12/17 Powell's WWE Raw Live Coverage: 2012 WWE Slammy Awards, fallout from the TLC pay-per-view

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12/17 Powell's WWE Raw Live Coverage: 2012 WWE Slammy Awards, fallout from the TLC pay-per-view
Dec 17, 2012 - 07:00 PM

By Jason Powell

WWE Raw on the USA Network
Live from Philadelphia, Pa.

[Q1] The show opened with a Slammy video that included wrestlers past and present and hyped that the fan voting determines the outcome... Michael Cole introduced the show from ringside and was joined by Jerry Lawler and JBL. All three men were dressed in tuxedos. They showed still shots of the TLC match and JBL said The Shield dominated Ryback, Kane, and Daniel Bryan...

Powell's POV: The classic footage in the opening video made the Slammy's feel important. Sadly, the awards never feel prestigious because WWE has too many joke categories. I was surprised to hear JBL include Ryback in the domination talk. I thought they would be more protective with him. I was waiting for Jerry Lawler or Michael Cole to come to his defense. It's also worth noting that JBL said the TLC match should be considered a match of the year candidate in next year's Slammy Awards. Does anyone know when the cutoff is? I didn't think so.

1. Rey Mysterio (w/Sin Cara) vs. Damien Sandow (w/Cody Rhodes's Mustache). Cole noted that Rhodes Scholars will be challenging Kane and Daniel Bryan for the WWE Tag Titles on Wednesday's Main Event. In the end, Mysterio hit the 619 and followed up with a top rope splash for the clean win...

Rey Mysterio defeated Damien Sandow in 3:10.

Powell's POV: WWE actually taped the tag title match for Main Event earlier tonight, so the live crowd saw Rhodes and Sandow twice already. The result of that match is available on the main page.

Booker T came out to present the first Slammy Award - The Tell Me I Did Not Just See That Award. Booker said it's for the most shocking moment of the year. He pimped the WWE app as the only way to vote. He pulled out his phone and asked fans to join him in downloading the app and voting. Ugh.

The nominees were the Brad Maddox low blow at Hell in a Cell, Sheamus beating Daniel Bryan in 18 seconds at WrestleMania 28. Kofi Kingston avoiding elimination at the Royal Rumble by walking on his hands. The Rock being clotheslined by C.m. Punk at Raw 1000.

Before Booker could announce the winner, Boogeyman's music played and he crawled onto the stage. "He's still got that alarm clock," Cole noted. Boogeyman pulled out the worms. [C]

Powell's POV: Oh boy, we're off to a rocky start. I'm sure some folks will be happy to see the Boogeyman again. I love good nostalgia, but I can't say I've had a strong desire to see him again. The live crowd seemed to feel the same. For whatever it's worth, there were a few Chris Jericho clips in the opening video.

[Q2] After the break, Boogeyman was gone. Booker did the "tell me I did not just see that" line to a very mild reaction. The drum roll started. Brad Maddox walked out assume he was the winner. Kofi Kingston won the Tell Me I Did Not Just See That Award. Kingston came out and took the trophy while Maddox looked upset. Kingston said he always wanted to win a Slammy and thanked the fans for making his dream come true...

2. Eve vs. Kaitlyn in a non-title match. No televised intro for either Diva. Kaitlyn caught Eve on the ropes and then dropped her stomach first onto her knee. Kaitlyn pinned Eve and then draped the title belt over Eve afterward. Kaitlyn laid down and pretended to pose for picture like Eve would do...

Kaitlyn pinned Eve in a non-title match in 2:05.

Powell's POV: Eve's streak of working programs with Kaitlyn and/or Layla continues.

The New Age Outlaws were introduced to present the Comeback of the Year award. Billy Gunn read the list of nominees from his hand as a gag. The nominees were Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, DX at Raw 1000, and Jerry Lawler returning from a heart attack... [C]

Powell's POV: I guess The Rock's first singles match in the main event of WrestleMania 29 wasn't nomination worthy. Did they give him the award last year since he worked a tag match at Survivor Series? They did not during Raw, but I suppose it's possible he got one of the even more ridiculous off-camera awards. My guess is that they simply wanted Lawler to win the award.

