3/8 Barnett's WWE Smackdown on SyFy Live Review: Team Hell No, Ryback, Alberto Del Rio, Mark Henry and more in action live in Smackdown

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3/8 Barnett's WWE Smackdown on SyFy Live Review: Team Hell No, Ryback, Alberto Del Rio, Mark Henry and more in action live in Smackdown
Mar 8, 2013 - 07:00 PM

By Jake Barnett

WWE Smackdown on SyFy
Taped 3/5 in Albany, New York.

[Q1] The show was dedicated in memory of Paul Bearer. The WWE Narrator opened the show and focused on the conflict between Orton and Sheamus and The Shield. It showed Big Show as he knocked out Roman Reigns, and then plugged Sheamus vs. Big Show for the main event, and questioned whether or not the Shield will interfere. He then moved on to Jack Swagger and his embarrassment of the legends on Monday, and Del Rio vs. Ziggler in the co-main event.

The show opened with Jack Swagger's music, and he and Zeb Colter walked towards the ring. The announce team plugged the WrestleMania match between Swagger and Del Rio. Swagger welcomed us to his America. He then said he would be the future World Heavyweight Champion. He asked the crowd to show respect for his mentor and Real American Zeb Colter. Colter tweaked his mustache and said he wanted to get right down to it. He said he wanted the crowd to admit to themselves that they share the same values as Jack and himself. He said the reality of it is that we can all see what's wrong with our country, but people were to afraid and too scared to do anything about it. He asked if the crowd knew someone who lost a job because someone else had sneaked across the borders to work for a few pesos. He said that was the reason he and Jack had become our spokesman.

He claimed they wanted to right a new bill of rights for legal citizens. He and Swagger said we the people have had enough. Swagger then said he will draw a line in the sand and take America back. They said they are the solution and if the people don't agree they are the problem. Alberto Del Rio's music then hit and he headed onto the stage. Del Rio said they've got it all wrong. He said he and the people are the solution, and he wanted to show everyone what Jack Swagger's America was all about.

A parody clip of Del Rio and Ricardo was shown imitating Colter and Swagger. They clowned around for a bit and then said they had a message for all Americans. They talked about a threat facing all Americans, and that's Mexican food. He said real Americans can't handle that kind of food, and you can't rule the world if they can't leave the bathroom. Del Rio mentioned a bunch of Mexican foods in American restaurants, and said they weren't even Mexican foods. He then said they should each real American food like Pizza and French Fries. Del Rio said they love Pizza, Tacos, Nachos, and Chimichangas. Del Rio's music hit and he snickered at Swagger, who looked steamed in the ring. The announce team put over Swagger vs. Ziggler...[c]

Barnett's Brief: Well, that didn't do a whole lot for me, but I'm sure there will be lots of people who liked it. The live crowd had a few chuckles, but this was basically a different way of saying the same things this story has been going over for weeks. I don't think they had much planned for this besides the basic immigration tropes, and that's sad.

[Q2] The announce team covered Sweet T and Brodus as they defeated 3MB on Monday. 3MB was already in the ring. Team Hell No's music hit and they headed out to the ring.

1. Team Hell No vs. 3MB: McIntyre and Kane started and traded punches and clotheslines. Kane hit a back elbow for a one count, and McIntyre then tagged in Slater. Kane hit a clothesline and tagged in Bryan, and they hit a double team drop kick in the corner. Slater picked up Bryan for a powerbomb, but Bryan ended up dumping him to the outside with a reversal. McIntryre and Slater worked over Bryan on the outside, and then McIntyre made a tag in the ring. The continued the double team on Bryan in the corner with fast tags.

Bryan ducked a clothesline form McIntyre and hit a back suplex. He made a tag to Kane, who ate a big punch from Kane. He followed up with a high knee and a low dropkick. Slater attempted a top rope double axe handle but Kane hit an uppercut instead. Next, Kane hit a side suplex. Mahal jumped on the apron and distracted Kane, which allowed some temporary offense for Slater. Bryan made a blind tag, and he and Kane had a miscommunication. Slater took advantage with a rollup, but Bryan reversed into the No Lock for the submission win.

Team Hell No defeated 3MB at 3:49.

Dolph Ziggler, AJ, and Big E were interviewed by Matt Striker. Ziggler said he had been chosen by the WWE Universe, because he's going to steal the show. He then said that Swagger told him earlier he was chosen because he didn't swim through sewage to make it into this country. He said he would make history, and AJ was bubbly and agreed. Mark Henry and Ryback had a stare down backstage...[c]

Barnett's Brief: Meh. I'm tired of Team Hell No, and was never into 3MB. Ziggler needs some wins to get past this weird slump he's in. The addition of Big E and AJ to his act have made it feel more like a side show than anything to do with the main event.

Brad Maddox joined on commentary. Cole introduced a clip of Triple H from this past Monday's Raw. Cole said Lesnar would answer Triple H on Monday. Damien Sandow was in the ring and said he was being forced to fight a barbarian that Darwin's theory of evolution had forgotten. He said instead of feeding of his soul with art, he was content with....and Ryback's music hit.

