2/16 WWE in Las Vegas results: Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio, Randy Orton vs. John Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Big E Langston vs. Ryback for the IC Title, dance off tops match in fan voting

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Feb 17, 2014 - 02:45 PM

WWE Live Event
Las Vegas, Nevada
Report by Dot Net reader Jose Vazquez

I was on the floor section a few seats away from the ramp entrance. This event was more exciting than the Smackdown/Main Event recordings show they did back in August. It was action-packed and the entire lower part of the arena was filled (a small crowd in the rafters too). I got there fifteen minutes before the show started so I'm not sure what chants (if any) were taking place.

1. Big E defeated Ryback to retain Intercontinental Title. Big E and Ryback(hometown guy) received good pops, however, that changes as the match. What Big E lacks in height he surely makes up for in muscle. Ryback was on the offensive for most of the match, but lost to the Big Ending. Ryback received a home-crowd applause. He got on the microphone and said "I don't need your support!" and he walked off to boos.

2. The Bella Twins defeated Summer Rae and Tamina. It is so disappointing hearing the lack of reaction for Tamina. Growing up with Lita, Trish, Molly, Sable, etc. and compare them to the Divas from now. Lifeless. The Bella Twins came out to a good pop. They maintained good offense on Summer, who did some pirouettes, and Nikki Bella did the Scotty 2 Hotty Worm in reverse. Tamina came in and hit some offense. She hit an awesome superkick on one of the Bellas, but Bellas won with the Bella Buster.

3. New Age Outlaws defeated The Usos and the Real Americans to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles. The fans only stuck with the New(Old) Age Outlaws through their entrance schtick. The Usos received a big pop and the Real Americans received a good pop along with a huge "We the People!" salute. Funny moment in the match was when Billy did a sunset flip over Jack Swagger. As Billy was trying to pull him down, one of the Usos grabbed Billy's legs and catapulted them him right into Swagger's crotch. I shouted "Suck It!" which got some laughs. I'm a bit biased against the Outlaws if you haven't noticed. The Usos hit a splash on Swagger followed by Billy tossing him out to get the pin.

4. Kofi Kingston defeated Fandango in a dance off. The crowd voted 52-48 percent in favor of a dance-off rather than a match, which drew tons of heat. Fandango came out with Summer Rae to lackluster heat and Kofi came out to a decent pop. Fandango did a twerk dance with his theme music which drew minor boos. Kofi got ready and they played a Michael Jackson song. The crowd was cheering. Kofi did his dance moves and started doing the Eve Torres booty-popping, but in fast forward. Huge cheers for Kofi. Fandango attacked and was going for a Leg Drop, but Kofi dodged it and hit the Trouble in Paradise.

5. Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, and Christian defeated The Shield. Christian came out first to a good pop. Sheamus came out to a bigger pop. Before Bryan entered the entire arena filled with "Yes!" chants and the crowd exploded when he finally came out. The Shield came out to an initial huge pop, but then turned into heat. There were Bryan chants and Roman Reigns chants towards the beginning. Seth Rollins hit the Three Amigos suplexes, which led to an "Eddie" chant. A standard six-man tag with everyone hitting their finishers to end the match. Bryan hit the running knee on Dean Ambrose for the pin.


6. Bray Wyatt defeated Dolph Ziggler. Dolph Ziggler came out to a good pop. It's sad to see how far they've beaten his character down. The Wyatt Family came out to great heat. Three CM Punk chants were started through the match. Dolph fell to Sister Abigail. There were small Ziggler chants and applause on his way out.

7. Batista defeated Alberto Del Rio. Batista came out to a decent reaction, not one I'd expect for someone that will headline WrestleMania in a month, but still good. Batista looks really old when you're up close as well as incredibly ticked off. Alberto Del Rio was greeted with good heat. I love Del Rio as a heel. He is phenomenal in the role. After some great back and forth, Batista hit the Batista bomb and covered Del Rio for the 1,2,3. Clean victory. A guy next to me offered Batista some nachos, which started a "Take the nacho!" chant in my area, which was funny. Batista pretended to barf on them and walked off. Bootista!

8. Randy Orton defeated John Cena to retain WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Randy Orton came out to a loud mixed reaction. This was definitely a pro-Cena crowd as he came out to a huge reaction with minor boos. I didn't pay attention to this match. Randy hit Cena with a low blow and escaped the cage for the win. If there is no DQ, I really don't understand why he needed to shove the ref instead of just going for the blow. Cena hit the FU to send the crowd home happy.

Notes: Unlike the Phoenix show, there was no mention of CM Punk in the opening videos or at the merch. stand. I had a great time at the show and was so happy that I was so close to the ring.

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