After the break, the Outlaws announced the winner. Jerry Lawler won Comeback of the Year. Lawler jogged to the podium and said he shouldn't run like that or he'll give himself another heart attack. He thanked the fans and said it is great to be back.

[Q3] 3. Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Tensai in a non-title match. Kingston caught Tensai with the Trouble in Paradise kick and pinned him. After the match, Wade Barrett attacked Kingston and left him lying after the Bull Hammer...

Kofi Kingston pinned Tensai in a non-title match in 1:10.

Powell's POV: Mysterio and Kingston are the only wrestlers who have received televised ring entrances tonight. It was good to see Barrett attack Kingston to keep their feud going. I mentioned last night that Barrett losing wasn't such a bad thing as long as the followup was okay. The followup angle was quick, yet effective.

The announcers treated the viewers like morons by explaining how to download the WWE app so they could take part in the voting...

Powell's POV: Hey, kids, pull out the device known as a cellphone from your pocket. Turn it on by pressing the button. Go to the location where you buy these things called apps. Search for Prowrestling.net or even pro wrestling. Download the Prowrestling.net app. Rate it the greatest app in the history of mankind.

Vickie Guerrero came out to boos and introduced the nominees for Kiss of the Year. The nominees all involved A.J. for her kisses with Daniel Bryan, Kane, C.M. Punk, and John Cena... [C]

Powell's POV: Okay, that made me chuckle. It does suck that after having such a hot pay-per-view, we get a campy comedy awards show as a followup.

After the break, Vickie said she would never be nominated for the award because she wouldn't abuse her power like A.J. Lee. A.J. and John Cena won Kiss of the Year. A.J. skipped onto the stage. Vickie said she should explain her actions. A.J. took the Slammy Award and said she doesn't owe anyone anything.

Vickie said A.J. is trash and Dolph Ziggler knows it. They bickered. Dolph Ziggler came out and stood between them. A.J. taunted Vickie and then jumped into Ziggler's arms and kissed him. Dolph kissed her back. Vickie stormed away and the kiss continued. A.J. skipped to the back with her award. Ziggler ran after her...

The Great Khali and Natalya made their entrance...

Powell's POV: So the idea is not that A.J. and Dolph colluded beforehand. Rather, it seems A.J.'s character acted on her own, but now Ziggler is smitten after she kissed him. By the way, the ad for Friday's Smackdown focussed on Sheamus and Big Show. Um, don't they have a live special to promote for tomorrow night?

[Q4] [C] 4. The Great Khali (w/Natalya) vs. David Otunga. With a chop chop here, and a chop chop there, here a chop, there a chop, everywhere a chop chop. Khali won with a chop...

The Great Khali pinned David Otunga in 1:50.

Powell's POV: It's my job to cover this show and even I couldn't stop myself from checking the score of a Monday Night Football game that I don't really care about.

Lawler said there was a special presenter for the Superstar of the Year. "Woooooo!" a voice could be heard saying. The nominees for Superstar of the Year were Sheamus, John Cena, C.M. Punk, and Big Show. Cole said they would name the winner and their special guest after the break... [C]

Powell's POV: Well, that was a hell of a hook for the commercial break.

Justin Roberts introduced Ric Flair to present the Superstar of the Year award. The fans popped big for the announcement and stood and clapped as Flair walked onto the stage wearing a suit. "I wonder why I love Philadelphia," Flair said. "Good lord what a crowd. You guys are as live as ever, man. Monday Night Raw and the Nature Boy is back in town."

Flair said he can't tell anyone where he'll be later in the night because he'd get in trouble. "Maybe later on," Flair said. He opened the envelope and said, "Oh my God, it's my man." John Cena won the Superstar of the Year award. Lots of boos with some cheers mixed in.