[Q3] 2. Ryback vs. Damien Sandow: Ryback dominated the opening minute with a toss and a huge power slam. Sandow attempted to roll outside, but Ryback tossed him right back in. He climbed out to the apron on the other side of the ring and hung Ryback on the ropes. Sandow ran around the ring and got the jump on Ryback as he slid under the ropes. Ryback worked some strikes and choked him on the bottom rope, and then slipped off his knee pad and dropped a knee.

Ryback reversed his fortunes with a toss and then hit a huge spinebuster. Ryback fired up and revved up for the meat hook clothesline, and then hit it. Ryback picked up Sandow and hit Shell Shocked for the pin.

Ryback defeated Damien Sandow at 3:19.

Barnett's Brief: Sandow was good on the mic, but the match was flat. Ryback is on the back burner for WrestleMania in terms of storylines, and I'm sure it has a bit to do with him still not having it all together on the mic.

The announcers plugged The Undertaker in clip form for later...[c]

A clip was shown from Monday when Raw went off th air, and showed The Shield hit Big Show with a powerbomb. Show spoke to Matt Striker backstage. Show said he didn't know what The Shield's beef was. He didn't pick sides, and he blamed Randy Orton and Sheamus. Big Show put up his fist and said that's his answer to all of them. He asked Striker if he needed anything else. In the arena, Ricardo Rodriguez introduced Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio then made his ring entrance, and Maddox was brutal on commentary trying to talk about how he was improving the show...[c]

[Q4] A FaaaaanDaaaaangogogogogo vignette aired. Dolph Zigger's then made his ring entrance.

3. Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio: The match opened with a punch and kick contest, and Ziggler took an early advantage. Ziggler hit a stinger splash and then choked Del Rio on the bottom rope. Del Rio then distracted the ref and Big E smashed Del Rio with a forearm. Ricardo hit Big E with a slap and he stalked him in return. AJ restrained Big E and then got water tossed on her from Ricardo for the trouble. AJ chased Ricardo around the ring and the ref tossed her and Big E from ringside...[c]

Ziggler dropped an elbow on Del Rio, and they replayed Ricardo tossing a bucker of water on AJ. Ziggler hit a sunset flip for a two count, and a clothesline a few seconds later. He then applied a body scissors and eventually a sleeper, but Del Rio escaped and hit a kick to the ribs. Zigger missed a splash in the corner and landed on the top turnbuckle crotch first. Del Rio climbed the ropes and hit some kind of back suplex where Ziggler rotated around and lasted chest first. Del Rio hit a superkick on Ziggler and got a very close near fall.

[Q5] Del Rio called for the cross arm breaker, but Ziggler avoided it. Del Rio tied up Ziggler in the ropes and hit forearm shots to his kidneys. He then hit a backstabber for another near fall. Del Rio climbed to the top rope, but Ziggler popped up and hit a drop kick. He made a cover for a near fall of his own. Del Rio recovered and surprised Ziggler with a German Suplex pin attempt for a close fall. Del Rio charged at Ziggler, who jumped off the bottom rope into a swinging DDT for another near fall. He went for the Zig Zag, but Del Rio held onto the ropes. Del Rio attempted the cross arm breaker, but Ziggler rolled him up for a two count. Del Rio quickly applied the cross armbreaker for the tap out victory.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler at 13:28.

Backstage, AJ toweled off and Daniel Bryan walked up. AJ asked if he enjoyed seeing her humiliated. He said after she left him at the altar, yes. AJ asked if he was still on that, and she said her boyfriend knew how to treat a woman like her. She told Bryan the only reason she wasn't with him was because she was attacked, and unlike him, she got along with her partner. She said she was dating the money in the bank briefcase holder and soon the World Champion. Bryan pointed out he held the title while they dated, and she said he lost it in 18 seconds. He said with Dolph Ziggler, he should be used to things lasting 18 seconds. She nearly corpsed as they went to commercial...[c]

Barnett's Brief: Good match from Del Rio and Ziggler, as usual, and a funny segment with AJ and Ricardo during the match. Her interaction with Bryan afterwards was also fun, and a reminder of the chemistry they once had on screen.

Yoshi Tatsu was dragged out of moth balls, and put in the ring for a match. Mark Henry made his ring entrance next.

4. Mark Henry vs. Ryback: Henry clubbed Tatsu and launched him into the air for pancake. He then jumped on Tatsu to literally squash him, for tonight's moment of irony. Henry then hit the World's Strongest Slam for the pin.

Mark Henry defeated Yoshi Tatsu for the win at 0:38.

[Q6] The Donald Trump Hall of Fame video package was then aired, and then a recap of this year's hall of fame class. Sheamus was interviewed backstage, and Striker told him about Big Show blaming him for Monday's attack by the Shield. Sheamus said Show doesn't think anything is his fault. He then made a Shrek joke, a toilet clogging joke, and to cap off the stupid, a joke about Big Show's gear not smelling particularly good. He then said it woulds be his fault later when he kicked Show's head off his shoulder.

