12/28 WWE Raw in Uniondale, N.Y.: Mick Foley appears, John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler in a cage match, The Sheild vs. Ryback, Daniel Bryan, and Kane, Eve vs. Kaitlyn for the WWE Divas Championship

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Dec 29, 2012 - 10:05 AM

WWE Raw live event
Uniondale, N.Y.
Report by Dot Net reader Johnny Crowe

The show started five minutes late and got a big pop when it started! Justin Roberts announced the matches until Vickie interrupted and demanded respect. When the whole arena booed, she left and Roberts announced the main event of John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler in a Steel Cage to a huge reaction. 

1. Brodus Clay and the Usos beat The Prime Time Players and Jack Swagger. The crowd was behind The Usos and Brodus. Good match. 

2. Eve beat Kaitlyn to retain the WWE Divas Championship. The match went about 10 minutes and was actually a really good match. The crowd was behind Kaitlyn, but I wanted Eve to win. The match received a huge reaction surprisingly. 

Dolph Ziggler appeared on the screen and talked about his match against John Cena. 

3. Santino beat David Otunga. The usual comedy match. The crowd was behind Santino, who won with The Cobra. No reaction for David Otunga. 

4. Ryback and Team Hell No beat The Shield by DQ when Roman Reigns hit  Ryback with a chair. Daniel Bryan came out and then the Shield came out and attacked until eventually Kane came following Ryback. Great match. The Shield took all finishers. Team Hell No hugged it out after the match. 

5. Zack Ryder beat Tensai in 10 seconds. Kind of disappointing to Long Island. Nothing special. To our surprise, Mick Foley came out to announce if Tensai would sing Jingle Bells or Rudolph. It was Rudolph. Tensai said he was Jewish and Mick Foley told him the majority of the crowd was. Foley told Tensai that when Long Islanders are promised something, they get it. Funny. There were "What?" chants while he sang. He told us to shut up but we never did.  

6. Antonio Cesaro beat The Miz to retain the U.S. Championship. A pretty good match. Cesaro cut a promo telling Long Island we are trash and we should all move. Miz changed his "Awesome" catchphrase  to "You're in New York and its Awesome!!" 

7. The New Age Outlaws beat Rhodes Scholars. Great match and the crowd popped big for the New Age Outlaws. Billy Gunn pinned Cody after the Fameasser. 

8. John Cena beat Dolph Ziggler (w/A.J. Lee, Big E Langston) in a Steel Cage Match. Match of the Night.  So many near falls and near escapes. There was a funny moment where Big E. and John Cena both pulled Ziggler, and Cena and Ziggler knocked out the ref. Big E. attacked Cena. When Ziggler covered, Cena kicked out at two and a half. AJ came in and threw the briefcase and it hit an already knocked out Charles Robinson in the head. AJ slapped Cena then Cena kissed her. Cena hit the AA for the win in about 25 minutes. 

Biggest Pops:
New Age Outlaws

Most Heat:
The Shield

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