[Q5] Cena walked onto the stage and hugged Flair. Cena smiled and told Flair, "You were right, they are a lively crowd here tonight." He thanked the fans for "all the noise." Cena soaked up the boos by smiling and putting his hands on his hips. He said the superstar of the year embodies hustle, loyalty, and respect.

Cena said that out of respect, the superstar of the year should be the greatest superstar of all time. He said it's great to see Flair back where he belongs. Cena presented the award to Flair. "He's too much," Flair said. "I don't know why you guys don't like him more."

C.M. Punk's music played and he used crutches to get to the podium as Paul Heyman walked behind him. Lawler said Punk probably thinks he should have won. JBL said he thinks Punk should have won. Punk complained about fans who voted for Cena and said it was probably the worst year of his career. He ran through the low-lights of Cena's year and called him a loser like the Philadelphia fans.

Punk said Cena grew up wanting to be like Flair. Punk said he grew up only wanting to be himself. After taking some insults, Flair looked at his rolex and said he couldn't tell the time because of all the diamonds. Flair said he hasn't been in WWE but he's been watching. Punk said he could kick Flair's ass even with one leg.

Punk told Flair to talk about baggage. Flair said baggage being his two Hall of Fame rings or his four ex-wives. Flair laughed at his own joke. Punk said he's happy that Flair mentioned it before he did and said again that he could beat Flair on one leg. Flair took of his jacket and threw it at Punk. Flair went to the ring and strutted. Punk started to make his way down to the ring. [C]

Powell's POV: Did WWE and TNA settle their legal dispute? I'm surprised to see Flair simply because WWE attorneys stated to a judge during that hearing that they had no intention of bringing Flair back. I assumed he would return once the legal battle ran its course. Either way, it's a fun unexpected moment. It's no surprise that Punk would go after Flair like all of the legends, but that doesn't make it feel any less special to see him tearing into Flair.

Punk made his way into the ring with the crutches with Heyman behind him. Punk jabbed Flair with one of the crutches and slammed it over his back. Punk hobbled while performing the Flair strut. Flair poked Punk in the eye and then locked Heyman in the Figure Four. Flair's music played while Heyman screamed in pain.

Flair took the mic and said, "And I just came to have a good time." Flair told Jerry Lawler he loves him. "They ain't ever going to lose you and me, my friend," Flair said. He recalled telling Vince McMahon that if he dies he wants to die with a woman from Philadelphia. Flair said he's had more fun in Philly than anyone should have and he got paid to do it.

Flair was interrupted by The Shield's music. The announcers said Flair needs to leave the ring. "You can't be the man with these guys, Flair," Cole said as the show went to break... [C]

Powell's POV: This is a nice break from the Slammy silliness. The Shield following up with Flair after Punk and Heyman were ran off plays into the Punk and Shield alliance suspicions nicely.

[Q6] After the break, Flair was fighting in the ring with Dean Ambrose. Kane and Daniel Bryan were on the floor fighting with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Ambrose got the better of Flair and then helped his partners beat up Kane and Bryan. They set up Flair for the Triple Power Bomb by the announcers table.

Ryback's music played and he ran out and saved Flair. Ryback got the better of all three members of The Shield. He pressed Rollins above his head and dropped him onto the announcers' table. All four babyfaces entered the ring. Ryback shook Flair's hand. Flair thanked Bryan. He pulled them all in they all raised hands. Flair started to leave, but Ryback called him back. The three faces hoisted Flair onto their shoulders... [C]

Powell's POV: I enjoy what they're doing with Flair, but I don't like the way they seem to have moved on from The Shield going over strong at TLC. They acknowledged that early in the show, but they need to do more to back that up tonight. It was very cool to see Flair in the ring with younger stars such as The Shield, Daniel Bryan, and C.M. Punk. Let's see if they pimp Flair for the live Smackdown special. That would be one way to pop a rating for Tuesday's special.