Barnett's Brief; Not much to say about Henry and Tatsu. The Trump hall of fame video was well done, and Sheamus could not be less interesting on the microphone.

The Rock and John Cena's point counterpoint was shown from Monday. They covered all the high points, and it seemed like they piped in some extra crowd noise compared to Monday. Kaitlyn was shown in the ring along with Tamina. No ring entrances for either of them.

5. Tamina vs. Kaitlyn: Kaitlyn went hard face first into the middle rope in what appeared to be a mistimed move early on, and rolled to the floor. Tamina sent Layla into the ring barrier, and tossed Kaitlyn back into the ring. Layla tried to get into the ring, and distracted Kaitlyn. Tamina hit a Samoan Drop, and picked up the victory.

Tamina defeated Kaitlyn at 1:20.

Backstage, Cody Rhodes was watching Kaitlyn on a monitor backstage. Damien Sandow walked up and Cody asked what he thought of Kaitlyn. He said she was a commendable in ring performer. Cody said no, he meant what he thought of her as a woman. Sandow then said she did the best she could, coming from a poor genetic pool. Rhodes continued to stare at her on the monitor. Cole put over video from the Undetaker's return as next...[c]

Barnett's Brief: OOF, that rope spot looked like it hurt. I can't imagine that wasn't called early as a result. Rhodes developing a thing for Kaitlyn is at least something interesting for them both to do.

[Q7] Justin Gabriel was in the ring, when Fandango's music chit and his dance partner made her entrance. Fandango then walked on stage and grabbed a microphone. He said no, that's unacceptable. He looked at Lilian and said he wouldn't debut until she got his name properly. She tried his name a few times, and he dismissed her both times. He asked if everyone here were incompetent. He said everyone could thank Jillian for missing the debut of Fandango. Backstage, Teddy and Booker bickered about Fandango. Booker told Teddy to go tell Fandango that the next time he books him in a match he better wrestle it.

Cole then introduced a clip of The Undertaker's return from Monday, as well as the fatal four way that determined CM Punk would face him as WrestleMania. Sheamus then made his ring entrance for the main event...[c]

Barnett's Brief: Fandango is pushing the right buttons to get some heat prior to his real in ring debut. The Taker video package was very good. He and Punk's built is off to a great start.

A Swagger and Colter video aired, and Colter recalled a time when a smiling man would bag his groceries and thank him in English. Now, they can't even say a word to you. He then talked about calling a call center and having to press a number to get english, and he's even heard that kids in school are being forced to learn Spanish. He said when real Americans talk, you should be able to understand what they say. He said it is the language of our land, and we have enemies trying to overtake it. He said individually all he can do is talk, but collectively we can take back our country.

[Q8] In the arena, Big Show made his ring entrance. A clip was then shown of last week's Shield interference.

6. Sheamus vs. Big Show: Both men brawled around the ring early. Show slowed things down with a couple of head butts. Sheamus tried to pick up the pace, but Show hit a spear and Sheamus rolled to the outside. Show chased and slapped Sheamus in the chest. Sheamus got back into the ring, and Show got up on the apron. Sheamus wrapped Show up and went for clubbing blows, but the last one hit Show in the face. Show pulled Sheamus out to ringside and then tossed him into the timekeeper's area...[c]

Big Show hit a side slam and climbed up to the second rope. Sheamus clubbed him in the bank and then picked him up briefly on his shoulders. Big Show slipped out and picked up Sheamus in a Power Bomb position and then fell backwards and tossed Sheamus over his head. Big Show hit repeated slaps to Sheamus's chest, and then grabbed him in a choke. Sheamus head butted away and hit a series of forearms and knees to knock Show down. He then climbed the ropes and jumped right into a Big Show choke. Show went for the choke slam, but Sheamus reversed into a DDT.

Sheamus went for white noise, but Show blocked it. Show then missed a knockout punch, and Sheamus picked him up for white noise. Sheamus fired up for the Brogue Kick, and Show got out of the way to the outside. Sheamus then shoulder tackled Big Show from the outside. Big Show hit a punch to the ribs and tossed Sheamus back in. He got on the apron in time to eat a Brogue Kick. The Shield's music then hit and they surrounded the ring and Sheamus.

Orton ran out and jumped into the ring. The Shield double teamed Sheamus, and then Orton. Big Show woke up and the three of them cleared The Shield from the ring. Show hit a KO punch on Sheamus, and then Orton hit an RKO on Big Show. Orton stood tall and The Shield looked on from the crowd.

Big Show and Sheamus ended in a no contest at 11:18.

Barnett's Brief: Well, that was a pretty typical Big Show and Sheamus match, and a predictable ending. It wasn't bad though, and it's pretty well locked up that this will be a WrestleMania match. I hope we see character evolutions from Orton and Sheamus out of this. They are both pretty boring right now. I think Big Show has been a much more interesting character since getting out of his title feud with Del Rio.

Questions, comments and concerns? Contact me at barnett.jake@gmail.com or on twitter @barnettjake.




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