1/19 WWE Raw in Ontario, California: Ryback and John Cena vs. C.M. Punk and Dolph Ziggler, Bo Dallas vs. Tensai, Cody Rhodes vs. Zack Ryder, Brodus Clay vs. Jack Swagger

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Jan 20, 2013 - 10:48 AM

WWE Raw live event
Ontario, California at Citizen's Bank Arena
Report by Dot Net reader Johnnyson Sim

Most of the arena was jam packed with  almost every seat except for those at the very top wing empty. Justin Roberts opened the show.

1. Brodus Clay (w/Cameron, Naomi) defeated Jack Swagger. The bell was really loud, the echoes that rings after a few seconds are louder than TNA's bell. Swagger dodged all of Clay's attacks drawing loud boos. Brodus gained the advantage until Swagger got the upper hand and hit a Swaggerbomb. A failed attempt off the top rope had Brodus catching Swagger for a t-bone suplex. A headbutt and splash later for the win. He celebrated with kids and Funkadactyls after the match.

CM Punk limped out to the ring without Paul Heyman. Announcing that he has aggravating his prior injury. He said he had a note from his doctor that states he cannot compete. He said it is legitimate and not scripted. Punk began to walk out when Dolph Ziggler's music played and he came out with AJ and Big E Langston. Dolph was wearing a medical mask with a note from his doctor as well claiming he caught the flu and couldn't compete either.

Vickie Guerrero came and announced they won't compete in singles matches but rather in tag team action against Ryback and John Cena. Loud Feed Me More chants. The heels were upset as they are leaving the ring with Punk no longer limping (funny).

2. Bo Dallas beat Tensai. No reaction for Dallas. Tensai's offense got a strong reaction for how painful each move looks. A roll up victory for Bo Dallas.

A backstage pre-tape was shown with Antonio Cesaro saying would take on Miz. He said he will be the U.S. Champ for a long, long time. Funny.

Vickie announced the fans could vote for the stipulation No DQ or best of three falls.

Damien Sandow asked three questions and said he'd answer them because we lacked cerebral fortitude. He received "what" chants comically with the first question being what word he hated the most. The last question was whether there's any wrestler who can actually beat him. Cue Alex Riley who came to a loud ovation. 

3. Damien Sandow beat Alex Riley. Chain wrestling with both superstars trading offenses. Eventually Sandow gets the win with his straight jacket neck breaker. A well wrestled match.

4. Antonio Cesaro defeated The Miz to retain the U.S. Title in a No DQ match. Back and forth action with both men outwitting the other. Cesaro brought a kendo stick into the match and scored some shots with it. Cesaro exposed the top turnbuckle and sent Miz flying via catapult only to have Miz do a springboard sunset flip for a close two. 

Cesaro went to ringside and grabbed a table for cheers only to put the table back  underneath the ring. He brought two chairs into match and uses the chair as collateral damage rather than chair hits. There was a fun moment with both wrestlers eyeing and diving for the kendo stick. Miz played to the crowd with  the kendo stock even a cool moment with his running corner clothesline with the kendo stick. Miz played to the crowd again by grabbing the table only for Cesaro to recover and put the table back. Funny.

 Cesaro charged with knees into the exposed turnbuckle, allowing Miz to work the legs and go for the Figure Four to loud wooos. There was a good believable near fall after Miz hit his DDT. Miz finally got the table in the ring and set it up in the corner. Both teased suplexes into the table. Cesaro executed the Neutralizer for the win. Cesaro attempted another one only for Miz to counter and put Cesaro into the table. A very good match. The near falls and submissions were believable late in the match. A nice long match that didn't need the crutch of a No DQ stipulation

Intermission. I made the idiotic move of waiting in line to pee during the intermission when the Divas match was up next.

5. Kaitlyn defeated Tamina to retain the WWE Divas Championship. A clunky match with Kaitlyn having the worst drop kicks imaginable. Tamina made a believable cover after hitting her superfly splash. Kaitlyn won after a spear to retain the title.

6. Zack Ryder beat Cody Rhodes. Cody's mustache got the loudest chants.
A fun, standard match that catered to the crowd. Ryder won with the rough Ryder. However, Ryder is not getting the pops he used to. Seeing Cody's mustache and his Disaster kick was fun and awesome.

7. Ryback and John Cena beat C.M. Punk and Dolph Ziggler. The faces practically made the place shake with their entrances. There was a fun moment where female screeches were given to the wrestlers as they took off their shirts. Cena tossed it back to the fans. Ziggler tossed it back to A.J.. Punk halfheartedly tossed it to a female in the crowd for it to fall nearby, where he eventually picked it up and put it back in his corner. Funny.

A very good match with Ziggler and Ryback taking the brunt of the offense. Ziggler's athletic ability on TV does not register compared to how it is live. Ryback's moves look stiff and painful and resonated well with the audience. Punk drew boos by not performing his top rope macho man tribute elbow. There was a loud pop for Cena tagging in. He eventually finished Ziggler with his basic move set and finally an Attitude Adjustment to send the crowd home happy.

Sim's Soliloquy: Very fun match. I joined in the Cena sucks but could not hold up to the Lets go Cena chants. Ryback is a beast. Ziggler is a star already. Overall, a fun show and I would love to come back. Possibly Staple Center next time. There was no return date announced. I am a huge fan of the Dot Net site. I enjoy each journalist's columns and reviews of love shows in addition to watching it from my couch. So this was a fun and new experience for me especially at my first live WWE event ever, despite being a fan of 15 years. P.S. I miss Twilling's Two Cents.

Most Heat
Cm punk
Cesaro promo

Loudest Pops
Alex Riley

Minor reaction
Zack Ryder 
Ziggler initially
Cesaro (During his match)
Vickie (I guess the fans couldn't tell if she was a heel or face, as she appealed to the crowd)

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