Backstage, Flair spoke with Kane and Bryan. Kane said they finally got to The Shield. He yelled "Yes!" Bryan yelled "No!" and Flair yelled "Woooo." They did this until Ron Simmons showed up and did the Damn! bit...

5. Brodus Clay (w/Cameron, Naomi) vs. JTG. JTG had a brief run of offense, but Clay came back and won with a splash. Clay, Cameron, and Naomi danced with kids afterwards...

Brodus Clay pinned JTG in 1:50.

[Q7] Roberts introduced Santino Marella and Tensai to introduce the LOL Moment of the Year. Tensai went Shockmaster by tripping on the way out. he had his head bandaged with an icepack, so it was intentional. Santino tried to avoid laughing at Tensai. "Albert, it is your turn," Santino said. Tensai didn't say anything. Santino read his line for him. He said Tensai means Fat Albert in Japanese. When Tensai got upset, Santino claimed that's what it said on the teleprompter even though there were none.

The nominees for the LOL Award were The Rock's promo in Boston, Kane and Daniel Bryan in therapy, Randy Orton pouring food on Ricardo and slamming Matt Striker's face into food, and Vickie Guerrero dancing... [C]

Powell's POV: I still want a John Cena garden gnome. It was announced to the live crowd in Philly that Raw will return on March 25 for the penultimate edition before WrestleMania 29. Thanks to Mark Gessner and Agahzi.

The Rock won LOL Moment of the Year. Santino said Rock was not there to accept the award, which drew boos from the live crowd. Daniel Bryan walked out yelling No! because he felt he deserved to win...

6. Sin Cara (w/Rey Mysterio) vs. Cody Rhodes (w/Damien Sandow). Sin Cara's mood lighting was in play. A small chant for Cody's mustache broke out, but never gained momentum. Cody caught Sin Cara with CrossRhodes and pinned him clean...

Cody Rhodes pinned Sin Cara.

Powell's POV: Here's hoping that Cody's mustache just won the mood lighting from Sin Cara.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler once again told viewers how apps work because they apparently assume most of their viewers are stupid...

[Q8] Zack Ryder and Layla came out and told viewers how apps work because they assume WWE Raw viewers are stupid. They listed the nominees for Hashtag of the Year. The nominees were #FeedMeMore, #PeoplePower, #LittleJimmy, WWWYKI, and #RawViewersAreMoronsWhoDoNotKnowHowAppsWork... [C]

Powell's POV: I may have made up one of those nominees, but feel free to use it.

After the break, Ryback won the Hashtag of the Year award. Ryder said he would give the award to Ryback and then dished out his catchphrase...

Big Show was introduced and he brought the big chair from the pay-per-view with him. Show said it's okay that the fans let him down again by not voting for him for Superstar of the Year because he was still World Champion. The fans turned on Show with "boring" and "what?" chants. Show acknowledged them and threatened to sit down on the chair.

Sheamus's music played and he was in nice guy mode while talking about they beat the hell out of each other the night before. He offered Show a handshake. Show accepted, but then told him to get back to the line while calling him a potato eating Irishman and a ginger snap. Sheamus tackled Show and eventually hit him with giant chair...

[Q9] Dolph Ziggler came out with his MITB briefcase and a referee. John Cena ran out and attacked Ziggler before he could use it. There were more boos than cheers for Cena, who threw Ziggler into the barricade at ringside twice. Cole noted that the referee never rang the bell to start the match...

Powell's POV: It's the latest World Hvt. Championship program that won't end. I was hoping they would move on after the pay-per-view and revisit it again down the road, but it looks like it's not going away yet. The Ziggler tease was a nice way to get people engaged again. Philly seems like its second in line to Chicago for Cena's toughest towns.

3MB made their entrance. Ricardo Rodriguez introduced Alberto Del Rio, who still had a car in the aisle, yet walked out via the entrance area. Miz joined him... [C]

Powell's POV: Lawler referred to 3MB as the 3 Minute Band. That's really cool because my girlfriend calls me the 3 Minute Man. Oh, um, never mind.

