comeback. He hit the 2nd rope hanging DDT on Henry and went into Viper mode to set up for the RKO. Henry rolled out of the ring and got a chair which Orton didn’t see. When he got close enough, Henry blasted Orton with the chair for the DQ finish. When Henry got back into the ring, Orton recovered and hit Henry with an RKO to send the crowd home happy. Orton stuck around after the show and signed autographs and posed for pictures with fans at ringside.

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