3/15 WWE in Austin results: Mark Henry talks retirement, Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio in the best match of the night, Randy Orton vs. John Cena in a cage match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

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Mar 16, 2014 - 10:28 AM

WWE Live Event
Austin, Texas at Frank Erwin Center
Report by Dot Net Member Milan Gohil

1. The Usos defeated The Rhodes Brothers and the Real Americans (w/Zeb Colter) in a triangle match. I was surprised Zeb Colter made an appearance. Great action from Cody and the Usos. Dustin's huracanrana looked brutal! Cesaro's swing was quickly interrupted by Cody.

2. Darren Young over Titus O'Neil. Titus lost quickly, then made an open challenge.

3. Kofi Kingston beat Titus O'Neil. King took the challenge and Young lost again in a similar fashion.

Wade "Bad News" Barrett walked down to the ring for his match with Kofi. Titus and Barrett double teamed Kofi. Darren Young made the save. Brad Maddox made an appearance at the ramp and ordered a tag match...

4. Darren Young and Kofi Kingston beat Titus O'Neil and Wade "Bad News" Barrett. Decent match from a group that has been demoted to Superstars.

5. Sheamus defeated Alberto Del Rio with a Brogue Kick. This was the match of the show! Sheamus and ADR battled in the crowd as Del Rio tried to head backstage several times during the course of the match. I enjoyed the multiple false finishes! Side note: Del Rio tossing Rick The Sign Guy's red baseball hat into the crowd was classic. Thankfully, Rick had another red hat on hand and all was well.


6. Eva Marie and Natalya beat Alicia Fox and Layla. Fans were able to choose either a dance off or tag match via text. Thankfully, we were spared the dance off! Natalya won via Sharpshooter. Awful match!! AJ Lee was advertised for this match during the voting period. I assume she was sent to Laredo at the last minute. Note to WWE Management: Please eliminate the awful Diva's division! With the exception of AJ, Tamina, and, Natalya, the rest of the WWE Bimbos division has no business being in any type of athletic environment.

7. Mark Henry defeated Damien Sandow. 
Many power moves from The World's Strongest Man, who is an Austin resident. He won with a series of powerslams. At the conclusion of the match, Mark addressed the rumors of his pending retirement. Henry claimed he had "A lot of gas left in the tank" and would not be retiring any time soon.

8. Randy Orton defeated John Cena in a steel cage match to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Typical match from these two. The end came after Orton decked the referee and low blowed Cena which gave the Viper plenty of time to escape the cage. After the match ended, the cage lifted and Orton attempted to attack Cena with a folded chair. After striking Cena once, John dodged the second swing and gave Orton an Attitude Adjustment to send the crowd home happy.

Notes: Tonight's WWE show was very underwhelming. The split crew house show tours seriously water down the talent pool for each event. The lack of the three main upper card acts (Bryan/Shield/Wyatts) really hurt tonight's event. The January 2013 house show was MUCH better! I feel as though Austin got the B show tonight... Please put more thought into booking major market house shows, WWE!

Estimated attendance was 8000. The floor was at capacity and the lower bowl was 3/4th full.
The bowl sections near the entrance ramp were empty. The upper deck of the Erwin Center had 500 fans (at most) in one section. Plenty of families were in attendance.

30 minutes before showtime, the Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant edition on Wrestlemania Rewind was aired on the monitors. Unfortunately, the video stream kept breaking up and the video cut away just as the match began. Justin Roberts then promoted the Network via the PA system. The Network was HEAVILY promoted during the course of the event.

Damien Sandow appeared on the video screens several times prior to his match to ask the crowd for their support. When they booed, Sandow vowed to punish Texas native Mark Henry later in the evening.

No return date was announced.

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