Backstage, Dolph Ziggler complained to Vickie Guerrero about John Cena costing him the World Hvt. Championship. Vickie questioned Dolph about A.J. Ziggler asked Vickie what she was doing in the ring at TLC. She said she was doing her job and the rules were anything goes. Ziggler said he had no idea that A.J. would attack Cena. Ziggler told Vickie their relationship was over. Vickie told booked Ziggler and A.J. against Cena and herself...

In the ring, Miz recalled using Brooklyn Brawler as their partner the night before. He introduced "the heart and soul of ECW" Tommy Dreamer as their partner for this match...

7. Tommy Dreamer, Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo), and The Miz vs. Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre, and Jinder Mahal. Dreamer brought a kendo stick to the ring and received ECW chants followed by his name being chanted. Dreamer wore a House of Hardcore t-shirt. He went to the top rope and dove onto his three opponents at ringside heading into the break. [C]

[Q10] The match continued with 3MB working over The Miz. Cole said Slater fancies himself as the Axl Rose of his group. He said if that was the case they wouldn't be together. Miz made the hot tag to Del Rio, who got the better of Slater and then tagged in Dreamer. Dreamer DDT'd Slater and pinned him...

Tommy Dreamer, The Miz, and Alberto Del Rio defeated 3MB in 13:20.

Powell's POV: I wish Slater was the Axl Rose of the group because he wouldn't show up until after Raw went off the air and we'd never have to suffer through 3MB. He'd also put on a hell of a three-hour show, but that's beside the point. Honestly, I got a kick out of Slater as a singles act, but 3MB is the worst act WWE has put out in years. Meanwhile, Dreamer received a good reaction throughout the match.

Cole hyped that John Cena and Sheamus would face Big Show and Dolph Ziggler in the main event of the Super Smackdown special tomorrow night...

Sheamus came out and spoke about how good it felt to hit Big Show with the chair earlier. He introduced the Newcomer of the Year nominees - Antonio Cesaro, Brodus Clay, Damien Sandow, and Ryback... [C]

Powell's POV: Let the complaints begin that Cesaro is the only nominee who didn't have a run with WWE prior to this year. Calm down, nerds. You're getting pissed off about a godforsaken Slammy Award. Take a deep breath and think about that for a second.

[Q11] Ryback won the Newcomer of the Year award. Ryback recalled "the great Owen Hart" saying enough is enough and it's time for a change. "I am that change," Ryback said. He led the crowd in a Feed Me More chant. Ryback went to the ring. Antonio Cesaro came out and complained that the voting is rigged and he's the real newcomer of the year...

8. U.S. Champion Antonio Cesaro vs. Ryback in a non-title match. Cesaro slammed Ryback down and then went for the Neutralizer, but Ryback back dropped him. Ryback went to the corner and set up for a clothesline. Cesaro fled to ringside. Ryback pressed Cesaro over his head and threw him back inside the ring. Cesaro rolled out the other side and headed to the back...

Ryback defeated Antonio Cesaro by countout in 2:35.

Powell's POV: I assume this means Cesaro has a loss to Ryback coming soon, perhaps as early as Tuesday night on the live Smackdown. I'd keep the two apart if it were my call, but at least they didn't blow it off in one match.

Gene Okerlund, Ricky Steamboat, and Jim Ross were introduced to good ovations. They stood at the podium and silently for a bit. Okerlund finally set up the introduction for the final Slammy of the night for match of the year. Steamboat said he's won the match of the year on a couple of occasions and it's something he will take with him for the rest of his life.

Ross listed the nominees for match of the year - Undertaker vs. Triple H at WrestleMania 28, John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules, Sheamus vs. Big Show at Hell in a Cell, and John Cena vs. The Rock at WrestleMania 28... [C] Undertaker vs. Triple H won the Match of the Year award.

[Q12] Triple H's music played and he walked onto the stage wearing a suit. Hunter received a really good reaction when his music hit. He joked that he won the award for best hair in 1997 and pointed at his shorter hair. A "we want Taker" chant started as Triple H started to deliver his acceptance speech. Hunter paused and then started over.

