2/2 WWE in Montgomery, Alabama: Loose ring ropes lead to A.J. teasing that she would remove her shirt, Jack Swagger vs. Justin Gabriel, Antonio Cesaro vs. The Miz for the U.S. Title in a fans' choice match

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Feb 3, 2013 - 01:31 AM

WWE Raw live event
Montgomery, Alabama
Report by Dot Net reader Blake Schmidt

I won tickets to the show and took my little brother. He absolutely loves Ryback. Good turnout. It was the first house show I have been to in about ten years. I loved the new set. It definitely gives it more of a big time feel.

1. Zack Ryder beat Connor O'Brian. Good opening match. Great pop for Ryder. O'Brian cut a promo on Ryder about his dreams or something, but I couldn't really understand him. I guess they were still trying to get the sound right. Ryder won with the Rough Ryder.

2. Tensai beat Alex Reilly. Reilly received a decent pop but then started heeling it up after a dance off was announced by the heat magnet that is Vickie Guerrero. Tensai started dancing then was attacked by Reilly. Tensai won and then Reilly claimed he had a rock on his shoe and stated that Article 53, section 4, paragraph 1, line 2 states that if you have a rock in your shoe you are entitled to a rematch. Funny. Tensai won...again.

3. Kaitlyn beat Tamina to retain the Divas Title.

4. Kane and Daniel Bryan beat The Shield by DQ to retain the WWE Tag Titles. A little girl behind me was terrified of The Shield. They came out one section away from where we were sitting. Daniel Bryan was pretty over. Kane got a good pop off the final hot tag. Seth Rollins was at ringside and interfered with a chair shot to Kane. The Shield roughed up Kane and then Bryan saved him and cleared everyone from the ring but Rollins, who took a chokeslam to a chair.


5. Jack Swagger beat Justin Gabriel. No one really cared about this match. Gabriel hit some really cool spots though. Swagger won by submission.

6. Antonio Cesaro beat Miz to retain the U.S. Title. It was the fans' choice match. Cesaro got a cane early and used it on Miz, who later brought out a table. Cesaro put it back under the ring. Wash, rinse, repeat. Miz hit some of Ric Flair's offense and locked in the Figure 4 (correctly), but Cesaro escaped by hitting him with the cane. The crowd started chanting "table" late in the match. Miz set it up in a corner only to be powerslammed through it by Cesaro. Cesaro reversed the Skull Crushing Finale into the Neutralizer to retain.

7. John Cena and Ryback beat CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler (w/AJ, Big E Langston). Good heat for Ziggler, behind only Punk and Vickie. Punk did the same schtick with Justin Roberts that the he did in Chattanooga. Ryback had a great pop. Cena came out and the place exploded. It was a very pro-Cena crowd. While Cena was making his entrance, I noticed that Punk and Ziggler were pulling the ropes and they seemed really loose. Cena played to the crowd, then Ziggler did as well. Ryback led a Feed Me More Chant. Punk played to the crowd and received great heat again. Then AJ played to the crowd. This was done so the ref could tighten down the turnbuckles.

Cena took his shirt off, them Punk slowly removed his as well as Ziggler. In a funny moment, AJ jumped on the apron and started to take her shirt off too only, to be stopped by Punk. Damn him. Excellent match. A spot similar to the one in Chattanooga with the double delayed suplex, only Cena was the legal man and he held Ziggler up for seemingly a minute in a great show of strength. Late in the match, all hell broke loose and Big E hit his finisher on Ryback while AJ distracted the ref. He made it look effortless when he picked up Ryback. Soon after, Big E and AJ were tossed, and Cena got the hot tag, then hit the five moves of doom on Ziggler for the win.

It was a good show. Only my second one ever. I will definitely be going back the next time they come to town.

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