11/28 WWE Raw in Johnson City: John Cena vs. Randy Orton have a great match, The Miz loses his voice, Triple H and Kofi Kingston vs. Legacy (correspondents still needed for tonight's WWE Smackdown/ECW taping)

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Nov 29, 2009 - 07:16 PM

We are still looking for correspondents who are attending the WWE Smackdown/ECW taping tonight. If you can help with a report, contact

WWE Raw house show
Johnson City, Tenn.
Report by Dot Net reader Matt Baldwin

The arena was about 85-90 percent full, probably around 5,000 people there. Pretty good turnout for a Saturday night.

1. Melina and Eve defeated Maryse and Alicia Fox in 10 minutes. Fox was in for the first minute or so, then Maryse finished the match. Melina should change her name to Botchelina, because she botched about five spots in that match. She couldn't even set up her own finisher properly. The Divas are awful in person (strictly from a wrestling standpoint).

Jillian was in the crowd and asked a kid if she knew where WM 26 was going to be, the kid answered correctly and the kid and her family moved to ringside.

2. Sheamus beat Primo in about five minutes. Sheamus had huge heat and cut a promo about beating Cena. Primo got a nice pop, but Sheamus squashed him and finished him with a Razor's Edge (or whatever he calls it). I haven't seen a Sheamus match that's lasted longer than five minutes. He had some serious heat.

3. Santino over Chris Masters in 10 minutes. Santino came out to a really nice pop. Santino also cut a pretty hilarious promo. The whole crowd was laughing. He's great enhancement talent.

4. Carlito defeated Alex Riley in eight minutes. Carlito actually got a pretty decent pop. The crowd didn't know what to think of Alex Riley, and I didn't either. He wasn't great, but he wasn't awful either. Carlito won with a backstabber.

5. Mark Henry defeated Jack Swagger in 13 minutes. Swagger had a lot of heat. Henry is OVER. I can't figure out why, but he was especially over in JC last night. He had the crowd eating out of his fat, stubby hands. Swagger must have pissed someone off, because he went from being on the rise to jobbing out to Henry at house shows. The ring shook when Henry delivered the world's strongest slam.


6. The Miz defeated Evan Bourne to retain the U.S. Title in 15 minutes. This was a pretty solid match. Bourne is over. Before the match, Miz handed the ring announcer a notecard with stuff on it. The best I remember, the promo went like this: "Unfortunately, after attending an US Weekly party with A-list celebrities Spencer and Heidi Pratt, the Miz has lost his voice (big pop). But the Miz wants you to know that he had the best Thanksgiving ever, celebrating the win by his team - Team Miz - at Survivor Series. The Miz also wants you to know that he's the best U.S. Heavyweight Champion ever, because he's the Miz" and Miz stopped him twice for not being enthusiastic enough, and finally finished with "I'm awesome!" The crowd finished the phrase, but booed like hell when they were done. It was fun.

7. Triple H and Kofi Kingston defeated Legacy in 20 mins. Legacy had some serious heat. Kofi got a decent pop, but the one for H was outrageous. This was a great match, which saw 2 or 3 hot tags. Kofi and Dibiase really worked well together. Legacy had Triple H in the corner with Kofi on the floor, when f@#$%*# Hornswoggle came out and "distracted" Legacy. Hornswoggle was wearing all kinds of DX crap and warmed up the band for some "sweet chin music" (a la Dude Love) and kicked Rhodes. He and Ted turned around to a Pedigree and Trouble in Paradise, respectively. H and Kofi posed afterwards, and H put Kofi over pretty well. H posed for 5 mins and gave everyone sitting around ringside and the aisle five as he walked back.

8. John Cena pinned Randy Orton to retain WWE Title in 25 minutes. GREAT match. Orton knows how to heel it up for a crowd. He had the strongest heel reaction of the night, with about 75 percent boos and 25 percent cheers. Cena's pop was so loud that I couldn't even hear his music. I see why Vince doesn't turn him heel-he's a cash cow. Cena hit the top rope Fameasser, which looked pretty good. He also hit his five moves of doom. Orton is fantastic at what he does. Smooth match. By far the best of the night.

Biggest Pops:
Triple H

Best Heat:
Orton (by a mile)

Notes: Overall, it was a really fun show. I sat in the $15 seats, and there wasn't a bad seat in the house. There were tons of kids there. To anybody that doesn't believe that kayfabe exists, come to East Tennessee. There were mullets and maniacs galore. Kayfabe is alive and well in East Tennessee.

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