12/27 WWE Smackdown in Green Bay: Big Show vs. Sheamus in a cage match for the World Hvt. Championship, 12-man battle royal determines the challenger for the Intercontinental Title, Fandango faces a name from the past

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Dec 28, 2012 - 09:25 AM

WWE Smackdown live event
Green Bay, Wisconsin
Report by Dot Net reader Scott Myers

This was the first house show that I have been too. I went to Elimination Chamber last year in Milwaukee and two Raw shows in Green Bay. I must say, like everyone else has said, the set is unique and brought the show a little more live feel. My sister, my dad, and I got there at about 6:15 pm and got the tickets and we headed straight to our seats. At show time, the arena was 70 percent full, but a solid crowd. Matt Striker came out and introduced the show, proclaiming it would be the most interactive. Then he said there was going to be two special matches. The first, which was next, was a 12 man battle royal.

1. Alberto Del Rio won a 12-man battle royal to earn an Intercontinental Title shot. It came down to Del Rio and Heath Slater with Drew McIntyre. Ricardo Rodriguez pulled the top rope down and McIntyre flew over after Del Rio whipped him into the rope. Heath was then thrown over the rope to give Del Rio the win and the chance to face Kofi.

2. Layla and Alicia Fox beat Tamina Sanuka and Aksana. The match was very exciting for a Divas match. Since it was a second match no one left and people were in to it. Lot of regular tag team moves you usually see. Tamina got tons of heat and Layla drew a lot of cheers. The team of Layla and Fox won with a nasty neck breaker. Overall, a decent match.

Wade Barret came on to the screen to make the Intercontinental Championship match into a Triple Threat match.

3. Fandango beat Jamie Noble. So I guess this denounces rumors of Fandango, since I remember hearing that WWE wanting to pull the act at least from TV, The arena was silent when Fandango came out but he started to draw heat. Then Jamie Noble was introduced, and the older crowd did a mild reaction, since he is from the Attitude Era. Fandango picked up the win with a twisting neck breaker. The crowd rallied behind Noble. Fandanago's salsa dancer gimmick sucks, but as a wrestler he is not too bad.

4. Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd defeated Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre. We were treated with four tag team matches. This was the third. Overall, this was a good tag team match. A lot of good spots and funny moments, especially in the beginning where Kidd and Gabriel were messing up Slater's hair. Funny. I was waiting for Justin to bust out his high flying moves but he didn't. Lots of near falls with Justin and Tyson picking up the win.

5. Kofi Kingston defeated Wade Barret and Alberto Del Rio in a Triple Threat to retain the Intercontinental Title. Typical Triple Threat, yet possibly the best match of the night. My dad really got more into the show at this point and was cheering on Del Rio, like most of our row. Lots of signature offense of each of the stars. Del Rio was going for an arm bar and got broke up, and took a Trouble in Paradise. Barrett went for his Bull Hammer shortly after and took the S.O.S. for the win. Very good fun match. Kids love Kofi.

6. The Great Khali and Hornswoggle defeated Primo and Epico (w/Rosa) in a loser sings a holiday song match. Hornswoggle didn't get the reaction he should have since he is from Green Bay, but a better reaction then Noble received earlier. Horny wanted in first, so Epico and Primo were joking around regarding who should start first against him. The bell rang and Horny tagged out while Epico and Primo were still figuring out who was gonna wrestle. Epico finally got the better of that only to face Khali. He tried tagging out and Primo jumped down, Funny. Lot of chops and no fall Khali. Horny took a lot of the work in the match and later finished with his Tadpole splash. Kids danced in the ring as the celebration went on. Cool moment.

7. Alex Riley defeated Michael McGillicutty. McGillicutty came out second and got on the mic proclaiming how he is from Minnesota. He then said how he knows that his Vikings will win this Sunday's game, which drew a ton of heat. A Go Pack Go chant started. Lot of power moves. A decent match for guys who don't ever get TV time. The Go Pack Go chants got louder minute by minute. Funny. Riley won with a submission in a really good match. Riley can pull a crowd and Michael can draw the heat. Sure, it was cheap heat, but it worked.

8. Big Show defeated Sheamus in a cage match to retain the World Hvt. Championship. After 15 minutes of setup and no malfunctions, the match started with Sheamus being announced last. For a big man match in a structure approximately a foot taller then Big Show, it was a fun mixed paced match. Sheamus did pick Big Show up twice. The first time looked like a struggle. The second was a body slam, which the crowd erupted for. Everyone wanted Sheamus to win, but Show crawled out the door for the win. He brought a chair in to destroy Sheamus after the match, but that back fired. Show took a shot and took a Brouge Kick from Shemaus to send everyone home happy.

Notes: Fun show our section was a little rowdy, starting some of the chants. There was one guy pulling off a perfect Ric Rod impression, hilarious. No Rey Mysterio or Sin Cara (given his surgery pending).

Biggest Pops

1. Sheamus

2. Kofi

3. Del Rio (ironically)

Most Heat

1. Big Show

2. McGilliguty

3. 3MB

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