11/15 WWE in London, England: A.J. Lee collapses during a Divas tag match, Paul Heyman pays for badmouthing Ryback on Raw, Daniel Bryan and C.M. Punk vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, Prime Time Players vs. Hunico and Camacho

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Nov 15, 2013 - 09:32 PM

WWE Live Event
London, England at the O2 Arena
Report by Dot Net reader Simes

I attended my first WWE show tonight since SummerSlam back in 1992. I had recently become very interested to see the difference in the product after all this time, so I bought a ticket after hearing the promotion was heading back to town. I arrived at the O2 Arena around 6.40pm, and the place appeared to be around 70 percent full. The show started exactly at 7:30 pm and, after the lights went out for a one-minute countdown on the video screens. The lights came back on and Tony Chimel was already in the ring and announced the first match. Not even a "Hello London", which I thought was odd.

1. The Prime Time Players defeated Hunico and Camacho. Some slick double-teaming by the Players initially, until an error let their opponents work over Darren Young. During Hunico and Camacho’s double teaming Darren Young appeared to botch a spot for the opposition, but the crowd seemed occupied with a "Yes" chant. The tide turned with a hot tag to Titus O’Neil and after a little more offence Titus scored the win after a sit-out spinebuster.

2. Ryback defeated Justin Gabriel. As soon as the bell sounded, the crowd started a "Goldberg" chant at Ryback. The match was quite evenly matched and paced, with both men sharing equal offence. There were some great counters from Gabriel, including a slingshot dive over the top rope to the outside. Ryback's strength soon took advantage, with an impressive Gorilla press. Gabriel retaliated briefly with a springboard moonsault and some cross-bodies but inevitably Ryback picked up the win after a shell shocked.

Tony Chimel then announced that the next match would be a Divas Fan Choice match – either a singles match or a tag team match. Based on the crowd’s applause, a tag team match followed.

3. The Bella Twins defeated Divas champion AJ Lee and Tamina. Some great offence and double-teams from both Bellas, but Tamina demonstrated her strength. The Bellas fought back, but Tamina overpowered them and exchanged some quick tags with AJ. The crowd was heavily into the duelling "Let’s go Cena/Cena sucks" chant at this time. I did not see exactly how, but at some point AJ took a bump to the outside as Tamina was rolled-up for the pin. The personnel at the ringside signaled for medical assistance and attended to AJ for around five minutes. The crew at this point dimmed the overhead lights above the situation and played promotional videos on the screens. AJ eventually was helped to her feet and aided backstage.

Tony Chimel then mentioned the WWE VIP Experience available through their website.

4. The Great Khali defeated Jinder Mahal. This match was truly awful, with Mahal carrying Khali through the match because of Khali’s limited offence. Khali eventually got the win, but this match had no place on this show. Very poor.

Tony Chimel was then about to announce the next match when Paul Heyman (with crutch, leg brace, and neck brace), Ryback and Intercontinental champion Curtis Axel came out to the ring. Heyman’s presence generated a huge CM Punk chant from the crowd. Heyman got on the mic and said that not only did he blame CM Punk for his injuries but also every single person in the crowd, and he was going to tell everyone present, on by one, how much he hates them. After insulting a couple of people individually in the crowd, CM Punk came out with a kendo stick to an enormous pop. Punk advised Ryback to leave the ring unless he also wanted a beating, and to remember Heyman’s insult from Monday night.

Ryback left and, as he past Punk, said into Punk’s mic "Beat his ass". Punk gave Axel a ten-count to leave the ring and , with a few seconds left, Axel ran to the back. After briefly teasing to leave after Heyman yelled at him, Punk repeatedly beat Heyman with the kendo stick. The lights then went out and The Wyatt Family entered the area. Harper and Gowan attacked Punk when the lights came back on, then Daniel Bryan ran to the ring to make the save to another huge pop. Punk asked the crowd if they’d like to see him and Daniel Bryan take on the Wyatt’s, and the crowd cheered their approval.

5. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan defeated Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. Harper and Rowan worked over Bryan who eventually made the hot tag to Punk, and they then did the same to him. Punk made a tag to Bryan again, who hit a lot of his signature moves with some or little effect on the Wyatts. The finish came when, after hitting his corner knee/bulldog, Punk dived on Bray and Harper. Punk went back in for Rowan and set him up for the GTS. Bray Wyatt, who had interfered the whole match, grabbed Punk’s leg and as Punk pulled away he swung Rowan into the ref, hitting him. After another successful GTS attempt, Punk covered for the pin. The half hour between Heyman coming out, the beat down that followed and the ensuing match was the best part of the show for me.

Tony Chimel then advertised the merchandise on sale, WrestleMania XXX tickets going on sale, WWE2K14 and the Survivor Series.

6. Jimmy and Jay Uso defeated Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre. Very even offence from both team during this match, and a lot of posing also. A great double over the top rope dive onto Slater and McIntyre from both Usos had the crowd cheering. Slater and McIntyre fought back briefly with some great double-teaming, but after a huge double-superkick and top rope splash on Slater the Usos picked up the win.

7. Curtis Axel defeated R-Truth to retain the Intercontinental Title. Axel began the match with some heavy shots on Truth, but the challenger responded with some of his own. Axel then beat down R-Truth outside the ring before throwing him back in. Axel followed with his legendary father’s running snapmare from the corner, which was great to see him do. Truth regained control, but was forced into the corner by Axel who set up an electric chair drop. As Axel executed it, Truth pulled off the top corner pad. Truth seconds later had Axel pinned , but the referee was busy putting the pad back on. Truth got up the argue with the ref, and was rolled up by Axel for the pin

Tony Chimel then thanked the crowd for coming and announced they would return next May.

8. John Cena defeated Alberto Del Rio to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. Cena came out to the biggest pop of the night and was attacked by Del Rio during the ring introductions. The crowd began the dueling Cena chants, just as Cena missed a shoulder block and fell outside the ring. The two fought outside the Del Rio reversed an irish whip and sent Cena into the ring steps. After a brief Cena comeback Del Rio focused on Cena’s recently injured arm but, after attempting a dropkick, Del Rio flew through the middle ropes and landed badly outside. There were some great near falls when Cena hit a tornado DDT and his top rope leg drop, also when Del Rio got the title belt from outside and hit Cena with it. Finally Del Rio attempted another superkick, only for Cena to catch him in the Attitude Adjustment and the pin.

Afterwards Cena got on the mic and thanked the crowd and compared them to a WrestleMania crowd. He said he hoped that WrestleMania XXXI is in London as the city deserved it.

Notes: Overall, with a couple of exceptions, I’d enjoyed the show. Vince’s monster from 1992 is now a behemoth. And just as I saw Savage/Warrior and Hart/Smith back in 1992, those little kids wearing the Cena and Punk t-shirts tonight have their heroes…just as I did. And that’s what WWE is good at.

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