10/18 WWE in Cairo, Egypt: Results from the first night of the Egyptian tour, featuring Kofi Kingston defending the Intercontinental Title in a triple threat, and Sheamus teaming with Zack Ryder to face Big Show and Alberto Del Rio

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Oct 20, 2012 - 09:57 AM

Dot Net reader Mina Shawky sent along the following results from the October 18 WWE Supershow in Cairo, Egypt.

The stadium was 25-30% full (given tickets were really expensive especially on the front row)

1. R Truth defeated Titus O'Neil. Truth won via pinfall. Cody Rhodes attacked R-Truth and claimed he'll win the Intercontinental Championship in the triple threat match.

2. Seth Rollins defeated Jindar Mahal. Rollins won via pinfall. The Miz attacked Mahal and claimed he would win the Intercontinental Championship.

3. Kaitlyn defeated Natalya. Kaitlyn won via pinfall. Natalya, although heel, was the crowd favorite.

4. Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz and Cody Rhodes to retain the Intercontinental Championship. Kofi got the loudest pop so far from the crowd. Miz talked a little Arabic which was lots of fun.


5. Wade Barrett defeated Ted DiBiase via pinfall.

6. Dolph Ziggler defeated Darren Young via pinfall.

7. Sheamus and Zack Ryder defeated Big Show and Alberto Del Rio. Big Show knocked out Alberto and Sheamus hit the brogue kick on Big Show for the win. Big Show and Sheamus got the loudest pops from the crowd tonight.

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