10/4 WWE in Syracuse NY live event: Triple H messes with Big Show again, Bo Dallas defends NXT title, and Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton

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Oct 5, 2013 - 03:10 PM

WWE Live Event
October 4 in Syracuse, NY
Report by Dot Net reader David Shalala.

First let me start out by saying this is my first live event in 5 years, and I even got paid to watch it! (I was doing duty as a paramedic tonight, so I got to do the standby). The arena was about 2/3 full, holding about 2500 fans. Good mix of young and old, lots of kids with parents.

1. Brodus Clay defeated Fandango in 5:35. Good comedy match to start. No Funkadactyls even though Naomi is wrestling later. No Summer Rae. Nothing special with this match but a good opener. I just stop and think sometimes what Brodus could have been if he was a monster rule breaker.

2. Bo Dallas defeated Curt Hawkins to retain the NXT title in 7:56. Bo was getting good heat, and I can see how he will be a big star someday. Hawkins was better than I remember him, which isn't hard if you are booked poorly. One interesting thing about the match is that it reminded me of an 80's wrestling match, in that the moves and pattern of the match was like what I would watch circa 1987. Little things like showing the title to all 4 sides, playing to the crowd, etc. Good to bring back memories of the "good old days." Bo won with a Spike Dudley drop type move.

3. Prime Time Players defeated the Real Americans in 10:14. No Zeb, which kinda sucks, but good tag action. Crowd popped when they thought the big swing was coming, but Antonio changed his mind and tagged out, which got big boos. Titus got the pin on Antonio. Another little thing that makes a big deal to me: tag ropes were used!

Miz, Dolph Ziggler, and Big Show vs. The Shield in 6 man tag never happened. Just before the Shield came out, HHH sent a decree saying Big Show couldn't wrestle tonight, and had to sit at ringside for the main event. Instead, it was Miz/Ziggler vs. Rollins/Reigns for tag belts.

4. The Shield defeated The Miz and Dolph Ziggler to retain the tag titles at 18:34. Miz had his left shoulder taped. He did a lot of Flair mannerisms and Rollins tried to get the crowd to cheer for him when he bounced off the ropes like Flair used to.

Intermission, where you could get your picture taken with Bob Backlund! I didn't think he was still around, but a nice cool addition to the card (if not in uniform i would have waited in line!)

5. Naomi (with Cameron) defeated Brie Bella (with Nikki). The fans voted for a match (52%-what were the other 48% smoking?). Brie played the heel here, and wanted to dance. Funny part of the night: Brie danced to "It's raining Men" and Naomi danced to "Bust a Move" . Both great 80's songs! Match got underway and Naomi won in 5:00 with a sunset flip.

6. Kofi Kingston defeated Big E Langston in 10:51. Lots of power moves by E (who is HUGE in person). Classic big guy vs. little guy match. Better than expected.

7. Daniel Bryan defeated Randy Orton in 12:30. Good action from these two, as expected. Big knee to finish the match kinda came out of nowhere. Shield ran in after and Miz and Ziggler ran in, got beat down, and saved by Big Show (who had to sit and ringside as above). The Shield took the finishers of Ziggler, Miz, and Bryan to send the crowd home happy.

Biggest Pops
Bryan and the "yes" chants
The Miz (surprise to me)
The Big Show
Randy Orton (when he first came out)

Biggest Heat
HHH announcement of Big Show going to the back
Shield getting the pin
Bo Dallas

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