2/1 WWE in Chattanooga: Detailed report on John Cena and Ryback vs. C.M. Punk and Dolph Ziggler, Kane and Daniel Bryan vs. The Shield for the WWE Tag Team Championship, NXT wrestler Connor O'Brian

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Feb 2, 2013 - 04:38 PM

WWE Raw live event
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Report by Dot Net reader Derik Zooashkiyani

The new house show set looks great and gave the whole show a bigger feel. The McKenzie Arena was about 75 percent full. Of course, a lot of it was tarped off for the set. Good crowd, lot of kids. 

1. Zack Ryder beat Connor O'Brian. Ryder got the first pop of the night being the first guy out. O'Brien looks like a big guy who has some promise. Basic match, Ryder won with the Rough Ryder.

On the Tron, The Shield cut a promo on Team Hell No, claiming they would win the tag titles tonight. 

2. Tensai beat Alex Riley. Interesting development. Tensai came out to some decent heel heat. Riley came out to a babyface pop. Before the match started, Vickie Guerrero came out to HUGE heat. My God, they hated her. She's so good at her job. 
A-Ry got a jacket and hat and acted like he was about to break it down white boy style, then stopped and gyrated for the fans. This got a jeer from the audience. Then Tensai busted moves that you would only find in a whale mating video. Riley jumped him after that.

So Riley came out a face, turned into a heel. Tensai came out a heel, turned into the face. Tensai won with the senton. As he was celebrating outside the ring, Riley caught his breath and got on the mic. He called Tensai a "fat slob" then called everyone in Chattanooga a "fat slob." Them's fightin' words down here. Riley challenged Tensai to another match. Tensai clotheslined Riley, grabbed the mic, and said, "It's time for this fat slob to Truffle Shuffle." He then did the truffle shuffle, hit the senton again and won a second time. Yup, had to watch that crap twice. I miss Sakamoto.

3. Kaitlyn beat Tamina to retain the Diva's Championship. Kaitlyn was very popular with the little girls there. Glad they have such a positive role model. Kaitlyn is still terrible in the ring, but Tamina made her look decent. Kaitlyn won with the worst spear I've ever seen. Ever.  

Vickie came out a second time to announce that we would see a U.S. Title match between Antonio Cesaro and The Miz. We could vote for a 2/3 Fall Match or a No DQ Match. Guess which one wins? 

4. Team Hell No beat The Shield to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship. Daniel Bryan was over HUGE in Chattanooga. TONS of YES chants. Kane was just as popular. The Shield came through the crowd, scaring some of the kids. Ambrose and Rollins were the two to face Team Hell No. Fantastic match. At one point, Ambrose had Daniel Bryan in a bow and arrow, and Rollins jumped off the top and dropped a knee on Bryan. Looked brutal. The Shield are fantastic. I really hope WWE doesn't screw it up. 

In the end, Kane got the hot tag and cleaned house. He was about to chokeslam Rollins, when Roman Reigns ran in and speared him. All 3 Shield members ganged up on Kane. Ambrose was about to hit Kane with a chair when Bryan ran in for the save. Kane wound up chokeslamming Rollins and Bryan nailed the other two with the chair. After the match, Bryan asked Kane to apologize to him for eliminating him from the Rumble. Kane said no. Bryan pushed him a couple of times. Kane pushed back and knocked Bryan down. Bryan slapped Kane twice. Kane looked like he was about to slap back, but then went for the hug. The crowd went crazy. Finally, they hugged. 


5. Jack Swagger beat Justin Gabriel. Yawn. Swagger won with the ankle lock. Good to see Swagger back, but just a passable match.

6. Antonio Cesaro beat The Miz to retain the United States Title in a Fan's Choice - No DQ match. Cesaro cut a promo before the match to tell us all he'll be United States champion for a long time. Except he continued to say long for around two minutes. It was incredibly annoying, so perfect. Miz came out to a better pop than I expected. He was really over with the Chatt crowd. Your typical WWE house show No DQ match. Once Cesaro found out it was a No DQ match, he tried to stall as much as possible. Miz got so fed up with waiting, he hopped out of the ring, into the front row, and sat with some fans at ringside. Funny. Lots of shots with a kendo stick. Lots of chair shots. Pretty good match with lots of false finishes. Cesaro put Miz through a table for a great near fall. Not long after, Cesaro nailed the Neutralizer and won. Hats off to both guys. 

7. John Cena and Ryback beat CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler. This match was the only reason I wanted to come to the show. My two favorite wrestlers (Punk & ZIggler) teaming up wasn't something I wanted to miss. Dolph came out first to good heat. AJ looks even better in person. Big E is...Big. Wow. Punk came out to at first a mixed reaction. He then bullied Justin Roberts (Come on, Punk...B A Star). Roberts then announced that Punk would like to be known as the "People's Champion". Funny. Ryback came out to a HUGE pop. I thought it was funny that during his entrance, he still does everything like he would if there were pyro there. I didn't think the crowd could get much louder, and then Cena came out. The male boos were there, but they were quickly drowned out by the kids. Cena was waaaaay over in Chatt town. By far match of the night. All four guys worked hard to deliver. 

A really cool spot in the beginning of the match was Ryback suplexed Punk and held him up for a good bit. Ziggler ran in to break it up, only for Cena to put him in a delayed suplex as well. Ryback and Cena held Punk and Ziggler for another good 45 seconds before dropping them. Ziggler and Punk just know how to work a crowd. They were so much fun to watch. Cena got beat up for a while, then tagged Ryback in. Ryback was throwing everyone around, but Ziggler and Punk got the advantage again.

Punk and Ziggler double suplexed Ryback at one point. As Punk was leaving the ring, he struck a huge pose to show how strong he was. Funny. The end came with Big E coming in and giving him his finisher.  The ref then threw him out. AJ came in shoving the ref around. She's gone.  Punk tagged Ziggler, Ryback tagged Cena. You know the rest: Tackle, Tackle, Wild swing and suplex, You can't see me, Attitude Adjustment, 3 Count. Cena and Ryback stayed after and signed autographs and took pictures with fans at ringside for a good little bit. 

Overall, a fun show. I definitely got my money's worth. 

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