Triple H described his match with Undertaker as magical. He said he was out there with two guys he respects more than anyone in the business, Shawn Michaels and Undertaker. He said he considers Taker the benchmark of what the business is all about. He said it was an honor to be part of it and it was the end of an era.

A "thank you, Hunter" chant started. Hunter thanked the fans and said he meant it from the bottom of his heart. He said he knows there's a million dollar question hanging in the air. "You've not seen the last of the Undertaker," Triple H said. He thanked the crowd and made his exit while the announcers spoke about Taker and The Streak.

They camera cut abruptly backstage to where The Shield were beating up Tommy Dreamer. Moxley must be pissed about Dragon Gate USA still. Anyway, Ricardo ran into the picture along with referees and they whipped him into a garage door...

Powell's POV: So John Cena doesn't save Ric Flair from The Shield earlier in the night, yet Ricardo Rodriguez stands up to them. Ricardo is the new superhero of WWE. He tried to save Dreamer tonight and the Spanish announce team from 3MB at the TLC pay-per-view.

A.J. came to the ring for the tag match. Two crew members slid a giant ladder in the ring. She grabbed a mic and climbed up the ladder as the show went to break... [C] After the break, A.J. was at the top of the ladder with a mic in hand. "Well, I'm just full of surprises, aren't I?" she asked.

A.J. said people have been asking her why she did what she did what she did to Cena. She said she thought it was obvious. She started to explain why she knocked Cena off the ladder, but Vickie Guerrero interrupted with the "excuse me" line. Vickie said no one cares. Vickie entered the ring and had a staredown with A.J.

Dolph made his entrance, followed by Cena. Lawler pointed out they had not heard what Cena's reaction was to teaming with Vickie. Cena was too busy pointing out a group of fans who held up letters that read "Ziggler's Better." Okay, they left out the apostrophe.

[Overrun] 9. John Cena and Vickie Guerrero vs. Dolph Ziggler and A.J. Some fans started a Ziggler's Better chant, but it faded quickly. Cena got the better of an exchange with Ziggler, who tagged in A.J. She smiled at Cena. Vickie entered the match and had a cat fight roll around moment with A.J.

A.J. headed toward the back. Ziggler attacked Cena while Vickie watched from the corner. Vickie left the ring. The Ziggler's Better chant started up again. Cena went for the Attitude Adjustment, but Ziggler slipped away and DDT'd him for a two count. Cena applied the STF.

A.J. returned with WWE developmental wrestler Big E Langston, whom Cole mentioned by name. Langston entered the ring and attacked Cena. Langston performed a power move on Cena and stood over him while A.J. smiled and skipped around the ring and Ziggler watched from the corner. Cole plugged Super Smackdown live to close the show...

Powell's POV: Wow, WWE threw a lot more at us tonight than I expected. Langston is the current NXT Champion and a developmental standout who has worked live events with the main roster. He's a popular wrestler in NXT, but he's clearly a heel after attacking Cena. As I speculated last night, it's possible that A.J. is actually associated with The Shield. Ziggler didn't look like he was in on what happened with Langston, so their kiss may have been a swerve or they are in on this together. I prefer the latter.

The Slammy Awards are still worthless with the rare exception of when a wrestler, such as Triple H tonight, treats the award as if it means something. I wish they would do away with the nonsense and the silly names and take a straight forward approach with the awards. After all, the awards that are taken seriously tend to get the best reactions from the fans. Oh, and if the voting isn't rigged, then what would they have done if Triple H vs. Undertaker didn't win? I'm not saying it didn't win the voting, but it sure was convenient that Triple H was there and made the big Undertaker announcement.

I'll have more to say about the Slammys, Ric Flair, Big E Langston, Tommy Dreamer, and more in tonight's Dot Net Member Exclusive WWE Raw audio review. Join us on the ad-free version of the website by signing up for membership now via the Dot Net Members' Signup Page.




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